dun dun dun dun dun…. dun dun dun dun dun…. Camp is overflowing with excitement and nervousness. It is 2016. Today we will watch the stories of a girl… …and her brother. preparing for camp for a two week period away from home. Oh calm down already. Camp is all about
rainbows and unicorns. You’ll get to eat cake for breakfast
lunch and dinner and mom and dad won’t even know. Hello campers! Welcome to camp.
The registration desk is right over there. Welcome to camp. My name is Regina.
What are your names? My name is Ron. Okay, Hermione, you are in room 104. And Ron, you are in room 205. Ron falls victim to one of his
reoccurring day dreams. Um, Ron? Yoohoo! Room 205! Hermione nervously hides behind her book as Ron wanders the halls seeking adventure. But all he finds are dead ends. Whew! Still got it! Why so sad campers? Oh calm down, I’m just a time traveler. Are you a time traveler? Yeah that’s what I do. I travel time. Yeah I got that. Why are you here? I am here to show you how awesome camp can be. I have traveled to camp many times.
Through many decades, through storm and rain. To help any camper that is feeling blue. Come on now we have no time to waste.
We have people to see and things to do. Alexis! Alexis! We got code blue, code blue! Really? Already? But it’s only 20 minutes. It’s happening really fast this time! The time traveler takes them back in time. Long long long long ago… in 2013 Actually there was color back then but
black and white see more appropriate. This is very cool Yeah, wasn’t it? Yeah. I went on, that was big. How’s it going? It took you long enough. Who do we have this time? Who’s the nervous one? I think they figured it out. Yes indeed. I am here to show Hermione
the wondrous world of camp. Okay, let’s start with the food. Is it cake? Please let it be cake! Who brought this kid? Ron and Hermione are shown the dining
hall by Harry and Minerva while Ron pesters them about cake. Here’s your tray. Here’s your tray. Here’s your tray. Here’s your… tray. Sometimes they have Sunchips and tacos. And I always have pasta. Really? and for dessert they have cookies
brownies and sometimes the best dessert ever… Cake! Cake! Cake! Cake! Ron and Hermione are taken to the classroom where Alexis is starting the day This is where we learn to have fun and talk about our feelings and to make our stuff and our drawings. oh that not so bad. Alexis is really cool. Sometimes strict because she want us to be safe but she is really funny. We’re going to write in our journals. Tell
about how you feel about Water Wiz. Figure out what do you like about camp so far. Harry and Minerva show Ron and Hermione stubop. Possibly the most rad room in the whole
campus. It used to be a pool you know? Awesome. Back in my day
I played a mean game of ping pong. We have about 30 minutes of free time. Wow, free time? Yeah this is the time when
we just chill with my homies. My homies! Wait, who? Homies, your friends! Oh!!! Wow, this place doesn’t seem so bad. I’m sad to say it, but I have to bring you back. But we haven’t even talked about the
field trips and the movies and the marshmallows. And… and.. they’re in the room at
night That was a crazy dream. You think it will be okay? Yeah i think it’s gonna be pretty great