So for today’s video we are at a place called
Sulbing (설빙) and this is a popular chain in Korea that specializes in frozen desserts
(디저트). We’re going to be trying something that is
quite similar to Patbingsu (팥빙수) and Patbingsoo (팥빙수) is a shaved ice dessert
with red beans. But we’re having Sulbing (설빙) which is
actually frozen milk that has been shaved into these little snowflakes so you get a
much creamier dessert (디저트). And we’ve ordered two different varieties
so those are coming up. Yeah, and the Sulbing (설빙) is basically
your quintessential Korean summer dessert. Yes, and it is super hot out so we’re cooling
down with that right now. Look at what she’s got. It is here. Lalalala. So dessert (디저트) is here. Yeah. So I got the blueberry cheesecake Sulbing
(설빙). So let’s take a look at that. And before I even begin to talk about this. I’ve got to show you just how big this is
with a sense of scale. Like this is my hand. This thing is like bigger than my frickin’
hand basically. So the coolest thing that stands out to me
aside from obviously how big it is is that there are real blueberries. Like look at this. Yeah. Real big thick blueberries. So that is going to be my first bite. And I’m going to get a piece of the cheese
and the sauce here. Along with some shaved ice. I sense a brain freeze coming up. Yeah pretty much. It is frozen. Frozen but you know what delicious. The kind of topping they put on is also a
glazed. A blueberry glaze. And it is similar to the glaze that you would
put on a cheesecake. And then you get those nice big thick blueberries. And on top of that the refreshing-ness of
the shaved condensed milk. The shaved ice. And then the big chunks of cheesecake. This is just a wonderful summer dessert. And you also have ice cream there. Yours is topped with ice cream. I’m a little jealous right now. Mine doesn’t come with ice cream. Seriously guys this is like to beat the thirty
five degree weather in Korea in August. Oh, and one more thing it comes with milk. Just pour that on. Just pull it all over. Wow. It looks like condensed milk. Oh, now that is a thing of beauty guys. Oh la lah. Oh yeah, I’m going to enjoy this one. Okay, so mine is here as well. I ordered the chocolate brownie. I’ve had this one before. It is delicious. So why bother trying something new. Like when you walked in here you’re like I’m
getting the chocolate brownie. There was no negotiations there. I’m just pouring the milk. I want it and I’m going to eat it all too,
right? Yeah. So let me give you a tour of the bowl. So basically you’ve got your shaved milk down
here and all around you have chunks of brownie, cheesecake, brownie, cheesecake. And then you have whipped cream right here
and it is all topped off with a chocolate powder and chocolate sauce. The cocoa powder as well too. Yeah. So look at that. Wow. So let’s have the first bite. It is so big it is like falling over from
the sides. I don’t want to waste any of it. Mmmmm. I’m so scared of the brain freeze. Mmmm. That is so good. Wow. I almost feel like I want to let it melt a
little bit and turn into a milkshake. Then mix it all together. That is how I like my Bingsu (빙수). Mmmm. So I think one of the things we both really
enjoy about this dessert (디저트) is that it just keeps on giving. It is full of surprises. It is so big. So if you take a look at my bowl. So many layers. I just discovered that mine has Oreo cookie
crumbs like towards the bottom. I had no idea it came with Oreo cookies so
that was a nice surprise. And same with yours. You ended up finding more fruit in the middle
right? I know and like there is actually more blueberry
sauce at the bottom of it. So it is like as you keep going you keep getting
more surprises. I know. And I’m already full and I haven’t even finished
half of my dessert. Keep going. We’re going to be here a while. Well, thank you Sam for helping me finish
that. Was it tasty? Yeah. Which did you prefer? Chocolate brownie or blueberry cheesecake? They’re both really good but the blueberry
cheesecake was like amazing. Amaze-balls! Like that is like ninety something and yours
is like low 90’s or high 80’s. So yeah still good. Doing some percentages here. Alright, so time for the price. How much did the Bingsu (빙수) cost? So mine was ₩10,000 ten thousand Won (원). And yours was eight thousand five hundred
₩8,5000 Won (원) and so total 18,500. So you’re looking at around seventeen US bucks. So not bad. We were a little greedy. We probably could have just got one I’d say. One would have been enough and we had Tteokbokki
(떡볶이) for lunch so oooh. I have a bit of a gut bomb now. But if you want to cool off on a hot day in
Korea definitely recommend this though. Alright, so tata. New videos from South Korea every week. Click here.