Been a chef for about twelve years now. Fell in love with food when I, I was actually really young.
My parents are both English so I don’t get a lot of great food coming from home, but I had a sleepover at my friend’s house when I was
really young and his Dad was a chef, and some of the food that he was giving me at the
time had me over like every weekend, for dinner. My influences when I was younger as a chef
were other chefs and their take on food cuisine and their
creative details. At ‘Loft’ the most popular dish is definitely the
Battered Fish n’ Chips. We do it really sort of English style with mushy
peas and malt vinegar. I think that really captures the essence of what we
are trying to do here. The chef that I admire the most is Marco Pierre White
just for his general tenacity and the way that he, kind of made food quite an iconic thing in the early
seventies when no one else was really doing it. The best perks about being a chef for me is being able 
to come into work every day and do something
that you love. Especially when you are working in Byron Bay,
it’s ridiculous. Probably the biggest misconception about being a
chef is chefs eat really well away from work. We don’t really have the time to be cooking up great
food at home all the time, but we get to cook for other people so I’m pretty
happy with that. I’ve never really thought about being anything other
than a chef but when I was a kid I wanted to play for
Liverpool Football Club, my team, but apart from that I don’t really see anything else for me. The biggest tip I can give any young chef is to
do your time and don’t do the job that you have, do the job
you want. A sense of purpose in the kitchen for me is probably
being able to run my kitchen efficiently, be creative and also teach younger chefs the ways of
becoming quite successful at what you do. The project I’m most proud of is probably ‘Loft’ so far.
I mean this is my first Executive Chef position and I think that we’re really doing something very special here
for the town of Byron Bay and I’m very very proud to be a part of it, working
with such young passionate team as well, it really really helps me and lifts me up. My dream project would be to have ultimately a few
restaurants under my name or working quite high up in that sort of
level but to have a very broad range of restaurants so that can cover
the needs of everyone in the one place, in one town. That’s my idea. Beach. Morning. Plants. ‘Where Is My Mind’ by The Pixies. Thailand. ‘Chef’s Table’. ‘How did I get here?’ A knife. Half full Tea. Cooking naked. Triple Choc Fudge. I dunk my cookie.