Hey everybody! This is Randy Santel, “Atlas”
with Atlas and Zeus Promotions. I just defeated (in Leeds, England) at Carpe Diem, their Mega
Burger Challenge in a record 7:59. And now I’m going for the double challenge. They’ve
got another food challenge – the Carpe Diem Dessert Challenge! It’s got 6 doughnuts, 12
little scoops of ice cream. It’s got whip cream on the bottom. I’ve got 15 minutes to
do the food challenge. Only 4 people have beaten it, two of them being girls. Not sure
what the record is, but I just did that big burger, so lets just get it down. If I win
I’ll get this dessert for free. Lets get it done! Alright, I think I’m going to go with the
doughnuts first, then the ice cream while it’s melting. I got my warm water here to
help wash it all down so I don’t get brain freeze! One, two, three! 3:15 – the burger is starting to fight back.
Lets get some of this ice cream down. 7:00 – underneath everything we’ve got three
waffles. The ice cream has been helping with softening it up. Lets get these down! [Crowd – Let’s go Randy!] [Crowd – One more bite!] 13:23 – Just beat my second challenge within
the hour, the Carpe Diem Dessert Challenge. Aww, I feel terrible! But I got my 12th and
13th win of my trip. my 2013 trip. Now it’s time to party in Leeds!
Thanks for watching!