Sawaddee Ka!
welcome to Hot Thai Kitchen today I’m gonna show you how to make deep-fried
ice cream and no it is not a pregnancy craving although I think if you have
kids they are going to love it so I’m going to show you how to do deep fried
ice cream thai-style and I say that because we do we do it slightly
differently from other recipes that I’ve seen from other countries and it is the
easiest way ever it is not something that’s super easy to find in Thailand
but it does exist but the first time I’ve ever seen it was actually when I
worked as a server in a Thai restaurant in the States and they had this on the
menu and then I saw how they made it in the kitchen I was like, really? that’s it?
that is so easy so I want to share this with you so it’s something you can keep
in your freezer and pull it out whenever you have a craving for some deep-fried
ice cream let’s get started! So I’m gonna start with our crust which is made from
white sandwich bread that’s it, that’s all you need for each scoop of ice cream
you’re gonna need two pieces of white sandwich bread the thickness not too
thick okay don’t go with artisanal sturdy one you want something soft and
quite thin, this is good. You can do whole wheat bread but for God’s sake we’re
making the fried ice cream so you know just sayin! so you want to remove the
crust but one thing I’ll point out to you is if you notice don’t go very very
thin there’s always a bit of a sort of a denser part of the bread next to the
crust I want to make sure I trim that off as well okay so don’t just trim off
the brown bit and you may have to play around with like different brands at
work better than others you know I find that the Asian ones always work out a
little bit better also because they tend to be more squared, don’t get ones with
like the mushroom top shape because that’ll make wrapping really difficult.
And the crust, croutons whatever like don’t waste that so many things you can
do with it okay and then I’m going to roll these out just ever so slightly so
look for the part that is shorter and we’re gonna roll that out not too flat
don’t get it completely completely flat just so that it’s a little bit bigger
and I also find that if I don’t roll it out it’s the crust is a little too thick
a little too doughy this makes a thinner nicer crust that’s it just about that is
good so let’s talk ice cream so I’ve just got a scoop of ice cream
any flavor will work for this obviously and you want to scoop it put it on a
plate or tray and then freeze it for I don’t know 30 minutes to an hour just to
so it’s not so soft so it’s easier for you to wrap so what I’ve done here is I
just took vanilla ice cream and I added some chopped chocolate just to jazz it
up a little bit you don’t have to but you know you can add in some I don’t
know red bean paste if you want to do like a much and red bean style so you
can really play around with the ice cream mix-ins if you want I’m just gonna
take a bread and if you can make the scoop around er than what I have done
just trying to like mush it into more of a presentable Bowl that would be better
but you know what who cares it’s not it’s not gourmet food so you put that
down there and hopefully that’s not too big bring all the corners up and then
you take the other piece and then you line it up so that the corners line up
with the valleys in the bottom piece of the bread and it’s not gonna look like
you’re just gonna want to stay that’s okay that’s what the saran wrap is
therefore you bring all the corners of the saran wrap and then this is the most
difficult part of it all there you go squeeze it tight twist twist twist and
that’s basically it now if you’re doing multiple flavors
label what the ice cream inside is so you know what it is and then you let
this sit in the freezer until it is rock-solid frozen I’m gonna say at least
six hours to be honest I always do this the day before and I’ve never tested
like the minimum amount of time that you need but obviously you need the ice
cream to be as cold as possible so that when you deep-fry it
you don’t melt the ice cream in the process so I would suggest doing it the
day before but 6 hours should definitely do it and
because this recipe is so short and simple I felt guilty just leaving you at
that so I feel like I need to give you something else I’m gonna show you a
really nice pineapple coconut caramel sauce recipe that would go great with
this or with just regular ice cream it’s so good or french toast like it’s such a
great sauce but I also want to mention that if you don’t want to make a sauce
you can simply do the following Nutella with bananas what I do with Nutella is
ice in it out with some hot water just to loosen it up into a sauce consistency
you can just do a chocolate sauce you can saute the bananas or leave them
fresh or if you want to do Thai style you can do this epic combo of condensed
milk sweetened condensed milk and Ovaltine or Milo powder which is like a
chocolate malt drink mixed powder it goes really really well together I would
say that you really do need sauce for this because I don’t know just the deep
fried ice cream itself it’s good but with sauce it’s a lot better so even if
it’s just like a strawberry sauce or something a fruit compote that’s really
simple would work as well okay let me show you my pineapple coconut caramel
sauce alright this sauce is so good and so
