Hi Friends, I am Anamika and Welcome to Ana’s
Recipes. Friends i hope you are liking my dessert season
and soon i will be bringing breakfast season. Today’s recipe you surely have never seen
or heard before because i have thought about this recipes two days before in my kitchen
and when my family members ate this they like it so much that they suggested that i should
show this recipe in my channel. This mouthwatering and tasty recipe is a fusion
of Indian and Western cuisines ,So lets look at the ingredients. Watch Mouthwatering, Vegetarian recipe in
this channel. For this recipe we need – half cup Maida or
All purpose floor, half cup Wheat floor , half cup milk, a pinch of salt, half cup sugar,
1 tsp ghee or butter, we need these ingredients to make the dough, for filling we need 2 bananas
diced, half cup ghee, and half cup peanut butter. Lets make dough. Add All Purpose floor and wheat floor in a
dish and add a pinch of salt to it. Add 1 tsp of ghee. Mix it well. Now pour milk little by little and make a
soft dough. Dough is ready now .Let it rest for around
15 minutes and till then lets make its filling. Add 1 tsp of butter in a pan. Now add Peanut Butter to it. Mix well for two mins. Now add bananas and 1 tsp of sugar. Mix well just for two minutes. Switch off the gas and set it cool. Now lets make small roundels of the dough. With the help of dry flour roll it and make
big in size of chapati. Now brush butter nicely and keep 2 or 3 tsp
of sugar in the center. Seal its four sides like a shape of rectangle. With the help of dry flour, roll it again
carefully. Apply the pressure in the corners more than
the center and roll with loose hands. Now cut it in rectangular pieces. Take a pan and put the pieces in it. Take Non stick pan for this so that sugar
doesn’t stick when heated. Apply Butter on the both sides in good amount. Friends if you want you can deep fry them
as well.But it taste good like this also. We have to cook it on slow flame to make it
crispy. Now turn it apply butter on other side. Take care and do not touch with your fingers
as sugar get caramelizes and it can burn you. See its becoming crispy now slowly. Cook them a little more till it entirely cooked
and becomes crispy. Now it take out on a plate and fry rest of
the pieces like this. Once done set it aside for cool. Friends our filling is cooled and so the crispies
so now lets assemble it. Let us arrange crispies in a plate. Put peanut butter and banana mixture on top
of it. And garnish it with crushed Almond and some
desiccated coconut. Our dish is ready to eat. Friends how do you like my new recipe. I haven’t decided the name of this recipe
yet because I just tried it two days before. Why not you suggest me the name of this recipe. You suggest the name and send it to me. Email me or comments. Please try thi recipe and please share your
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