– We’re heading to what
looks like the woods for a 24 hour challenge. The quadrant, do you think
the exchange is happening now? We don’t know what we’re gonna do. – Turn off the light. Going to see them right now. – Matt, Matt, Matt. We just found schematics
of a giant super computer that the Red Hood is building. Right now we are in the Quadrant’s bunker, we need to escape. – The Quadrant’s on patrol
every three minutes. How much more time do we have? – We only have 10 seconds, there’s no way we can escape, just get in a hiding spot. We need to hide, find
the best hiding spot. Go. – Go, go. – Oh my gosh. – [Daniel] I forgot the
door, I forgot the door. I got it, I got it. – You can’t move him off, we’re gonna have to make a run for it. – I can’t you guys. As soon as I let this go. – We gotta go. This is going to turn into a chase ZamFam smash the thumbs up button, we can escape from the Quadrant. – [Daniel] Three, two, one, go. go, go, go, go, go, go. – Hey ZamFam, so quick update, as soon as we got to the car, this is the message we
got from the Game Master. – You were successful in
getting the schematics from the Red Hood to build a super computer under the codename Project V. Your job is to figure out
what Project V stands for and intercept the first exchange which we believe is the first piece to the super computer. Also, Matt stick to the plan. – So the Game Master was right and we looked on the back and with a black light
we found coordinates along with the word first piece exchange. – So we dropped off Daniel so he can look for the
next exchange location. – And Matt and I are
going to the coordinates, we’re gonna spend the next 24 hours there so we can intercept the exchange like the Game Master said and find out what Project V stands for. – We need to know what the Red Hood is using that super computer for. – So we quickly changed, packed our bags, and we’re heading to what
looks like the woods. – We can’t set up a tent yet because we don’t want anyone
to know that we’re there until nighttime. Here it is. – Okay, so we are here and it looks like this trail should take us to where they’re saying the first exchange is. – How do you feel about spending
24 hours in the wilderness? – I don’t know, I mean I packed clothes, we packed some snacks, but the fact that we
might not even be able to have a tent until it’s late at night because we don’t want the Quadrant to see, I don’t know what we’re gonna do. – I just realized we’re on
top of a mountain right now. Mr. Beast spent 24 hours
at 6000 feet elevation. We’re going already at 7000 right now. – I have a challenge for you ZamFam. I wanna see if you guys can subscribe and turn on notifications in five seconds. Ready, five, four, three, two, one, comment that I am subscribed and part of the ZamFam and also comment what you want me to do for seven million subscribers. I cannot believe we hit that. Also we’re gonna be giving
shout outs to you guys in the ZamFam as soon as we can. Once we catch our breath and get to the location but we need to get there. So it looks like that’s
the spot right there. – [Matt] It’s right there? It’s like a water tower almost? – Maybe, but it’s kind of small. – [Matt] Are you sure this is the spot? – This is what the coordinates said. We are really in the wilderness. We are surviving in the
wilderness for 24 hours. – Is that ZamFam merch the right choice for a 24 hour challenge Rebecca? – Yes, yes it is. Link a description for ZamFam merch. Wait, there’s bears out here, right Matt? – [Matt] Yeah, I think so. – What kind of bears are there? – I did see a sign back there that said warning bears. We do need to keep an eye out. – No. I don’t even know what you’re
supposed to do with a bear. Just make a noise, right? You’re supposed to be like ah, get away. Have you ever seen a bear before you guys? Comment what you are supposed to do if a bear approaches you. I saw one once during camping, it was behind my tent, it was so scary. Let’s get to the location. So this is supposed to be the spot but you guys coordinates
aren’t like exact points so somewhere in this vicinity I think we need to explore it. What if the piece is here
and they’ve hidden it? – [Matt] That’s a good point. – Okay, let’s see. Whoa. – [Matt] This is it? – Abandoned location. – [Matt] Yeah, and it goes
