Dough ingredients: wheat flour, glutinous rice flour, yeast, green tea powder, salt Ingredients: brown sugar, nuts, cinnamon powder Today, I’m going to make a hot delicacy snack, Hotteok First, add flour, glutinous rice flour, green tea powder and salt to the stain bowl. Put them all together and mix well Melt yeast in warm water If you dissolve in too hot water, yeast dies Pour yeast melted water into the batter ingredients Make hard stick dough cake by hand Make the dough out of your hands Put cooking oil in the dough and apply it on the surface Put a plastic bag on the dough and put it in a warm blanket Please ferment for 1 hour 30 minutes Chop the nuts you have prepared Be careful with your knife Add brown sugar and cinnamon powder to the crushed nuts When the dough is doubled, fermentation ends Divide the dough into 7-8 pieces Spread it flat and add a spoonful of the ingredients It’s meticulously packed Put a lot of cooking oil on the pan When the pan is warmed up Makes the shape flat If you don’t have hot cake presser, you can use ladle When you cook it well, Hotteok swells up a bit plump Hotteok is completed like this Thank you for watching Have a sweet day today ^^ If you enjoyed this please subscribe