Hello. I have awesome guns. The…the…um…the point 45 vector and an M1 Garand. I killed the guy with the (Chris: AH!) M1 Garand. (sighs) (Chris: Why’d I do that…) You know better than that…(glares at Chris) Looks like Player’s gonna get all your loot. You…are gonna get that BAR, right? (Chris, muttering: I want to…but I…but I also have a model…um…1…194 which is like the same thing as a BAR but…) (Christoph’s signature weird breath/gasp thing) (Chris: Yeah. Also…) Um…Model 194…that’s a bo- … That’s a… um…That’s a…uh (Chris: Bolt action) A…A…A… Lever action! Yeah. And a BAR is automatic. And if you want, you can take some of my blue ammo. (Chris: Yeah, sure.) Ok. (annoying breath)(Chris: Have any more?)(annoying breath) Uh…I need it for my M1 Garand We’re all good guys here… I hope… (which is contradicted when each teammate kills one person) Oh, person… (Chris: Oh, look, person.) (Chris: Oh, look, a dead person.)(annoying breath) (Chris: That apparently you killed.) (Chris: Okay, come on Press, let’s skidaddle.) (Annoying Breath) Yep. See ya later. Alright, skidaddling. I’ll take that (loot in the storm) …Nevermind. (Chris: Hey Press, want…want some blue ammo?) I have 180. I’m full actu-…I’m full…I’m filled. So, I’m good. You want a 2 times scope? (and there’s one in the storm that he forgot to get…and he has no scope) (Chris: Yeah.) Here you go. Shucks. (Chris: Oh sh-) (Enemy gets killed by Danielthas’s stray bullet…) (I has great aim!) (now I don’t…) (Killed him with last bullet! Yes!) (Chris: Stupid people and their firearms.) (Annoying breath) And hopefully we don’t die. (Chris: EH!) Oh, there’s a 4 times scope. Do you wanna get it? (person up there makes a sign that I can’t see, so I don’t shoot him, assuming it’s a smiley face.) (Chris: Th-there’s a…AH!) (Chris: Left…I mean right.) (The smiley face guy died in the storm?) (Chris starts “blind firing” and knocked out :p) (Chris: Knocked out someone. I sniped out P P) (Chris: I killed Player!)(the guy in the stream) OH!!!!!! YES!!!! First win with this vector! (Chris: Oh! Did (stutters, trying to get my attention)) Yeah! (Chris: Dude, look. 0, 1, 2, 3. Wo hooo!!!!!