1. This video shows the planting of trees in the Middle-East without irrigation 2. No matter how dry it is, you can always plant 3. For eco restoration purposes we plant two trees per Groasis Waterboxx 4. The Groasis Waterboxx is put around the trees. This way they stay cold 5. We put the Groasis Waterboxx 15 cm deep and fill it with 16 liters of water 6. Good results in Bahrain — these trees are 7 months old 7. Around the Groasis Waterboxx develops a good micro climate 8. All seeds in the soil around the Groasis Waterboxx start to germinate and grow 9. Where there are no Groasis Waterboxxes there are no plants 10.It is very dry and hot in Bahrain — over +40 ⁰C 11. Even when a box is damaged, the growth is still very good 12. We have over 90% success rate in this plantation 13. Between the highways in Manama — it is extremely dry and hot — 100% survival rate 14. The water savings for Middle East cities can be unimaginable high with the Groasis Technology 15. Dubai desert — above +50 ⁰C — strong winds 16. The protection is against wild camels 17. Even with an open box that lost its water, the tree survives 18. The plantation in the Dubai desert is extremely successful 19. You can see these photos of successfull plantations with Kuwait Oasis 20. You can save money — you can save water — you can green your desert — you can contact us!