[Galloping] [Old western music] [Horse neighing] Woah, woah. Howdy folks, my name is Cowboy Ian and this
here is my trusty steed Plops. [Slaps Plops; angry moo] And this is the brand new BrutalFoods kitchen
where today we’re going to be preparing two larruping desserts that’ll leave y’all going,
“Mmm! Them sucker’s tasty!” [Triumphant western music] Uhh… Y-yeehaw. [Slap!] [Triumphant music continues] Some of you guys might already know, but I
recently left the great state of Washington and moved back to my home state of Texas. That’s why we’re in a brand new kitchen and
it’s also why I’m gonna be dressing like this and saying things like, “Howdy, y’all,” and
“tarnation” all day. [Western accent] I hope y’all have a hankerin’ for some sweets, ’cause today we’re gonna be preparing two Texas Treats. First up is a recipe I found on AllRecipes
called Texas Yum Yum, which I chose specifically for the name. It’s actually the username that I use on Farmer’s
Only, so a bit of a personal attachment there. This chocolate and vanilla-layered pudding
pie is a perfect treat for a hot day. No baking required and it is really easy, too! So it’s a pudding pie. I don’t know that I’ve ever had Texas Yum
Yum, but I’m hoping that it will make me say, “Yum yum.” Yum. Since this is a pudding pie, it’s unsurprising
that we’re gonna be needing two boxes of puddin’ – one chocolate and one vanilla. We need a nine inch pre-prepared Graham cracker
crust. Some confectioner’s sugar. [Triumphant music and horse galloping] We’ll need some milk and some cream cheese. And some frozen whipped topping. [Glass breaking] Recipe didn’t say I needed any, but in the
picture there were some sprinkles, so I went ahead and picked up some chocolate sprinkles, as well. All right, so let’s get started on the chocolate
pudding. [Fwoop!] The packing of pudding is so weird. The inside bag is unmarked. It looks kinda sketchy. [Rip!] [Sounds of pouring like falling sand] [Dink] Whoops. I actually can’t remember the last time I
made jello pudding. It’s been a little while. [Waterfall sounds] Cool. I love how it’s like, bubbling up down there. Wild looking. [Gruff Western music] [Glass breaking] [Magical swirl] [Stirring noises] [Muted gruff Western music] [Gruff Western music] For some reason I thought pudding would be
a little thicker. Um, this is a little watery? Maybe it thickens up after it sits a little
bit? I would believe that. I also need to get the Graham cracker crust
out of the packaging. [Sniff] Oooh! [Sniff sniff] Mmmmm! [Sniff] Well that’s gonna be a good crust, I tell you
what. Just gonna pour our pudding into the crust
here. [Pleasant piano] Ooh, baby. Smells really good. Who doesn’t like chocolate pudding? How do you hate chocolate pudding, right? I need to get like a scooper thing. Tempted to just end the video here. I’m tempted to just end the video here and
change it to, “I just made chocolate pudding and then ate it.” [Plop] All right. So now that I got all the pudding in here
I’m gonna smooth it out. Level it out a bit. I will say that this is filling up more of
the pie crust than I expected. I hope we’re gonna be able to fit the rest
of the layers. I think there’s two or three more layers we
gotta do. [Music playing backwards] That looks pretty good. [Pleasant piano again] [Audience cheering rowdily] Oh yeah. [deep voice] Yum yum! Hey! Recipe authors. Stop making all of your steps five different
steps. Step Two has four steps. Wh- Just make it a separate step! I guess I’m gonna need the electric mixer. [Gallops over] Oh my god. This thing is heavy! Uggh. We got a little KitchenAid mixer here. I’ve got to give you guys a warning,
though, I’ve never used it. So do not follow me as a guide for how to
use it. I’m just gonna do my best. How do I get it to open? Uh… [Creak] ‘Kay… Well, I gotta get this thing off. [Chill, boppy music as Ian desperately struggles] Dang’nabbit. Oh! Oh, you push it. Push it up, twist it off… there we- Oh! Hello. Since it says to beat the cream cheese, I
think this is the one that I’m supposed to use, so let’s stick that right on here. Gotta get the bowl. Gotta get the bowwwl. Gotta get the bowwwwwl! I need the booooowwwwwwl! So I got this eight-ounce package of cream
cheese that we’re gonna use. [Rip!] I’m gonna hold it over the bowl just in case. I didn’t know the cream cheese came in a brick
like this. [Energetic samba-like music] Cream cheese. It seems pretty soft to me already. I mean, I can squish my finger right into
