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home holiday event wedding in DIY decor today I’m gonna show you how to make
another beautiful wedding centerpiece and set up here we go today’s information is brought to you by
me cleaning in my basement seriously I can make about 20 centerpieces out of
all the supplies I have down there let’s get started I’m going to start by making
a very easy base for my floral arrangement it’s going to consist of two
Pilsner cups or beer cups and a small round base from Dollar Tree I’m going to
turn this stuff over and then I’m going to place this one right on the top and
I’m going to glue it with ease 6000 and then you are going to place the
other right inside the base next I’m going to be placing this brown
candle holder on top of my vase and I’m going to be gluing it upside down
because it has these three legs on here they will not let me lay it flat so I’m
just going to do it upside down now I’m going to glue my floral foam right on
top I’m going to start my arrangement with white hydrangeas from Dollar Tree next I’m going to be using purple
hydrangeas from Walmart these were $3 able K and I’m going to be cutting them
about four inches long now I’m going to place a bouquet or
purple hydrangeas to the top of the floral foam to gauge how tall I want the
arrangement to be I’m going to add more purple hydrangeas on top of the white
hydrangeas and these are going to be about six inches long now I’m going to use this white purplish
hydrangeas from Walmart these are also $3 a stem and I’m going to place them in
all the empty spaces so I’m left with four empty spots on
each side so what I’m going to do is because I don’t want to add a whole
bouquet of purple hydrangeas and I don’t have any more of these so what I’m going
to do is add just one flower of the purple hydrangea so I’m just going to
add it to the bouquet this already here to make it fuller so I ended up adding a
little more of the white hydrangeas to the bottom to make it a little bit more
full or so I can look as full as the rest of the hydrangeas and it looks much
much better look at that perfect and finally I’m going to add
white roses from Dollar Tree I’m just going to add a few around only to break
it up a little bit and for a final touch I’m going to add
pearls to the arrangement so I think I’m going to use this white
spread of roses from Michaels this were two bucks a bouquet and I think I’m
going to place them at the bottom of the pearls let’s see how that looks so here
are the roses and as you can see the other four has the green leaves on them
in this one I ended up placing a little piece of the petals of the hydrangeas
and I think I’m going to go ahead and do that with all of them you okay guys this is it this is my wedding
centerpiece for this week and he ended up being a beautiful and elegant pearl
centerpiece love it I hope you guys enjoy this video and if you did please
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