Yuja-danji(citron dessert) Soak Yuja(citron) for 10 minutes in soaked baking soda + water. Make syrup for Yujadanji. I used a lot of sugar. But if you don’t want to mold, keep the sugar ratio. Boil until the sugar melts on a high heat. (Don’t boil it down.) Don’t stir it. (because sugar can recrystallize after cooling.) Cool syrup at room temperature. Scrape out all the yellow areas of the skin with a cheese grinder. The yellow peels will also be used as a filling, so keep it well. Add a little salt to the water. When the water starts to boil, add the Yuja(citron). Boil it for 20-30 seconds. Put the thread in boiling water and disinfect it. Cut the opposite part of the stem and make a lid of Yuja-danji. Separate the pulp and peels. Remove the seeds in the pulp. Chop it largely. shred 8-10 raw chestnuts. Slice and shred 10-12 dried jujubes. Put yuja’s yellow peels and pulp, shredded chestnuts and jujubes, and separated pomegranates in a bowl. Mix them together to make filling. Prepare three strands of thread. Tie the thread in the middle. Place the Yuja(citron) in the center and fill in the filling. Put a Yuja lid on. Tie the thread in the middle to hold it firmly. Put Yuja-danji in a bottle. Fill the bottle with syrup to the entrance. Press the Yuja-danji into the syrup once or twice a day so that its top is not damaged. Or choose a bottle with a small top. It helps to soak the them completely. Add pine nuts to add savory taste. When the Yuja-danji opens, crunchy, chewy, tender, toktok(Bursting of pulp)… the ingredients dance in their own colors. put out a harmonious sweetness with the aroma of Yuja. See you in the next video. It was a day I made Yuja-danji(citron dessert) at Dalbangatgan.
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