it. That seems soft to me, but we’ll beat it anyway
until it’s soft-er? Annnnd here we g- [Silence] Go? [Chill coffee shop piano] [Electronic whirring] Is that too fast? I’ll be honest, it doesn’t… I don’t know that it’s doing the best job
at mixing. It seems like it’s all getting stuck on the,
uh… on, uh… this thing. I’ll just poke the cream cheese out and like,
go again? [Electronic whirring] You know, it’s happening again. I’m gonna use – I’m gonna go back to using
this. I think maybe this is a better option? [Squish] Ooh, you know what? Be sure to unplug your mixer if you’re sticking
your finger in the rotating part. Let’s give this one a go. [Whirring] Oh, yeah. This is working a lot better. I picked the wrong one; this is clearly what
they wanted. Not getting stuck, it’s getting in there,
softening up that cream cheese. Eh, I’m just gonna say that’s soft enough. I don’t know! So now we’re supposed to add a cup confectioner’s
sugar. I need a cup. [Car tires squealing] Goop that sugar ou- oh my goodness. Cup of confectioner’s sugar… Is that right? I have no way of knowing if this is right. It looks okay. [Whirring and French-sounding sleepy music] I feel like I wish it was getting the stuff on
the sides more. It’s not – it’s not quite scraping the sides. Inside’s looking pretty good, though. That looks correct, I would think. Fold in two cups of whipped topping. Last time I was supposed to fold something
in, people weren’t happy with me. I can’t say that I’ve learned how to fold
anything in since then, so… I’ll do my best? Well that looks pretty tasty, you know. That’s… gotta taste the ingredients, right? Well I could just eat a tub of that. Stuff’s tasty! So my guess for the folding in, my guess is
that I’m supposed to put it in as it’s slowly mixing? [Rockin’ slight electronica] That’s looking pretty right, right? Okay, let’s get the second cup in there. Okay, chefs. Rate my folding in performance. How did I do? Did I correctly fold it in this time? It looks right. I’ll put this back in the freezer for later. [Silence] Okay, so we’re supposed to spread this on
top of the chocolate pudding layer. [Creak] Oooh. I mean, doesn’t that just look yummy? ‘Kay… And then you push it, twist it… [Bop It sound effects] Ooohp! Ohp ohp ohp. This goes on top of here… [Rubber stretching] Ooooh…. Oooohh… Yeah, not everything blended. We’re getting some stray confectioner’s sugar
in here. [Squish squish squish] [Wiping noises] You know, I think I should have let the frozen
topping thaw a bit more. There’s definitely some frozen chunks still
in here that are making it a little bit difficult to spread. All right! [Slirp!] Well that is looking, and tasting, pretty
tasty. So now we’re supposed to make the vanilla
pudding, and it goes on top. And once again, I have my doubts that it’s
gonna fit, but let’s see. [Initiated jams ensue] [Rip] [Pouring like sand again] Probably supposed to do that a little closer
to the bowl. Okay, we need one and a half cups of milk. Man, Plops keeps trying to get away from me, here. Stay. Stay, you- [Cow moos] You don’t stay put, we’re gonna [demon voice] cook you on a future episode. One and a half cups of milk. Aw, turned so yellow. I mean, I know it’s supposed to, but it’s
still not the best sight that I’ve ever seen. [Accent] It ain’t the best sight I’ve ever
seen. Sure ain’t. [Bop-It losing noise] [Whirring] Spread on top of cream cheese layer, spread
the remaining whipped top- Oh! So we’re gonna use the rest of the whipped
topping. Okay, well it’s… it’s solidified enough
to where maybe we’re gonna be okay. That looks like it’s gonna fit. Okay, so we spread this… Oh, it is… I mean, it’s really heaped up on here, guys. Actually, you know, on camera it doesn’t look
that bad. On camera it looks pretty normal, so, maybe
it’s normal. Okay, last but not least we’re gonna add the
rest of the whipped topping to the top. Oh, no. It’s too solid. Okay, we’ve got a problem. The whipped topping is too solid [laughs]
to spread. I don’t want it to mess up the layers. If I try and spread it too much, I’m gonna
mess it up. It’s not gonna look near as nice. I mean, it’s not gonna look nice with a giant
glob of whipped cream in the middle either, but… I’m just doing my best. [Glitter sounds!] [Magic] [Sirens] [Witch laughing for some reason] And that’s it! Doesn’t look like it turned out quite like
the pictures said it would. I feel like our proportions of the layers
