To make taro tapioca dessert you will need one taro, approximately two cups cut into half inch cubes. 1/4 cup of tapioca. These are really tiny ones so they’re called seed tapioca. I soak the tapioca in half a cup of water for 5 minutes. About 1/4 cup of rock sugar. 1 cup of coconut milk – that’s about half of this can and 2 cups of water. Hi, I’m Angela and welcome to instant pot life. Here today we have all the ingredients to make taro tapioca dessert. No more going to the Chinese restaurants or dessert places. You can make it in your own home anytime you want. So first you need to have your tapioca. I’m using these tapioca pearls. They’re really, really tiny. I can pick one out here. You can barely see it. So the first thing you need to do is soak it into water and then once it’s soaked for at least five minutes, you take it out to strain it. Make sure you strain that water and we’ll be placing it into your instant pot. Just spread it around on the bottom. Next, you’ll grab your taro. You’ll use about 2 cups. Also place it on the bottom here. Spread it around evenly as possible. Grab your rock sugar and the best part is the coconut milk. So use about 1 cup of coconut milk and now add your water. 0kay, let me just give you a shot of the inside so you can take a look. Now just close your lid and we’re ready. Select manual for 10 minutes. So after it’s finished cooking let it sit in the instant pot for five minutes before you take it out. Now you click cancel and to take it out you need to do a quick release first. So just open the vent here. Once that releases you see that that little button goes back down. You want to open it and see how it looks inside. So this is the taro dessert here. So here we have it, a nice bowl of taro tapioca dessert. I was just saying, I wish you could smell how great this coconut milk goes with the taro tapioca. It’s really good. Subscribe to my channel to get more recipes and great Chinese food like this. you