Hi friends, it’s Teenuja from Veganlovlie. Today, I’m going to share with you my recipe
for these sweet potato flatbread. I presented them in one of my What I Ate Wednesday
videos and some of you have requested the recipe. So, today I’m gonna show you how I make them. So, you will see they are very easy with just
two ingredients, just flour and sweet potato. So, let me show you how I did them. Begin by steaming or boiling the sweet potatoes. Baking is not a suitable method in this case
as it will dry out the sweet potatoes and we need the moisture. Check with a fork to see if they are cooked
and once they are very soft, take them out of the pan. I have steamed more than what is needed for
this recipe here as I will be using the second sweet potato in another recipe. Allow them to cool for a couple of minutes
but try to peel them while they are still quite hot. We need them to be hot or at least warm in
this recipe. The heat will make the roti softer. Use a fork if it helps to peel them while
it is hot. Then mash the sweet potatoes. If you are using leftover sweet potatoes,
reheat them until they are hot before using them in this recipe. Now, measure out one cup of the mashed sweet
potato. By the way, you can also use white sweet potatoes
in this recipe. In a mixing bowl, add one cup of all purpose
flour. Add in the sweet potato. Start by mixing with a fork as the sweet potato
will be too hot to handle at this stage. Once the mixture is okay to handle, continue
the mixing with your hand and work the mixture until a dough is formed. Once the dough is formed, do not overwork
it as it may start to get sticky and then you will need to add more flour which will
result in a hard roti. Flour the work surface and place the dough
on it. Roll it
into a thick log. Then cut the log into 6 equal portions. Keep a bowl of flour close by. Dust your hands with a little flour and take
one piece of dough. Roll it in between your palms into a ball
then lightly flatten it. Dip the ball into the bowl of flour and cover
it with flour on both sides. Now lightly flatten the edge of the ball with
your thumb and first finger. This will help keep its round shape when we
roll it out. Set the floured ball aside and do the same
for the rest of the pieces. Place all the floured balls into the mixing
bowl and set aside. Take one ball and place on the work surface
or board. Begin to roll it out. Turn it on the other side and continue to
roll out by applying even pressure so that the roti can rotate on itself to create a
nice round shape. Flour the roti if you need to but not too
much as this may result in a hard flatbread. Roll out until the roti is about 2 mm thick. Meanwhile, heat a tawa, skillet or crepe pan
on medium heat. When the pan is hot, place the roti on it
and allow it to cook for 20 to 30 seconds. Then flip the roti at 30 second intervals. When the roti starts to bubble, leave it to
cook for a little longer than 30 seconds before flipping. When the roti bubbles, it means that the hot
air is cooking it from the inside too. Cook the roti for 2 to 2.5 minutes. Store the roti in a container or plate lined
with a clean tea towel. This will keep the rotis soft and prevent
them for getting soggy with the steam in the container. Now repeat for the rest of the rotis. Always keep the rotis covered with the tea
towel to keep them soft. Occasionally, flip the rotis in the container
so that the last one is sandwiched in between the other flatbreads. This helps to soften them. As you can see they were very easy to make
and you can have them as a wrap or with any filling that you like, salad or sweet fillings,
your jam, peanut butter if you’re not allergic. Or you can have them with curry. I think they’re just good on their own too. I mean I really like to just have them plain
sometimes. Mmmm! They’re very nice, light and fluffy, very
soft. So, I hope you’ve enjoyed this recipe. Don’t forget to subscribe for more recipes. And if you’ve liked this video, give it a
thumbs up and I’ll see you next time. Bye! I had these rotis with a nice stuffed cabbage
curry and they were very tasty.