pastries and truffles. We’re celebrating biscuit month with someone who know all about it. This morning we have head baker Alan, good morning to you, and you’re from Breadbox Hawaii. Emi they’re a new company down in manoa, celebrating of course national biscuit month all the other pastries they offer. EMI HART, YELP CARBS DOUBLE CARBS. Alan you have a great history because you learned irst hand you went europe, you learned how to do this these things these pastries, right. What kind of skill have you’ve brought to breadbox Hawaii. Alan Martin, Breadbox Hawaii A LOT OF BREAD, A LOT OF BREAD. OF COURSE PASTRIES AND FLAVORS. LOTS OF DIFFERENT FLAVORS. RIGHT HERE WE HAVE ALL OUR GOOD STUFF. And you said you make things fresh, nothing frozen. Nothing is made the day before. Everything is fresh. Why is that important for a lot of your customers who come in? Alan Martin, Breadbox Hawaii FRESH IS THE BEST. Tell us what you brought in today. Alan Martin, Breadbox Hawaii LETS START OFF WITH OUR NATTO PANS. EVERYBODY LOVES NATTO. SO HERE WE DO OUR OWN ORIGINAL CREATION OF NATTO THAT WE BLEND UP WITH ONITO, SOY SAUCE, AND YUZU, ANT THEN WE TOP IT OFF WITH SOME THINLY CUT GREEN ONIONS, RIGHT ON TOP OF A PUFF PASTRY. And you have some other pufff pastries as well. Alan Martin, Breadbox Hawaii THESE ARE OUR ORIGINAL CREATIONS. WE HAVE OF OUR AN PANS. THEY ARE THEY ELEVATED VERSIONS OF OUR AN PANS, YOU KNOW THE TRADITIONAL JAPANESE PASTRY TREATS. And some of the inspirations for the flavors coming back from a japanese taste pallet, but also bringing in the local taste pallet using some fresh ingredients as well. So how about these donut flavors, because I’m a huge fan of donuts. Alan Martin, Breadbox Hawaii SO TALK ABOUT FRESH, THESE LOUIE DONUTS HERE WHO OWNS A FARM IN KUNIA WE HAVE HERE. WE HARVESTS OUR OWN LILIKOI. Really, and you use those into the flavors. And we have to talk about biscuits because it is national biscuit month. Tell us about some of these biscuits you have for us. Alan Martin, Breadbox Hawaii THESE ARE OWN SPECIAL RECIPES FOR BISCUITS. I HAVEA TH NICE AND CRUNCHY BISCUITS ON THE OUTSIDE CRUST AND THEIR SUPER SOFT ON THE INSIDE. And Emi, everyone’s loving the taste and texture. The fact that they have a bakery right in Manoa. EMI HART, YELP YEAH, SO THE NUMBER ONE SELLER THERE IS THE CREAM CHEESED STUFFED BISCUITS WITH A STRAWBERRY DRIZZLE, SO BEAUTIFUL, BUT PEOPLE RECCOMMED THAT YOU GET THERE BEFORE 9 A-M SINCE a lot OF THINGS GET SOLD OUT. BUT THEY BAKE THROUGHOUT THE DAY AND 4 AND HALF STARS ON YELP. 24 REVIEWS. SO YELPERS LOVE LOVE THEM AND ONE THING HE hasn’t BROUGHT HERE WHICH IS A BIG THING ON YELP IS . THEY DO A LOT OF BACON PASTRIES SO CHOCOLATE BACON COOKIES. AND THEY’VE GOT A MAPLE BACON BISCUIT. SO IF YOU’RE A BACON FAN, WHICH I AM, YOU CAN GET YOUR BACON FIX WHEN YOU GET THERE. Well thank you both so much for joining us and happy national biscuit month for both of you, Again we can find you guys in Manoa Marketplace and your baking fresh all the time so, when we smell that oven cooking we know we can come on in …before nine you were saying Emi. Thanks for joing us this morning. You’re watching KITV-4 morning news, we’ll be right back after this break.