I’m missy and today we will be making a Super Mario Mushroom cake it’s smoky it’s definitely a very good cake so let’s get started the tools and ingredients that you will need a 6-inch cake a half circle cake this is a bowl for your scraps a fondant roller a Sharp utensil you cut your fondant This is to cut down the cake the black decorating icing white fondant Red fondant a small decorating bag with a tip number three another tip number three a paintbrush and a little bit of water some cornstarch or powdered sugar Frosting and I have these are going to be my my cookie cutter or fondant cutter type things To make this the top to the mushroom, I just used one half of this kit that I found at the Department store so the first thing that we’re gonna. Do is we’re going to take our knife, and we’re just going to Sort of cut the top of this one off and then the bottom of this one to make them flat Just trying to keep your knife as straight as possible And then I just use it to lift up and put it into the hole Now that I’ve cut the top off from this. I’m just gonna use this little Tupperware container and just put it right in the center, but this is this this is the size of the Mushroom base that I want I’m just gonna press it To give it a nice little line for me to use to cut And we’re just gonna take this little bit of excess off just kind of go straight down Now I’m gonna take my frosting And I’m just going to give this small base a quick front coat Just to have a nice smooth surface for the fondant to be onto afterwards I am using a cookie sheet to put this on now we gotta put this in the fridge for about 30 minutes to get it nice and Dry to the touch All right So we’ve got about a good 10 minutes left before we take the cakes out of the fridge so what I’m going to do is I’m going to take my white fondant and I’m going to roll it out and get it ready for the to cover the base So first you’re gonna want to do is take your cornstarch or your powdered sugar and just lightly coat your work area so now you’re going to want to knead it really really really good before you start rolling it out because It needs to loosen up a little bit. It’ll be a lot harder to fool if you don’t roll it one way and Then let it Kind of sticky here, I’m gonna put some more on start and now just turn it sideways so you can get The other end of it Okay, so now I have gotten my base of my mushroom owl on what I’m going to do is I’m going to just cut it down a little and Lift up and put it over the top Lay it over and press it down Just smooth it out Okay now I’m gonna take my Quantico cutter and just press it in My workstation again, then meet it. I’m gonna add a little bit more powder And just roll it out Okay, so now that I’ve rolled out all the red. I’m gonna take the top piece of my teeth Just slide my knife underneath in it and lift it up over here, so I can drop this on top Okay, so I’m just gonna scooch this under Help you pick it up bring it over. I’m just gonna drop it here Slide your hands under and just kind of flop it down Smooth all your corners Okay, so now that we’ve got the top ready. I’m just going to take the base grab my Paintbrush and a little bit of water, and I’m just going to add a little bit Along the top just kind of lightly brush it Take my water in my paintbrush And I’m just going to dab a little bit of water on the back of each of these white circles and then place it Carefully place it where I would like to have it stay Okay now with our decorating icing fitted with tip number three I’m going to come out front here, and I’m going to add his two Eyes, and they’re kind of long And now with my decorative bag I have a little bit of just regular frosting in it with my tip number three again I’m going to just add a little wiped off in the middle of each of his eyes Came out really cute so subscribe to my channel and you’ll be kept up to date on Whenever I post a new tutorial Thanks for joining me. See you next time. Bye. Bye