Okay, we’re going to so a beautiful sponge.
Great for birthday cakes, great for tea cakes, the kids will go mad for it, adults will go
made for it. I love this recipe because it’s so simple to remember. 250g of butter, 250g
of self raising flour. Straight in a food preprocessor. And then 250g of sugar and then
to make it perfect as a sort of sponge we’re going to sue four eggs. SO like that.
3 hours ago were up the bum of my chicken. You’re creaming that sugar and the butter
and the eggs. And if you want to get yourself a little bit of orange and just a few little
bits of orange in there. And you can hear it’s making basically a lovely little batter.
And it will look a little bit like that. SO nice and smooth. I’m just going to take a
little bit of that filling and put it on the bottom, stick this in just so it sticks like
that. And then in with the sponge, look at that. Blooming lovely! Move this sponge mixture
around to the edges here like that so it’s roughly even. As it start to heat it will
melt itself out anyway. Now, I obviously have one that I made earlier
as my mate Delia used to say. Cooked like that it’s got some nice colour. Just going
to unclick the mechanism there. We’re just going to turn this out, like that nice. Okay,
now this is the bit that sort of stitches people up. SO i’m going to put my knife in
here, score in a little bit and just turn the sponge keep the knife doing the same thing
and turn the sponge and go lightly around until it joins back up with the original line
deeper and turn deeper and turn, deeper and turn until you go all the way through. This
is our lovely base here. And then we’re going to put lovely things on ti that we know we
love. Four large table spoons of the lemon curd and we’re going to use the back of the
spoon just to move that from the inside to out.
So let’s make the cream, I’ve got some mascarpone here. About five heaped tablespoons go in.
And then I’m going to put some sugar in there, just a tablespoon of icing sugar. A little
bit more orange zest. I’m going to cut this orange in half and add some juice just to
loosen it. Going to add that, about half to start with.
Get yourself a vanilla pod. Get one of these babies. Get your knife in at the end here
run your knife down the end and scrape that in here. And then we start to mix it up. We’re
just going to mix that up until it’s loose and then we’re back over here again. Just
move that around, and you know the nice thing about this is that you sort of want it to
be looking like its just nicely overflowing you can see what’s in it. Okay. Some raspberries,
a punnet. Just move them around. There you go and then carefully turn this over. Put
it back and just a little bit of lemon curd, almost like your buttering a bit of toast
or something. Just so it sits on the raspberries nicely. Right slide it off, don’t be rough.
This is the Buggsy Malone custard pie moment. 1-2-3 commit to it. There we go. look at that!
And then to finish off, all I’m going to do is get a little bit of icing sugar in a tea
strainer and there we go a beautiful little tea cake. The combination is win win, sponge,
raspberries, cream, absolutely gorgeous.