>>Do-over. There’s no winning here. Nobody won.>>Do-over.>>Tarek el Moussa stars alongside his ex-wife Christina.>>He also has “Tarek’s flip side” and another show coming out. You’re busy.>>Yeah, very busy.>>You look good. You look healthy. Are you feeling good?>>This is the best I’ve ever felt. I went through a rough run for five years. I was real sick. And today I’m healthy, happy. My kids are doing amazing. My career is doing wonderful.>>Isn’t life a wild ride?>>I’ve lived a lifetime.>>I’ve lived about 50 lives.>>It works with you and Christina on this show. How did “Flip or flop” the original, even come about?>>It was back in 2010, I had this crazy idea. I met this guy who had a local TV show. He’s like, I’m selling more houses. I told Christina, we have to get on TV. She’s like, you’re crazy. I know. I started submitting to production companies and that was it. I worked so hard building all my companies and getting the TV show. Everything kind of happened. It was so weird. It was like meant to be.>>Was there ever a point before that where you were like, I really want to get on TV? What was that moment for you that you were like, we got to do this?>>I never one time in my life ever thought about TV until the second I send that first email.>>Really?>>Yeah.>>And the other thing about your show, everybody that watches it is like, I could do this. I could do this. What’s the biggest mistake people make out there when trying to flip or flop? Or they’re just trying flip it?>>The biggest mistake is they’re not educated. It’s important to know what you’re doing. I’m coming out with a lot of digital products that show people how to invest in real estate. And the biggest mistake is just because the house is a piece of junk doesn’t mean it’s a good deal. Make your money when you buy. You have to buy right.>>Interesting.>>I buy high and sell low. It’s not been good.>>Opposite.>>I do the same on my own houses.>>Opposite. You guys seem to work really well together. You and your ex-wife. Has it been better to get along on the show having separate lives now?>>It makes it fun to watch. It just does.>>You know, season 8 just started. One episode has aired. There’s an all new episode at 9:00 P.M. It’s a lot easier today than it was going through the separation and the divorce.>>Really?>>Easier today?>>Easier. Let’s be honest. Right when we first separated trying to film together, it was>>That was hard.>>And I felt bad for both of you and the kids. You did a great job professionally. But now it seems like a good working friendship, and are we off the market?>>Sounded like you said good to date. Better to date today.>>Well, I — okay, the first time I’m talking about this. I did meet somebody. Her name is Heather ray young.>>And is she here? Is this her?>>She’s not here actually. She’s here in spirit, but she’s going to be meeting up here in a little bit.>>Sorry cute girl that I’m pointing to.>>And it’s super –>>Lovely.>>She’s great, too. They’re great. I’ve been on my own for three years. I’ve been looking and looking. I finally met Heather. And you, she’s amazing. She’s brilliant, has a huge heart. She’s killing it. She did “Selling sunset” on Netflix. And she’s just a superstar. She’s like the coolest girl I have ever met. I just adore her.>>Question for you, as you move forward with dating, this is like an honest — I’m just curious. As you move forward with date, at what point do you introduce her to your family? Is that a — I’m sure you protect that.>>So last night she met my kids, my mom, my dad, my sister, the entire family.>>Tarek, this is happening.>>Yeah, it’s happening.>>Congratulations.>>I’m happy for you.>>I never thought I’d say these words again, but I do have a girlfriend.>>Now here is the big question. Will you work with a future girlfriend/wife again? Would you work with your partner again on TV?>>I think the best thing in the world is to go to work with your best friend in the world. I have no idea what the future holds, but I’m open to it.>>We just got a bunch of scoop out here.>>All right, Heather.>>You got the juice today.>>We got the juice. Has it — what has it been like to see the — we talked — what was it a couple months ago, about Christina when she moved forward and got — announced the wedding and things like that. No one knew. How has it been now on the other side of all of that for you guys?>>Which side? The flip side?>>The flip side.>>Good turn.>>I don’t think I totally understand the question, but –>>How have you guys been –>>Scott is on cough medicine.>>How have you guys been now? The relationship was it –>>Oh, we’re doing good. I’m excited for her. We do have separate lives. You know, she’s having the baby soon and our kids together are really excited. And I’m happy for her. I’m glad things are working out well.>>I love your kids. It’s been so fun watching them grow up. That’s a fun side for me for the show. What’s the new show, or the two new shows. Start with the digital one.>>The digital series which I already shot on hgtv.com. It’s called tarek’s flip side. And it’s probably my favorite project I’ve ever done because it shows the world how I live outside of being the house guy. And I got to be a lot of fun stuff with my kids, and I just loved shooting that. That’s a digital series that’s available now. And then I just started filming last week an all new solo series called “Flipping 101 with tarek el Moussa.” I come in and help rookie flippers. It’s really, really, really a good show. Going into it, I was like, I don’t know how good a show it’s going to be. I’m a professional. I’m going to tell them what to do. It’s going to be boring. Like for the pilot episode, I told them what to do, and I came back and they did nothing.>>You think you can do this, this is going to be good.>>Like I always like, I guess 500 houses, I must be wrong.>>Do what you’re going to do.>>These people, it reminds me of season one of flip or flop. Their life savingsor the line. If this goes bad, they’re done. It’s a really pun show.>>This is all of us trying to do it right. Tarek, congratulations on everything. We’re really happy for you. “Flip or flop” airs tonight at 9:00 on HGTV. And catch tarek’s “Flip side” on