Hey everybody its Alesha from Graceful
Plants and today I am consolidating all of my succulents I’m working to try and clean up the
table on our Sun porch so we’re actually able to enjoy dinners out here
again if you’ve seen my last two videos which I really hope you have and if you
haven’t go back and check them out there okay. So today for whatever reason I
decided today was the day that I was going to fix that and clean the table
off and put together some semi-decent arrangements. I’m no professional but I
mean I don’t think they look terrible but I have been at this since 9 o’clock
this morning it is now I believe almost 4:00 it’s been a long day.
There have been lots of messes created, lots of spills, lots of broken leaves, a
few tears. And I’m raising the white flag I give up! I was trying really hard to only
have one nice arrangement but so I was thinking about putting this Lola in here
because I think she would fit and fill up that space pretty nicely so I’m gonna
get her out of here so before I start knocking too much soil
off of this guy you can tell that she’s been over watered. There’s a lot of mushy
leaves under here. It’s normal for your sucking leaves to dry up and die on the
lower side of your succulent that’s normal that’s good but these they’re
squishy you can tell that they’ve been over watered and then I can turn this
without dropping too much of this nasty soil on my table. You can see that
there’s a pretty good-sized little baby over here. So I got the baby off of that
Lola and it does have a few roots on it so that’s cool!
I mean it’s gonna be a little stretched out but who cares
free plant! Two for one! So now that I’ve got the Lola out of the dirt and I’m
looking at I’m looking at it or looking at her in this arrangement I’m not sure
if I actually like her with these other ones. I think I’m just gonna put the Lola
in there after all. Yeah. I’m just gonna put the
Lola in there so I’m just gonna kind of create as much of a well as I can. I’m gonna
kind of just gently start filling in around her so when I’m putting the dirt
in here I’m just making sure that none of the bottom row leaves are actually
sitting on the dirt but that the dirt is up around her as much as possible.It
would be much better if I was using my tweezers to put the top dressing rocks
in around there to make sure that I’m not you know breaking off any roots as I
go however they’re in the house and Idon’t want to go in the house and get them. You
would have thought at some point today I would have just gave in and went and got
them cause I’ll tell you what it is a lot easier to do this kind of stuff with
tweezers especially if you’re worried about breaking off leaves or if you’ve
got um a succulent like these that have that dusty coating on the leaves is a
second you touch it it comes off and you know . It doesn’t hurt the plant any,
it’ll come back but it’s just gonna kind of look ‘Meh’ for a while. So one done,
one really big one to do yet! Alright so I’m gonna deconstruct my largest
arrangement. I really didn’t want to take him apart but as I started taking out
the succulents that I had beheaded this morning I noticed that some of the blue
chalk sticks that I had in the middle of the arrangement were a little root
rottyish so I think my best bet is just going to be completely take this apart. I’m
just gonna start kind of deconstructing this and all
let you guys kind of just see so this guy right here is the one that I’m a
little worried about this guy’s a little soft and then he has some darker leaves
in the middle so I think I’m gonna kind of set him aside another one that I was
rooting this was actually a Walmart rescue and again the roots were so
saturated that I didn’t even want to repot them with the roots that they had
because they were so saturated they just cut my losses ,cut off the end and as you
can see he’s got some pretty nice roots growing on him. So this poor Lola. It
started off really pretty.I had taken a couple succulents outside on a nice
sunny day and then forgot to bring them back in on my lunch and she
unfortunately got pretty sunburned I’ve had issues propagating Lola’s by leaf so
that’s kind of why I’ve left her as is so I don’t know. What would you guys do? This is the one that I’ve been stressing
about all day. I got a lot of succulents and they got all fit in this in this
container because if they don’t fit in this container I don’t know what I’m
gonna do. It’s the final countdown! Duh nah nah yeah yeah that’s gonna be an issue so the roots on this guy are extremely
shallow and he’s very very top-heavy all right change of plan so how often do
you guys rearrange your succulents I feel like once I get an arrangement done
and I’m like oh that looks so nice and then like a couple weeks later I’m like
I needed to do something different I feel like I can never just be happy with
the way I have it I always have to be fussing with my plants so this is
another succulent that had really shallow roots because I had reroute ‘add
reroute at her due to root rot from Walmart know what I feel like this is
gonna be a very discombobulated arrangement so I’m gonna kind of just go
through and plop in a few of the taller random succulents that I have just give
me a better idea kind of what I’m working with here then I have some of
this stuff too that I might it needs to be desperately repotted so I might take
a little bit of this off at the end and let it kind of just drape over do you
ever have so many succulents that you just feel overwhelmed and you don’t even
know where to start that’s how I’d be alright now I’ve got a bigger jade plant and this
guy feel like I’ve got a lot of the same shape of succulents so instead of
starting in the back kind of with like a a focal point like a tall dramatic focal
point succulent I’m gonna start in the front by sort of layering my succulents
and tilt them outwards a little bit hopefully kind of help me figure out
what I want to do with this guy quite honestly I’m gonna take my ripple Jade so my camera died the other day when I
was putting together all of my arrangements and unfortunately I had
wanted to get all of my succulents compacted down into one arrangement and
I ended up with three so I’m not gonna consider it a fail because I did get it
from about I think I had 13 containers of different you know succulents in each
down to three so I mean it is a pretty good downsizing but I just wanted to
give you show you what they ended up looking like this guy pretty much stayed
the same except I put this Lola in here and then I did swap out the one
succulent that Jack and Hank kind of trampled on well I was in the process of
putting these together and this was the second one that I ended up doing you
know my Burroughs tale was looking pretty nice you know it’s not the
prettiest arrangement I could have ever done but it’ll do for the time being
because like I said the goal was to try to get most of my succulents down into
you know I was aiming for one large arrangement but threes in bed and this
is the third arrangement that I ended up doing I’ve actually got it hanging up in
the corner of the Sun porch right now so I don’t want to take it down because it
is heavy and it’s hitting the wind chime – sorry about that yeah that’s why I ended up with four
succulent arrangements I hope you guys enjoyed watching my struggles of trying
to figure out how I was gonna combine all of those succulents into one
arrangement so all in all I think they turned out really nice and I’m really
happy to have my table and my Sun porch back well I hope you guys enjoyed and I
will be sure to give you updates on how these arrangements are doing and I’ll
see you in the next one my last two videos Hey
hey everybody welcome to graceful plants and if you’ve made it this far you’ll
know by now that I’m losing my mind today