are gonna be WAY off. But it does need to chill for at least 30
minutes, so I’m gonna put this in the fridge, and while we’re waiting for it to cool we’re
gonna make our second recipe. Our second recipe for today is Cowboy Bark:
Trader Joe’s Copycat Recipe. Just looking at the pictures really got me
interested. At first glance, it looks a lot like a Take5
candy bar, which is one of the greatest candy bars of all time. We’re going to need 16 ounces of dark chocolate. One and a half cups of mini-pretzels. The only mini-pretzels at my local store came
in prepackaged bags. It’s kinda dumb, but I really wanted to make
sure I got the small ones. So I’ve got eight snack-packs. Oreos. The recipe calls for toffee bits, which I
was unable to find, so I’m gonna do my best to improvise. I’m gonna use Werther’s. It was- I promise it was the closest thing
I could find. It’s caramel, but I love Werther’s, so I think
it’ll go fine on Cowboy Bark. Peanuts | Almonds! And sea salt. Which I definitely have. Somewhere? [Silence] First thing we’re gonna do is line a baking
sheet with parchment paper. Does not say how big the baking sheet should
be, so I’m using this one. It is approximately mmeeeh size long and uuuhhh
size wide. [Lazy flute music] Uh, the parchment paper is a little big, but
it should be fine. Before beginning to melt the chocolate, have
all the ingredients chopped, prepped, and ready to go so that they’re ready to be added
while the chocolate is hot and melty. Easy enough. Gotta do some prep work. [Accent] Gotta do a smidgen of prep work,
but it’ll be over faster than a rattlesnake on a… second rattlesnake. First up, let’s do the peanuts… Need a third of a cup of thems. Gonna be honest here, don’t quite know what
I’m doing when it comes to the chopping? I just don’t want to hurt myself. I mean, I’m okay if I get a little messy? I just don’t want to cut a finger off, ’cause
I feel like I need those a little bit. Hey, Ramsey, I know you’re watching. Is this proper knife skills? Is this how we do it? [Western music] [Cow moo] Now I need the same amount of almonds here. I’m gonna be honest, I don’t care too much
for almonds. Almonds just don’t really do anything for
me, I dunno. Boring. You know what? These are actually looking pretty tiny! Almonds? More like small-monds. [Audience jeering] So last but not least, we’re gonna have to
break up our Werther’s Original. [Piano notes playing as the Werther’s fall] That’s about a third of a cup. I wouldn’t mind a little more Werther’s, honestly,
I’m a big fan. People had a really good idea the last time
I had to break something up about putting them in a bag so the bits don’t go everywhere. Pretty smart. Okay, so we’ve got all of our Werther’s in
a nice little bag here, but to break them up we’re actually gonna have to go to the
new BrutalFoods kitchen lab, because I don’t want to mess up anything here in this nice
kitchen. So let’s mosey on over to the lab. [Slap] [Cow moos; galloping] [Cowboy whistling song] [Consistent galloping] Howdy y’all, and welcome to the brand new,
state of the art, BrutalFoods FoodLab, where today… [Intense music] [HARDCORE SMASHING] [Glass breaking] Heh heh! Heheh… Heheheh… [Little farts] [Accent] Bag broke open a little bit. [Galloping] [People cheering] Woah, woah. So now we’ve got our smashed Werther’s here. I actually think I may’ve gone a little
overboard with the smashing. I kinda turned mostly into powder and ripped
a decent amount of holes in the bag, so it’s kinda spillin’ everywhere, but… they look tasty. All right, so now we gotta get started
melting some chocolate. From here on out, it should go pretty fast. Just gonna melt the chocolate, pour it on
the parchment paper, and then put the toppings on it, and we’re done. 16 ounces of chocolate. [Man screaming in pain] [Casual piano though] [Pleasant stream of water sounds] I think that- [Screaming] If anything, we want a little more chocolate? ‘Cause, worst case scenario, we have more
chocolate, right? [Hearty rain sounds] And make sure you use a microwave safe bowl,
and we’re gonna put this in the microwave on High for two to three minutes. [Such sleepy piano. I am like this piano.] Okie-dokie, that is looking and smelling great. So now we’re gonna act kinda quick, because
the chocolate is nice and melty. We’re gonna pour it out onto this parchment
paper, here. [Such calm, sleepy piano] [Magical noise] And spread it out… uh, it gave some dimensions
