Welcome to How To Cook That I’m Ann Reardon And today we are making a yummy white chocolate
mousse dessert with the Heart Eyes Smiley Face Emoji on every slice. To make the heart eyes we’re going to need
some cream, egg yolks, white chocolate, raspberries, gelatin, water and sugar. Pour the gelatin into the water and stir that
through. I’ll put all the recipe quantities on the
howtocookthat.net website for you in grams and ounces and cups and I’ll link to that
below. Add the sugar to your egg yolks and whisk
them together. And then put a sieve over the chocolate, we’ll
need that in a minute. Pour the cream into a saucepan and add the
raspberries to that. And heat until it until it just starts to
boil. Pour about half of that into the egg mixture
and whisk it until it is combined. And then pour that back into the pan and heat
it for just 1 minute only then then turn off the heat and add in the gelatin straight away. The heat of the cream is going to melt the
gelatin until you have no lumps left. And then you’re going to pour the mixture
through a sieve onto the chocolate. Now the sieve will just filter out all of
those raspberry seeds so we end up with a nice smooth raspberry cremeux. Wait a couple of minutes and then stir through
that white chocolate that will now be melted. Now we don’t want our eyes to be this colour
we want them red hearts so you’re going to need to add some red food colouring and mix
that through. Pour that into a lined tray and then we are
going to put that into the freezer. Now to make our smiley mouth we are going
to need chocolate, cream, sugar, egg yolks, water and gelatin. Add your gelatin to the water and stir it
through quickly so you don’t end up with any lumps then leave that to absorb the water. Add the sugar to your yolks and whisk them
together. And then place the cream in the saucepan and
heat it until it just starts to boil, now you do need to watch the cream to make sure
it doesn’t boil over. Then whisk some of that into the egg yolks
stirring really well, then add that back into the pan just like we did when we were making
the hearts. Return it to the heat for just a minute or
until when you tip it you can see it it just starting to thicken at the bottom. Immediately remove it from the heat, add the
gelatin and stir that through to melt it and then pour it over the chocolate. This makes a nice dessert on its own too,
you can just make this bit and pour it into small serving glasses if you like. To make a smiley mouth pour it into a round
container up to half way. And then close the top and tip it over. Now when you look from the end you can see
we have a smiley mouth shape, and you’ll need to put that in the freezer too. For the eyes we are going to need a heart
cutter, you can either buy one or you can make your own like I have out of aluminium. And I’ll link you on the recipe post the details
of how you can make your own cookie cutters. To make the glaze that’s going over the outside
of the dessert, we need cream, sugar, white chocolate, orange juice, cornflour, glucose
syrup and gelatin to make it set. Add three tablespoons of the orange juice
to the gelatin and stir it through quickly. And then add 2 tablespoons to the cornflour
and mix that up making sure there are no lumps of cornflour. Put the glucose syrup and the sugar into a
pan and stir that over high heat and keep stirring that until the sugar is dissolved
and it looks clear. Add in the cornflour mixture and add in the
rest of the orange juice and stir until the mixture boils, being careful not to let it
boil over. Then add in the gelatin and let it melt. And then pour in the chocolate and leave it
unstirred for a couple of minutes so it can heat up. When you come back it will of melted and you
can stir it through. There have been lots of comments on my nails
lately, these nail wraps are called Sugar Sweet and I’ll link you below to where you
can get them from. I’m also giving some packs of nail wraps and
I’ll put a link to the entry form below in the description so you can enter there. Add the cream and our glaze is ready. Now if you want it to be a brighter orange
then of course you can just add in a drop of orange food colouring and mixt that through. The next day your smiley mouth will be frozen. And to get it out of the container we are
going to need to run it under some hot water. This just melts the outside layer so that
we can get the chocolate cremeux out. Now that it is loosened you can just use a
spatula and poke that all the way around the edge to make sure it is free. And then poke a skewer into the top of the
mouth and this is so we can hold it in place on our Emoji face and also you can use it
here to help you pull it out of the container. Now you will need a round container to make
your actual Emoji face. This one is just a cookie jar that I found
on sale at the shops. You can use whatever you can find as long
as it has straight edges. Add the mouth into place. And then to stop it from faaaalling over,
add some tape across the jar and then place it back into the freezer. Use the foil to lift the raspberry cremeux
out of the tray. And then cut out heart shapes, now because
my cutter is homemade I am putting a bowl over the top it as I push it down to make
it smooth on my hand. Then you can lift it up and push the heart
out of the cutter. Continue to cut lots of hearts and then take
some of the off-cuts and put it in a bowl and just melt that in the microwave. Now you want to use that melted raspberry
cremeux to glue the other hearts together in a stack. How don’t forget you have two eyes so you’re
going to need two stacks. And the taller the stacks get you’re going
to need something to lean it against to hold it up. Once you’re at the height of the cookie jar
take a skewer and poke it down through the middle of the hearts. And then you can add them into place in your
container and again you’re going to need some tape to hold them into place. Then you can put the back into the freezer
while we make the mousse. For the mousse we need cream, more cream that
we’ll use later in the recipe. Your gelatin and your water, just mix those
together and leave them to bloom. Some white chocolate and then in another bowl
whisk together the egg yolks, cornflour and sugar. Place the cream into a pan and heat it until
it just starts to boil. Whisk that into the egg yolk mixture, then
pour that back into the pan. Stir it over the heat for just one minute
more. Then remove it and add in the gelatin and
stir that through until it is all melted. Then add in the white chocolate, leave it
for a moment then stir it through. Now add in some yellow food colouring until
you have that emoji yellow colour. Then we want to leave that to cool to room
temperature. You can speed that up by putting the bottom
of the pan in cool water. Once it is cooled whip the remaining cream
until you get soft peaks. And then fold that into your mousse just to
aerate it. By now your eyes and mouth will have frozen
to the bottom of your container, so you can remove the tape and they’ll stay there. And to make it easier to get it out I am going
to add some plastic around the outside of the container. Then pour in the mousse right up to the top
and then put that in the freezer. Freezing it just makes it easy to handle and
it also helps with the glazing. Once it is frozen place the base of the container
in warm water until it is loosened. Then pull the dessert out. Now you won’t be able to get the skewers out
while it is frozen, we will pull those out later once it is defrosted. Place two glasses in a tray and balance the
dessert on top. I am a bit worried that this might fall off
while we glaze it. Spoon over generous scoops of your glaze. It is important that the glaze is at room
temperature. If it is too hot it will melt a layer of the
desert and slide off. If it’s too cold it won’t flow over the dessert. Once the first layer is set I like to give
it a second coat to make it nice and even. Now for the tricky part, lift it and place
it on your serving platter. Then to stop it rolling you can add some crumbs
along each side. And then leave it in the fridge to defrost To decorate the ends spread out some white
chocolate and then using a cake turntable spin it and pipe on a spiral of orange coloured
chocolate. Then lift up your baking paper and tap it
back down to smooth it. Just keep tapping it and that will just make
that orange meld into white there. Once that is starting to set, place a bowl
over the top and cut around it to make a nice neat circle. And then to stop our chocolate curling as
it sets put some more baking paper and a flat weight like a chopping board on top of that. Once your dessert has defrosted you can pull
out those skewers. One at a time… And now you can add the chocolate swirl over
the end to hide where the glaze is not smooth from where our skewers were in the way. Slice into your dessert to reveal your Heart
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