all the way up there too. – I think that if we wanna spy on them we should get to the top of the location so we can look down and
see what’s going on. – Speaking of that, what happens if they come right now? – I don’t know, if they come we need to intercept the piece, right? Maybe one of us distracts and
it turns into hide and seek. – Yeah, or maybe we build like a fort and like hide. – Yeah, we do need shelter here and we can’t put up the tent until it’s dark out. – Okay, well let’s check
this place out first. – Okay, look Matt. – [Matt] Find something? – It’s like a power box or something and then
there’s this sticker. – [Matt] A code or something. – What is that? I think after we explore this we need to call Daniel, see if he found out any new information. It’s like faces. That’s Bob Marley. – [Matt] Yeah. – That’s Albert Einstein. – [Matt] What? – Do you guys think that might be a clue? Remember Bob Marley and Albert Einstein, who’s that? – [Matt] It looks like
Danny DeVito a little bit. – Really? – [Matt] I think so. – Did someone paint this? What do you guys think this location is? Whatever it is though, we need to keep our eye
out for the Quadrant because they’re supposed
to be coming here. – [Matt] It’s kinda suspicious that something like this
is in the wilderness. – It makes sense if the Red Hood is building a super computer for Project V that she wants to choose
places where nobody’s at. We need to figure out what this is. It looks like it’s pretty high and solid. I wonder if there’s a way in. – Matt, Matt, Matt, Matt. It’s the Quadrant. Quadrant. Do you think the exchange
is happening now? – [Matt] I don’t know. – How many are there? Can you see? – [Matt] It looks like just one. – Just one? Okay, the other one must be coming. – [Matt] Can you hear what they’re saying? – No, what if we climb on this? We could spy down. Okay. All right you guys. – Where you at? You’re late. I’ll wait here five more minutes then I got to go. – Matt. – What’d you hear? – The other person on the phone looks like they’re running late so I don’t think the
exchange is happening yet. So what I think we need to do is get up to the top, make a camp out, and then stake it out for the rest of the 24 hour challenge. – [Matt] Yeah, let’s go hide up there. – Okay, ZamFam remember by the end of this we’re gonna figure out
what Project V stands for. Comment if you think you know what it is. Okay, so now we need to get
up to the top of there ZamFam. – Yeah, but we need to sneak. – Their back’s turned right now. I think we can get up to
that bush right there. Are you ready? – [Matt] Right there, okay. – Three, two, one. Do you think they know we’re here? – [Matt] I don’t know. Three, two, one, go. Go, go, go. Let’s go check. See if they’re still there. – Gone. – [Matt] They’re not there? – They’re gone. – [Matt] Okay. – So they’re gone for now but I know that they are coming back. I mean they’re gonna do
it in the next 24 hours. – Now that we’re safe and the Quadrant is gone I feel like we need to split up and find the best hiding spot. – Yeah, we only need to
hide during the day though. Once it gets dark we can use the tent. – True, okay also guys I wanted to say a quick sorry. – What? – It’s been, it’s been
a little bit difficult doing what I did. I apologize to you guys, I did not mean to trick my wife or buy flowers or think
that I bought flowers for somebody else, so I love you. You’re my wife, come on guys. – You pretended to be the Game Master. – But it was for everybody’s good. So you can see that now, right? – ZamFam do you guys forgive Matt? Let me know. I’m working on it. – While you’re working on it let’s go and find, where are you gonna go right now? – I’ll go that way. – Okay, good luck Rebecca. – If anything happens just yell GM, GM. When is the last time
you guys went camping? I’m thinking that the best thing to do might be to make a fort. – Maybe here, there’s
a ton of wood up here. There is a lot of spots to go here. If we have this right here we could actually build
