Hi everyone, welcome back to the kitchen today. We’re going to take advantage of the bounty of peaches that’s coming Our way peaches are one of my all-time favorites whether you eat them out of hand or enjoy them in a dessert today I’m going to show you how to make this delicious peach topping that you can use as an ice cream topping Cobbler filling so many different options. I can’t wait to show you how this all comes together So today we’re gonna be making a peach fruit topping and this is similar to What would what you would find in the bottom of a peach cobbler? You can make this in advance and then just take it out when you’re ready You can make so many things with this. You can just use it as an ice cream topping you can use it as a shortcake filling you can make a really quick peach crisp with it if you have pre-made streusel in your freezer and Really you could just enjoy this what you’re gonna need I just peeled and sliced my peaches eight to nine cups of peaches two cups of granulated sugar a Half a cup of orange juice you can also use water The orange juice gives this a real brightness and a little bit of acidity and you’re gonna need a quarter of a cup of cornstarch So this is gonna make it nice and thick and beautiful I’ll be right back because we have to put this in a pot on the heat and we have to cook it I’ve got my peaches in my pot We’re just this is super easy guys this very similar to how I make my peach cobbler filling I like to cook it first, you know my mom She never cooked her pure filling for her cobblers But I find that it makes this filling so much nicer to eat and it cooks up so much better and it has so much better flavor So this is really an awesome way to make topping Balm or whatever you guys you just want to put this in a bowl with a little bit of whipped cream. Enjoy That’s it’s no joke. It’s that good so I’ve got my peaches our sugar our cornstarch and our orange juice in here Now remember it doesn’t look like there’s a lot of liquid in here because there isn’t because as this cooks Your peaches are going to release a lot of their liquid and that means they’re going to release a lot of their flavor So what you want to do is just get this going you don’t have to babysit this a whole lot I’m going to put this over medium heat and we’re just gonna let this do its thing So what’s gonna happen? Is you’re gonna hear this start to bubble a little bit as it cooks? Come over and give it a stir when you hear that happening as you want this to simmer until the fruit is soft the sauce is thickened and It’s transparent and not opaque. You see how everything kind of looks like. It’s covered in a milky See down here looks milky because the sugar and the cornstarch have not dissolved and that’s why you have to cook it Because it’s gonna make a beautiful Transparent Thick sauce that’s gonna be full of peach flavor It’s gonna be tinged a little bit pink because of the center of the peaches and it’s gonna be absolutely delicious So I’m gonna let this come to a simmer and cook and I will let you know how long that takes when we come back And I’ll show you what it looks I want to take a moment to say thank you for watching and being a part of our community and Please consider hitting that thumbs up button if you like what you see and if you’re new to my kitchen welcome Please hit that subscribe button And as always if your tried and true member of the nerine’s kitchen family be sure and hit the bell notification button Because we don’t want you to miss out on all the real food for real people real easy recipes that we present all the time Right here on our YouTube channel and straight from our kitchen We have cooked this for about 10 minutes and it may take longer or you know, maybe not as much time However, you’re cooking it I’m cooking this over an induction burner and this gets hot really fast and it’s no longer milky and It’s beautiful. I mean look at it’s this syrupy and it’s very much like a pie filling or a cobbler filling But without all of the extras this is just the peachy goodness And you can make a lot of different things with this. You’re gonna want to let this cool completely before You put it in the fridge later in another video We’re going to share with you some options for using this Peach topping and I think it’s gonna be a great way to use up the bounty of peaches that are coming our way At this time of the song. Well, there you have it. Our peach filling is done now It’s still super hot. You want to let this cool? Then you’re gonna put it in a container and stick it in your fridge We’re going to be using this in upcoming videos. You can do so much with it It’s so lovely and delicious. Hmm. I know something’s gonna ask what can you Kenny’s where they are right now? This is not a recipe for canning. That’s a good thing that Rick brings up If you want to can peach pie filling you’re gonna need to use Cook a bowl clear. Gel. Not the instant kind You can find recipes for that on the website for the national center for home food preservation or in the ball blue book So that’s all I’m going to address that as far as canning goes not a canning recipe So I hope you give this peach topping a try Sometime soon and I hope you love it and until next time I’ll see Oh