and how thick the chocolate should be, but… don’t really remember what they were, so I’m
just gonna spread it out on this parchment paper ’til it looks… It’s just gotta look like it’s bark thickness,
right? ‘Kay, well, that looks pretty great. Now we sprinkle stuff, right? Wanna do the pretzels first, ’cause they’re
the bigger things I think. [Sniff] Wait… Wait. Are gluten-free pretzels different? [Bites] Bummer! Wait, I may have real pretzels. For some reason I thought the gluten-free
pretzels would be the same. I didn’t see any other kinda pretzels there! I’ve got backup pretzels. I could do a whole video on those things. Weird! Now, since our backup pretzels aren’t mini,
I am gonna break ’em a bit. All the pretzels I saw at the store were listed
as gluten-free, so I guess I kinda thought that all pretzels were and they’d be the same? Maybe I was just- [laughs] in the gluten-free
section? I guess that’s a possibility. Maybe I was just looking in the gluten-free
section. Okay. Does that look like enough pretzels? I guess it’s just up to your personal taste
what you want to put on here and how much of it. I’m gonna go ahead and do the Werther’s here. I might just be able to shake it outta the
bag, there’s so many holes. Actually, that’s… that’s actually working
surprisingly okay. I obliterated the Werther’s so much that it’s
letting me make this really nice, even coat of Werther’s on the chocolate, so… I dunno, that might work out pretty good. Now I’m gonna put the peanuts on there first
before the almonds. That looks pretty good. Put some almonds on there. And then I salt it, right? That’s everything? Oh, Oreos! I’m supposed to put Oreos on here. Duh! In retrospect, I think the Oreos should’ve
gone on first, maybe even before the pretzels. I’m worried that because of the – all the toppings
we’ve already put, it’s not gonna stick to the chocolate and it’s just gonna sit on top. I’m just gonna try and distribute them… You know, you want it to be evenly distributed
but you don’t want it to look too exact. That’s probably enough cookie, right? That’s plenty of Oreo. [Chomp] [Fancy bossa nova] This is what it looks like. And boy, howdy, does that look larruping? Didn’t turn out quite as good as it did in
the pictures, but this is my first time and I also got a lot of the wrong ingredients,
so… maybe on round two. Now, you can let it sit for an hour in room
temperature, or put it in the freezer for 30 minutes. I’m gonna opt to go for the freezer so we can
taste it sooner. [Crash!] Uh… [Crash crash!] I hate… these types of refrigerators. Whoever decided the whole split-down-the-middle
thing, who did this? You can’t put anything in here. It doesn’t fit! Okay, I got it in there, it’s gonna sit there
for 30 minutes. I think it’s about time we tried our Texas
Yum Yum. But before I do that, let me do a little bit
of cleaning up. [sings] Well, I’m a Texas Yum Yum Boy~ In a Texas Yum Yum World~ [Old timey music] [Silence] All right, so that’s clean enough. Let’s start tasting! Okay, so first up we’re going to try the Texas
Yum Yum. Turned out looking pretty good. I wish I had had enough whipped topping to
cover the whole thing. What I’m not sure about is how to serve it. It’s pudding. Will a… you slice into it? Do you spoon it? Uhm… Let’s find out. So I don’t think I need like a huge piece
or anything. I’m gonna try and just get a little tiny bit. Just a little slice for us to try. I’m worried I’m not gonna be able to make
it through the crust? Oh, there we go. [Sawing] [Disgusting gooping sounds] Oooh! Well, I’m gonna leave it on the little slice
thing, but that actually did kinda slice right through! Check that out! Oooh, I smell the chocolate, too. You can see the, all the layers in there. You can see there’s the chocolate layer – I
think probably turned out too thick. I think too much of the chocolate. But everything else looks pretty good! I need, like, a fork. Well, I guess it’s on a thing. [Ian just goes for it] [laughs] Yum! Yum. That’s really good! Um, I don’t want to talk about it. I’m just gonna eat it some more. [Stretching rubber; chomp] [mumbles] I need, like, a napkin? This is freaking good! If you’re familiar with pudding and whipped
cream, you can envision it on your mind’s tongue. It’s pudding and whipped cream. Pretty much. Actually, that’s kind of underselling the
cream cheese layer, because that may be the best layer. That is really stinkin’ good. The crust really ties it all together, that