something overnight. I didn’t bring a blanket though so I don’t know if that’s gonna work. Have you guys ever made a Teepee? Maybe I can make a Teepee out here. Comment down below what you would do for 24 hours in the wilderness. – Guys we are so high. This altitude is like 7000 feet. We need to hurry and figure this out before the Quadrant gets back. This might be good to make a fort. Oh look. You guys I am not meant
for the wilderness. Look over there. That could be an awesome fort. If I can just get in. It’s a little tricky to get in. Okay, see. What do you guys think of this? I think I’m gonna call out for Matt and see if I can hide and if he can find me then this is not a good hiding spot but if he can’t find me that means it’s a good hiding spot. GM, GM. – I gotta go find Rebecca. She’s calling GM right now. Where’d she go? GM, GM. Okay, we said that we’d only say GM if we’re in trouble or
if we see the Quadrant. – [Rebecca] Matt. – [Matt] Rebecca, you okay? – [Rebecca] I found the
best hiding spot, look. – [Matt] Cool, it’s like a nature fort. We need to get to a spot
where we can escape quickly. – [Rebecca] I guess you’re right but this is a good hide
and seek spot, right? – If we were doing a
hide and seek challenge this would be the best hiding spot. – I’m a wilderness girl now. – All right Bec, we need to keep on, oh, I wanna check up here. This looks good. – Okay. Okay, ZamFam you guys know
that I have forgiven Matt. I know that he was
trying to do a good thing when he pretended to be the Game Master because he wanted to stop
everything with the Red Hood but I feel like I need to prank him back. So let me know what you think I should do. I’m kind of thinking that I should do ignoring him for 24 hours. I’ve seen people do that challenge and he would be so upset. So let me know if you think ignoring him for 24 hours would be a good way to get back at him. Oh, okay, yeah. – [Matt] You good? – Yep, I’m good. Okay, so I think it’s about time that we go and check to see if any more Quadrant have come. – [Matt] That’s a good point. Oh, you hear that? Bec, back up. Go, go, go. – [Quadrant] Where are you? Just hiked to the top of this. I don’t see you. What do you mean you left? – It’ the Quadrant, I think they’re back. – No it’s someone else. – [Quadrant] Just drop it off and I’ll pick it up in the morning. I don’t have time for this. I said I’m sorry I’m late. – Get down, get down. – Did you hear that? He said just leave the piece and they’ll pick it up in the morning. We can intercept the exchange. – Yes. – We just have to figure out
when the piece is coming. Okay, so the second Quadrant’s gone. What should we do? – [Matt] Let’s go hide over here. More shade. – I think it’s time to
FaceTime Daniel right now. See if he’s found out anything. By the way, my pop socket rebeccazamolo.com, and this hat and this tank you guys,
link in description. Hey Daniel. – Hey, how’s it going? – You know, just hanging
out in the wilderness. No big deal. Have you found out any new information? – Well, looks like the Quadrant has a new group chat for Project V. – Okay, have you hacked into it? – No, I haven’t yet. But I should be able to
hopefully by morning. – Okay, well keep us updated. – What about you guys? Did you intercept the exchange? – No, but two Quadrant have come by. – Okay, well stay safe. We’ll be in touch soon. – Okay, yeah we will. Okay. Okay ZamFam, so it looks like
we’re gonna hang tight here with our water and snacks
until the sun goes down so we can set up a tent but I think that I should
FaceTime some of you guys. – [Matt] Is that safe? – I mean they won’t really know
where we’re at, right Matt? – [Matt] Plus the Quadrant has already come and gone. – So let me just open up my snap line. – [Girls] Hi. – Hi, how are you? Say hi. – Hi. – How are you? – [Girl] Hi. – Video. Abby, nice to meet you. Where are you from? Oh. Wait Matt, are there cougars up here? – [Matt] Yeah, there’s a lot of them. – What do we do? – [Matt] I don’t know. – That’s so scary. – [Matt] I know, maybe we
should go hide a little bit. – Can’t we just set up the tent now? – [Matt] No, we’re gonna
be seen if we do that Bec. – Okay, so we are gonna
try to not get bit by bugs and we will see you guys when the sun starts going down. Okay. All right you guys. I feel like we were just doing this when I spent 48 hours in
that giant hole in my yard. So Matt is finishing up and I’ve got my bag here. This is all we have and because we had to carry everything in our backpacks, we could
