Hi Bold Bakers! So coming from Ireland, I’m
used to my food coming from local farmers. So I was excited when Walmart asked me to
create a recipe just for them showcasing their fresh fruit because now they are carrying
even more locally grown produce than ever. So thanks to them I’m able to bring you
this recipe for summer fruit spring rolls. So let’s get started. So I actually didn’t
know that walmart sold so much fresh produce because usually what I buy there are cleaning
supplies or household items. But for fruit, especially when they’re coming into the
summer and they’re in season, look how could you resist that? They smell fantastic. This
is going to make a great addition to our recipe. So all we have to do for our recipe is prepare
this fruit, slice it and let the flavor speak for itself. When choosing your fruit for your
spring roll, just make sure you choose firm fruit and nothing too mushy like banana. Also
choose whatever fruit that you like yourself. I like mango and strawberry and they pair
really well together so I’m going to add them into my spring roll. So I’m going to
peel this mango and then I’m going to cut thin slices just like this. You guys know
that I adore mango. There’s just something about it that just makes you want to keep
on eating more. And with our thin slices, we are going to cut matchstick shaped pieces
of fruit that will fit and line really nicely in our spring roll. And remember this is all
by hand, so if some pieces are big and small, that’s totally fine. Ok the next fruit that
we’re going to slice up is our strawberries. Just slice off the hull and then we’re going
to cut some thin slices. Now you want to make sure that your fruit is thin because these
strawberries are going to go on the outside of our spring roll and they’re going to
look beautiful. So you want to make sure they’re nice and thin so they bend with the roll.
Now I know that these spring rolls are not the usual type that you’re used to but we
don’t do traditional things on bigger bolder baking so you should be used to that. The
next fruit into our spring roll is melon. All you want to do is peel it, take out the
middle and then slice it thinly. Just like the other fruit, lay your slices on top and
cut them into matchstick shaped pieces. I’m using cantaloupe melon, the reason being I
absolutely love the flavor and it gives a gorgeous color to your spring roll. You want
all your flavors and colors to compliment eachother. One of my favorite parts about
being the baker is that you get to snack as you go along. So now that we’ve got our
melon done, we’re going to move onto our apple and prepare it the exact same way. A
good tip when making these is use a serrated knife because it will give you much better
looking fruit. Now apples do have the tendency to go brown so what I like to do is just cut
a lemon and squeeze some juice over to keep that lovely green flavor. This helps especially
when you’re making them in advance. To our spring rolls, I’m also going to add in a
little bit of peach. The exact same as the other fruit, thin slices and matchsticks.
Okey dokey our fruit is all ready for our spring rolls in no time at all. Now that our
fruit’s ready to go, it’s time to wrap them. Now I am using rice paper wrappers,
I love these because they’re gluten free and they have a really nice texture. If you’re
new to these, they can be found in the ethnic section of most stores. So here’s the great
thing about these rice paper wrappers, they’re kind of magic. All you have to do is put them
in a little bit of warm water and within a few seconds, you’ll start to feel it go
soft and it’ll get a little more pliable. Just let it soak for a bit and when you feel
it go nice and soft, take it out, and your wrapper is ready to use. Pretty magic right?
Now remember, all of the instructions along with the recipe can be found on my website
biggerbolderbaking.com. Stretch out your wrapper on your board, and then start filling it with
all your prepared fruit. It does not get much easier than that. I’m going to lay down
some strawberries so you’ll be able to see them as we roll it up. I’m also going to
lay in a little bit of mint which obviously goes great with all fruit. It’ll also give
this roll some really nice color. And with no rhyme or reason, just start laying in your
fruit. What’s fantastic about this recipe, especially in the summer, is that you don’t
have to turn on an oven, it’s no bake, it’s easy and you can get the whole family involved.
Everyone can chop their own fruit, roll their own rolls. And then once they’re ready to
go, you can pack them up and take them to the beach or on a picnic. This is more when
you’re putting in your fruit so don’t pile too much in because you don’t want
it to rip. And then just like a burrito, we’re going to bring in the sides and then just
tightly roll it up keeping all your ingredients together. Aw look at that, our first summer
fruit spring roll. How fantastic does that look? I’m going to set this aside and continue
wrapping up the rest of our fruit. Ok with another rice wrapper, we’re going to go
again. Into our water for a little bit of a dunk, onto our chopping board. I’m going
to lay down our strawberries again. Little bit of mint. And then go in with the rest
of your fruit. Now remember if you don’t like cantaloupe, you can use a different melon.
Add in as much or as little mango as you like. Make it your preference to your family. I
like to add different textures, some a little bit soft, some with a little bit more bite.
And there you go. So now you cannot have spring rolls without a dipping sauce so I’m going
to mix togther a little bit of honey or agave, some lime juice and zest for extra zing, and
a little bit of water to thin it out. And then simply mix it all together. And there
you have an easy delicious dipping sauce for your spring rolls. These are heaven. They
are fresh. There’s the lovely taste of lime with the fruit. It’s a little bit tropical.
And the best part about this dessert is that it’s all natural sugars. No baking, easy
to make, great for the whole family. I mean, what is not to love about this? Oh I have
to have some more. I love seeing your photos so make sure you share your summer fruit recipes
with me. Thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you back here every Thursday for
more Bigger Bolder Baking.