Graham cracker crust. Man, maybe I just haven’t had pudding in a long time, and I’ve been missing the pudding, but I’m all about this. It’s so good I want to get a glass of milk
with it. [Gulp] [Accent] Well boy, howdy, if that ain’t a crowd-pleaser. It’s got chocolate, it’s got vanilla, it’s
got Graham cracker, I mean, what’s not to love? Before I actually made it, I kinda thought
this was gonna taste cheapo and lame, I mean it’s just, like, pudding or whatever. But pudding is good. [Cymbal crash] So let’s mosey on over and see how our Cowboy
Bark is doing. [Rough Western music] Well, that looks… [Boing boing boing] pretty solidified to me. Ooooh. [Silence] I just realized I forgot to put salt on it. Uhm… you know, the pretzels have salt…
the peanuts, I think, have salt. I really shoulda done that. I don’t even know where my salt is. I know I’ve got salt somewhere, but, uh, before
I tear up the kitchen looking for it, let’s just try it without adding salt and see how
it is. It might be fine. All right. I’m gonna cut out just a little piece. I don’t need too much; I did just have some
Texas Yum Yum. I mean, it definitely… it’s definitely bark. The Oreos, some of the Oreos are already kinda
loose. Really shoulda put the Oreos on earlier. Oh! It just broke… [laughs] It just broke right down the middle. Uh, that’s fine. So, th- I’ll just put it right on there. There we go! It’s chocolatey, it’s pretzel-y, I mean… I’m really excited to try it, though I have
my doubts it’s gonna live up to the Yum Yum, man. The Yum Yum was pretty stinkin’ [deep voice] yum. [Crunching] Um… Well, it’s very hard. [Crunch] Emm. Mmm. I’m getting a lot of dark cchocolate, um… I mean, look at this. Look at how thick the chocolate is there. I think with the way I did my toppings – a
little unbalanced. I’m gonna go for a part that’s more in the
middle. Got a little bit more pretzel. Let’s, uh… [Glass breaking] Maybe try one of these? I gotta be careful ’cause I don’t want to
break my tooth on a Werther’s. [Chewing music] Eh. It’s very rich. That dark chocolate, man. Okay, here’s my verdict on the Cowboy Bark,
right? It’s… okay. Not great. I really like the idea, especially the sweet
and salty angle, but I would make a few adjustments. First of all, I wouldn’t use Werther’s. I don’t know what idiot thought it was a good
idea to use Werther’s, but terrible idea. Another change I’d make would be using milk
chocolate instead of dark chocolate. But that’s a huge personal preference. It’s not that I dislike dark chocolate, but
in this particular case, it really overpowers everything else. Honestly, I mainly just taste the dark chocolate. I really like this idea, though, and I feel
like it’s got room for personalization. ‘Cause really, all you’re doing is laying
down a chocolate base and just sprinkling on your favorite toppings. That could be a fun family activity. Just melt some chocolate, grab some toppings
and just sprinkle away! [Magic sound] And I definitely recommend putting the salt
on there. I thought maybe I could get away with just
the salt on the pretzels, but… it really needs that extra kick of salt, in my opinion. I’m a big fan of salt, though. I want it to be super salty. I love the salt. Overall, though, this was a recipe I think
I enjoyed more in theory. I didn’t do it exactly right, though, so maybe
if you do it exactly correct it’s a bit better. I hope you enjoyed taking a look at these
two Texas Treats. The Cowboy Bark – a little disappointing for
me, but man that Texas Yum Yum is Yum Yum! I thought this was gonna be the thing I was
clamoring over once all was said and done, but… all I’m left thinking about is getting
another bite of that Texas Yum Yum. Mmmm. You know, I just realized that Plops here
didn’t get a taste of anything, did you Plops? [Smushing] [Angry cow moo] No? Um, well… here. I got some Yum Yum for ya. Whaddaya think about…? What do you think about that? Oh. Oh. Oh. Thanks, y’all, for watching this video. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed
that Texas Yum Yum. If you end up trying out any of these recipes yourself, leave a comment. Let me know how you liked it. I love seeing how you
guys feel about what I make. [Accent] I’ll be back soon with another vidya, but
for now I gotta ride off into the sunset. I’m gonna… get along my little doggies and,
uh… mosey on into the… [exhales] Cowboy… place. Here I go. [Slaps Plops] [Old timey cowboy ending music] [Plop!]