not fit sleeping bags. Like we barely got the tent and snacks, and water and all of that so we are sleeping on this. It’s not gonna be comfortable but again we’re in the wilderness doing this 24 hour challenge. We have warm clothes so we should be fine as long as we can get through the night then we’ll be okay. So I have been drinking this water today. I have not even drank
that much water Matt. And snack time. – [Matt] What snacks do we have? Wait a second. Rebecca. – [Rebecca] What? – [Matt] There’s hardly
like anything left in here. – It’s fine, it’s fine. It just has to hold us
over through the night. I mean they might do the exchange
before it even gets dark. – York peppermint patties. – We’re not Mr. Beast. We can’t have Domino’s deliver
at the top of a mountain. – I know, I know. Wheat Thins. All right, question for you guys. If you were stranded somewhere, what would be the one item, one food item that you
would bring with you? – I would say bread. – What would you guys say? – What would you say? – Beef Jerkey what if they come at 3 am? – There are wild animals out here, there is no way I’m getting
out of this tent at 3 am. – Good point. – Okay ZamFam, it is
now officially dark here at the top of a mountain. We have changed now into our sweats which actually it’s not
that cold right now. It’s summer so thank goodness it is summer and not winter right now. We’re doing pretty good. We still have not seen any Quadrant so we don’t know when the exchange is supposed to happen. – Turn off the light, turn off the light, turn off the light. – What do you mean? What? Why? – You hear that? It sounds like somebody’s
walking out there. – What if it’s a Quadrant? – They can’t know that
we have a tent up here. – Obviously, what do we do? – Wait, hold on. I have something in my backpack. Remember these? – Yes I used those when I spent 48 hours in
the hole in our backyard. – [Matt] I can use those right there to distract them. – Okay. – [Matt] Like, I’ll go out there, turn on the light and throw it. They’ll never see me. – Do you think that’ll work? – [Matt] Absolutely. I have to go and distract them. We can’t let them see the tent. – So Matt is going out there. If it’s the Quadrant he’s gonna throw the lights and hopefully they’ll go away because whatever they do they cannot see this tent. It sounds like a person. I think it might be the Quadrant. – [Matt] Let me get close over to that meeting right now. Gonna flash this over there and I’m gonna throw it. They’ll never see it coming. Looks like they’re out there looking. – [Quadrant] Who’s there? – [Matt] There they go. Scared them away. They’re leaving. – What happened? – [Matt] What? – Who was that? – [Matt] There was one person out there. I scared him off with the lights. They ran away. – They ran away? – [Matt] Yeah. – Okay, so that must
have been the drop off. The exchange is supposed
to happen tomorrow. The second Quadrant said they
were coming in the morning. – [Matt] Exactly. – So we should go right now. – [Matt] No Bec, it’s not safe right now. – So what do we do? – [Matt] It’s pitch black right now. – But we have to get it before
the other Quadrant comes. – As soon as it gets light we have to go out there and go find it. It’s not smart to go out there right now. We can’t even see anything in the dark. – ZamFam what do you think? Do you think that we should go right now and find the device? Or what, do we just wake
up early in the morning? – Just wake up early. Hey Bec, I think we’re good for tonight. Just try not to make any noise. Try to get some sleep, okay? – Sleep on dirt, ow. – There are so many rocks here. – It is not comfortable. Okay ZamFam so we’re gonna try to get a few hours sleep and then wake up as soon
as the sun comes out so we can find the device for the Red Hood’s super computer. – Hopefully Daniel can figure out what Project V stands for by the morning. – Yeah, and we need to know the next location of the next exchange for the super computer. – Try and get some sleep, okay? – This is not gonna be
easy or comfortable. Ow. Goodnight ZamFam. Matt it’s so creepy. – [Matt] We’re in the wilderness. – [Rebecca] I don’t know
