(splat) (pop) (cars honking) (yelling) (screaming) – Angela, get out of the way! – No! (yelling) (door opens) – Hey, Angela, what are
you doin’ here so early? I haven’t even set the
table for your surprise. – For my surprise? For my surprise what? – Uh, nothin’, nothin’ at all. (door squeaks) (gasps) – Ben! (cat groans) (whistles) – Angela, what are you
doing here already? We’re not ready to
start your surprise– I mean, birthday– – You mean my surprise
birthday party? – Aw, I blew it! Why can’t I keep a secret? Well, at least I
didn’t say anything about the chocolate
raspberry cake. – Chocolate raspberry cake?! (squeals) It’s my favorite! (screams) (whistling upbeat music) – Tom! (zapping) – Whoa oh. (giggling) (dinging) (zooming) (camera clicks) (birds chirp) – Oh hey, where are Tom
and the guys anyway? Shouldn’t they be here by now? – Tom wanted to get
you a special new cake at that new bakery across
town, The Baked Dessert. They’re probably on their way. (bird crows) (soft music) (gasps) – How in the world did we
end up in The Baked Desert? – Yeah, that’s weird. Unrelated question, how many
S’s are in the word dessert? – Oh great! Now we’re gonna miss Angela’s
party because Tom can’t spell? – Ah, ah, ah, ah,
no, no, no, no, we can still make it to
the party if we hurry. I’ll just reprogram the
GPSS to get us to the diner. – [Ginger] You know diner
only has one N, right? – I better look that up. (phone beeps) No! – Save your energy,
Tom, in the desert no one can hear you scream. – That’s space, Hank! In space no one can
hear you scream. – Yeah, well, that’s
’cause there’s a lot of space in the desert. – Okay, okay, let’s not panic. Now my scout boy
survival training will
get us out of here. Any good scout boy knows moss
always grows on the south side of a tree, so all we have
to do is find a tree. (bird crows) Which might be harder
than I thought. (huffs) (gasps) – Hold on for a second,
I found something! (uplifting music) (chewing) – The World’s Biggest Candy Bar! (record scratches) – No, Ginger, wasting time
at some roadside tourist trap is not gonna get us
any closer to Angela. – Well, I don’t know
if this is helpful, but I found a sign
with an arrow on it pointing to where the town is. – Good job, Hank. See? Now we’ll just follow this arrow and we’ll be at Angela’s
party in no time. Come on. – Ginger, let’s go. – No! (grumbles) (sign squeaks) (sighs) (hums) – So. – So? (sighs) (hums) – Write any new songs? – Nah, I’ve been feeling
kind of blue lately. Hey, you know what? Forget those guys. Let’s get this party started. Why don’t we order
some ice cream? – No thanks, I don’t
like to eat ice cream on an empty stomach. – Ronda! – Yeah, what do you want? – One scoop of strawberry
ice cream, please. – Strawberry? That’s my favorite! – Mine too. Make it a double. – You got it. (laughs) (popping) (soft music) – Oh man. (sighs) Now I understand why
cowboys wear such big hats. – You did it Tom, you saved us! – What do you mean, guys? Phew, oh the Cactus Network. – Howdy, Hank. – Hello there, Mr. Garden. (birds chirp) – Well, I guess we should just
leave him here, right guys? – No, Ginger, we’re
not leaving Hank. Hank! Come on, Hank! We are not home! That’s not the garage,
it’s just a mirage! Now let’s get back
on this trail, we’re probably almost there! Come on! (panting) (sparkling) Angela? (zipping) (yelling) (thud) (blinking) (gasps) This can’t be. We just walked in a big circle? – Well, Tom, that can
only mean one thing, we get to see the World’s
Biggest Candy Bar. – We don’t have time for that. – Give it up, Tom, we’re never
gonna make it back to town. Time to start our new
lives here in the desert, just you, me, Hank, and the
World’s Biggest Candy Bar. – He’s got a point,
Tom, besides, what
else are we gonna do? – Fine, maybe someone there can give us directions
to the diner. (yells) – I’m gonna take a
picture of the candy bar, I’m gonna ride the candy bar, I’m gonna get a
candy bar key chain! (mumbling) (crashing) – Ronda! – Yeah, yeah, what do you want? I ain’t deaf. – Another bowl, please. – Honey, I think
you’ve had enough. – You listen here, Ronda, it’s my birthday and I’ll have as much
ice cream as I want. Duh! – Yeah! (splat) (bird crows) (sighs) – [Ginger] That’s not so big. – See, Ginger? This place is not
just a tourist trap, oh no, no, it’s a closed
and abandoned tourist trap. – It says here that the whole
town shut down when a bigger candy bar was
discovered by villagers in the local mountains. This pamphlet is
full of fun facts. Did you know that they
got the candy bar here by putting wheels on the bottom? Too bad the way
here is all uphill. – Wait a minute! If the way here is uphill– – And there are wheels
on the candy bar, I think I have an idea. (wheels grinding) (grunting) (panting) Okay everyone, when I count
to three, let’s all jump on. One. Two. – You’re counting too fast. – Three! – Hey, wait! – Ginger, give me your hand! (panting) (shouting) – Maybe Tom forgot my birthday. I mean, we talked about it
yesterday but I guess sometimes birthday’s are hard
to remember, right? – Angela. – Huh?
– Angela. – Uh-Huh? (burps) – Tom definitely did not
forget your birthday. – Oh, well, is he invisible? Because I don’t
see him anywhere. – Angela, listen to me. I’ll be the first to admit
that Tom has his flaws but he always comes
through in the end. – Well, yeah, except it’s
always by doing something crazy and dangerous. – That is not true! – This is crazy! – And dangerous! (shouting) – You know, Hank and
Ginger are missing too, but it seems like you mostly
care that Tom isn’t here. – Pfft. Okay. Can I tell you a secret? – No, don’t tell me, I
can’t stand the pressure that comes with keeping secrets. – Right. You’re so right. I kinda like Tom! (gasping) (dishes crash) (gasps) I can’t believe I
said it out loud! – Angela! I can’t believe it,
this is great news. When Tom gets here,
let me talk to him and tell him that you–
– What?! No! Don’t you dare say anything! – But–
– Not a word! It could ruin our friendship. – But, why did you tell me? – I don’t know, I guess I
couldn’t stand the pressure of being the only one who knew. – So you told me?! I just told you I
can’t keep a secret! I can’t handle it! (yells) – Ben! (people chattering) But wait! (screaming) (cars honking) Where are you? (pants) Wait, what? (yelling) (cars honking) – Wait, what is that? (people screaming) (screams) Angela! Get out of the way! – No! (screaming) (crashing) (birds chirp) (groans) – Angela? No! (cries) – Is everyone okay? – Happy birthday, Angela! Surprise! – Tom! (nervous laugh) – Is he alright? – Tom, I have to tell you
something about Angela. – No, he doesn’t. No you don’t, right Ben? You just wanted more ice
cream, right here, eat it. – Ah, brain freeze! Oh, I’m passing out. (thud) (birds chirp) (nervous laugh) – Whoa, I guess Ben can’t
hold his ice cream, right? – Yeah, I guess not. What was he gonna say? – Nothing, he was just jokin’. – Well, happy birthday, I hope
you saved room for dessert. – Dessert? (stomach rumbles) That sounds… (thud) – Oh, huh. You will subscribe… You will subscribe. Tom! Tom! I love you so much! Do you… like me? – I think you should leave. – What?