easy so I’ve just got a pot here and I’ve got some palm sugar which I have
chopped and we’ll let that melt and caramelize you know it’s gonna be good
already that’s all you need to see alright so once it’s starting to melt
just I just like to give it a stir to evenly distribute the melting sometimes
the edges like to Brown faster okay so you want this to darken a little bit you
want to develop that deep caramel flavor I don’t want to make it too dark I’m
gonna go in with my coconut milk and it’s going to do that don’t worry it’s
normal and the sugar is going to seize up and solidify do not worry it will
release as it gets heated so the inspiration of this dish actually comes
from a Thai street snack of grilled bananas which you can find on the street
anywhere grilled bananas and grilled cassava root and then they make this
palm sugar coconut sauce to go over it so that’s what of the
idea and I love that sauce so much one more liquid I’m gonna add is pineapple
juice so this is pineapple juice that comes from the can so can pineapple or
you can use pineapple juice from from wherever you get pineapple juice from
but since we’re doing canned pineapple already which we’re gonna add a little
bit later just take the juice from the can and that juice Oh I mean pineapple
and coconut right that’s a match made in heaven
so now I’m gonna let this reduce until it’s a thick sauce consistency I’m gonna
turn it off and let the bubbles settle a little bit and this will obviously cool
as it thickens no it will thicken as it cool is what I meant to say but what
you’re going for consistency wise sort of like a thin caramel sauce like that
okay it’s got some viscosity to it so now I’m gonna add pineapple pieces so
this is just pineapple pieces from the can and I’m gonna let that cook in the
caramel sauce to sort of meld the flavors together so it’s had a few
minutes it’s thickened up again because the pineapple will introduce some extra
liquid so I wanted to cook that down until I’ve got that nice sauce
consistency again I’m gonna turn this off now and to finish it off I’m gonna
stir in some butter yes and you want to stir in the butter once the sauce is off
heat because otherwise the butter fat will separate and then it won’t be as
nice and you thought it wasn’t gonna get any better and then I added butter and
you’re like yep we’re good beautiful and there you go ladies and gentlemen
pineapple coconut caramel sauce for your deep fried ice cream or not deep fried
ice cream so you want a pot of oil with enough depth to obviously cover the
whole ice cream so you will need quite a bit of oil for this I have a deep-fried
thermometer here some comes in so handy you set the temperature and when it when
it’s hot enough it’ll beep and tell me hey it’s time to fry and I always said
it like five degrees before like I needed at sub 375 I’ll set it at 370 so
I have time once the alarm goes off to get my stuff together Oh there goes my temperature I’m just gonna
remove that now so you don’t want to pull the ice cream out until it is super
uber last minute obviously this is what I made yesterday and I label it s
because it is a strawberry ice cream inside and this will take twenty to
thirty seconds that’s it any more than that and the ice cream will melt
obviously so that’s why you want high heat that’s why it’s important that you
know your oil is in fact hot this is not the time when you’re gonna be guessing
temperature right okay whoa look at that look how fast that Browns so I’m just
gonna keep it there for a little bit longer obviously leave enough room in
the pot so that when your oil fills up it doesn’t feel over whoa that’s it how
easy is that okay now I’m coming to this paper towel
just to dab any extra oil from the bottom and then straight onto the plate
woohoo and just listen to this that is how crispy that is my dad’s so exciting
obviously you want to serve this sooner rather than later for obvious reasons so
let me get my sauce look at that sauce now it’s cooled a little bit and it’s
just the perfect consistency some pineapple all around the side I like a
lot of pineapple and take some of that caramel sauce and do a drizzle on top
and then I like to finish this off this particular sauce goes really well with
cinnamon so a little bit of a cinnamon shower on top is really nice and that is
it look how good and easy that is now let me cut open oh yes beautiful and by
the way not sponsored but I like to use a haagen-dazs ice cream because hikind
oz doesn’t have any stabilizers and any chemicals or ice cream is very the
ingredients are very clean and so it’s a much better quality as far as like you
know commercially available brands go get some pineapple
there’s some sauce on there so good unbelievably delicious for something so
simple so quick and easy you’ve got a stash of this in the fridge like 20
seconds in the oil and you’re done right so good that bread is a little bit
crispy on the outside go solo with the ice cream and that sauce it’s a little
tart which helps balance out the whole thing and like when you’re eating it it
doesn’t feel like you’re eating sandwich breath to be honest with you like you if
you didn’t know you probably don’t know that this is just sandwich bread but
it’s so easy although in Thailand we love putting ice cream in bread so this
is this is not unexpected to see us doing this and by the way for our
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