if I can sleep tonight. All right guys, it is the morning and we are packing up quickly because we need to go find the device before the exchange happens. – [Matt] You’re putting lip gloss on? – I need a little lip gloss. – [Matt] Rebecca. – It’s been all night. That’s the last of if right? – Yep. – Okay, so Matt, where did
you see them last night? – [Matt] Last night they
were like right down there. One person. – Okay and where did they go? – [Matt] They ran off. They went down that way. What’s that noise? Do you hear that buzzing? – Yeah. Ew, nature. You said they were
originally going over here? – Yeah, they came up right through here. They were getting close to our tent so I tried to distract
them to go this way. – Maybe they came from somewhere. What if they came from down below and then they were coming up this way. – Where we were looking
at, at the beginning. – Yeah, exactly because that’s where the coordinates were,
the actual coordinates. – [Matt] Okay. – I think it might be there. – [Matt] Be careful. So we were tented up over there. – So we go back down there Matt. – [Matt] Doesn’t this
look so much higher now? – It does. It’s pretty steep. – [Matt] Bec we gotta hurry. – You’re right. The next Quadrant member
can be here any minute and if we don’t get it then the exchange will happen. – Just hold onto my backpack while we go down this hill. It’s really steep – It is so steep. If we see the Quadrant
we need to hide though and no matter what, see the Quadrant Matt, one of us has to distract, the other one has to get the piece. – Okay. – Even if it turns into a battle royale. I think if we don’t find it down here, oh my gosh I stepped on a rock, I thought it was a snake or something. – You’re on edge, Rebecca – They were up here. I say if we don’t find it up here, then we have to go up to the water tower. I don’t even know what the
computer device looks like. Is it big? Is it giant since it’s
gonna be a giant computer? – I still have the blue
prints for the schematics. Maybe this will help us find what we need. – Okay, there’s so many
things on there though. We don’t know which piece it is. – [Matt] We’ll be looking
for something electronic. – Okay, we looked in these yesterday. There’s this. Matt, Matt, Matt. This wasn’t here. – [Matt] What is it? – ZamFam, this was not here. This here was empty, do you remember? – [Matt] Oh, yeah. – ZamFam do you guys, Matt, do you think this is it? This has to be. This has to be it. Which one would this be? – [Matt] Looks like an electronic piece maybe something, whoa what’s that? Could be it. – So we have the device. We need to call Daniel right now. We need to see if he
found the next location. – [Matt] Put it on speaker Bec. – Okay. It’s ringing. Hey Daniel? – [Daniel] Hey Rebecca. – Hey, we found the first piece to the super computer before
the exchange happened. – [Daniel] Oh that’s great, I can’t believe you found it. – So did you find out
where the next exchange is gonna happen. – [Daniel] I don’t have the exact location but I have the radius and it’s taking place
within the next 24 hours. – Okay, so you have the radius. You know the area. Okay, well we’re gonna go. – [Daniel] Wait, wait. I forgot to tell you the most important thing
– What? – [Daniel] I know what
Project V stands for. – [Matt] What? – What is it? – [Daniel] The V does stand for VidCon. – The Red Hood is using the
super computer at VidCon? – [Daniel] She is going
to use the computer at VidCon to become the super hacker. – Okay, okay, okay Daniel. Yeah, we’re gonna get
to the next location. We’ll be in touch. Okay, we gotta go. ZamFam you need to let every YouTuber that is going to VidCon know that the Red Hood is
planning something big for VidCon because she wants to be the super ultimate hacker. – [Matt] Bec, we gotta get going. – Matt’s right, we need
to get out of here. Shout out to you guys in
the Game Master network that scored 100% on the last quiz. We really need all of you guys to join the Game Master network. Really important these next few weeks and shout out to these people that tagged me on Instagram, got my merch, if you want some merch,
link is in the description. Make sure you are subscribed,
have notifications on, and check out the video right here. Matt, Matt, Matt, Matt. – [Matt] What? Go, go. – He knows we have it.