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tutorials. In this striped butter cream cake tutorial you’ll see how to create
this beautiful effect on your cakes. If you want to build your skills and
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This baby shower cake begins with three six-inch layers of coconut cake. Sticky
side down to hold the cake in place. A ring of buttercream helps to hold the
filling in place and the layers together. This is coconut cream cheese and lemon
curd. Fresh Raspberries go really well with this cake. The buttercream helps to seal the
filling. This is the crumb coat which seals in
the crumbs. You can trim your cakes if necessary.
Repeat the crumb coat on the 10 inch here and then refrigerate. Icing tip number 789 helps
to put an even coat on your cake. Once you’ve added a coat of buttercream
hold the cake comb vertically against the cake and scrape off little by little.
You’ll need to scrape the excess from the comb often and take your time to get
the grooves just right. The goal is to get the thick part of the lines as even
and smooth as possible. This was the first time doing this
technique for me and it wasn’t that difficult it just takes some patience. You can see the parts that still need
some work. I came back and reworked it. Little holes can be an issue because the
colored buttercream can end up filling them and I did have that issue a little
bit but overall the cake came out great. Here’s the invitation that I used to
create the design. Your cakes need to be cold before the next step. This is a
number 12. Magic brand from Korea, but basically all
you need is a round tip that fits the hole or the divot rather to put the blue
buttercream in. I used Wilton royal blue. So a tip for you is use a slightly
larger round tip than I did here. That would have been better because you need
to fill them completely. I had to go back and add bits of blue buttercream here
and there. I used both a metal scraper and also the
comb which is made of plastic and the comb straightedge actually worked better
for scraping the excess off. Just keep scraping until you’re satisfied. This
could take a while. Now you can see that it’s not perfect
but there is a point where you have to stop and I definitely reached that point. Now the top is cleaned up and the dowels
are sharpened. The cakes are marked. Waxed or parchment paper goes in between
the tiers. You can also use graham crackers crumbs or coconut. Again use a round tip of whatever size
is appropriate for your cake this is the number 12 magic brand from Korea. I have
no idea how I even got this tip, probably somebody else’s that ended up in my kit.
So I normally buy Wilton. This is moss-green Wilton and I use this
for the leaves. Peach for the flowers and Burgundy for
the flowers. I’m just gonna let this roll now and let
you watch the design part. If you have any questions please leave me comments
below. The little booties will made with a round
tip as well. Pretty easy to do and then you just use
the number 1, a tiny little number one round to make the laces and the edging
on the top of the bootie. WILTON And here’s the finished cake. Have a
great day and I’ll see you in the next video