– That is bloomin’ stonkin’! Wow! (happy music) Eight deserts in one pan. Yes, hello, buddy, welcome
to another MVK Tries, a series in which I tries. Today (laughs) I’m attempting
this recipe you’re seeing on the screen right now from the well known Tasty
Eight Desserts in One Pan. Yes, that is a thing, an octo-dessert. A sort of James Bond,
Octopussy of desserts. This thing kinda scares me and excites me but I really wanna try it. We need one pan. This pan is the kind of one
I was thinking of going for. It’s a pan, it’s similar to
the one they’ve used there but it’s not very high ridged. So my fear is that it
could spill over the sides. It could spill over the sides. (pans clang) Alright, it’s a roasting pan
but it’s the same size, width, and length and all that stuff, hmm. There’s actually gonna be eight individual compartments
of dessert within this and it looks insane if we can pull it off. We need to get some ingredients. The normal supermarket I go to had quite the interesting
international section. They didn’t have any tins of pumpkin. They normally sell it but it was out. It’s hard to get a pumpkin this
time of year at the moment. There it is. I also need to get some bog
roll while I’m in here as well. It’s an expensive supermarket but. There it is guys, toilet roll and pumpkin. That winning combination. We’ve got it, we’re good to go. The main thing that’s gonna
hold this dessert together it all sort of supports the sides. It’s the base, it’s
kind of like everything. It’s the flux capacitor of this dessert. It’s something called graham crackers which are very common for s’mores. If you can’t get those, use Digestive biscuits. The only problem is they’re round so you’re octo-dessert thing could actually look like an
actual octopus with suckers. But… Oh, I’ve actually got some
authentic graham crackers. I wouldn’t call them grahams, huh? Now there’s quite an interesting
list of ingredients here. In fact, the cookie dough is
quite easy to get a hold of. The brownie mix, this is so old school. I’ve actually, I’ve not
done one of these in years. That’s a whole playlist
in itself, isn’t it? Oh, yes. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Then it gets to the pumpkin pie filling which is where our pumpkin quest came in. So we’ve managed to survive the quest. We’ll be fine there. Banana bread batter, you don’t just generally
get banana bread mix. As far as I could see,
they probably exist. So I’m gonna have to
do my own banana bread. And the same for cheesecake batter. I have never seen that in the supermarket, a cheesecake batter so, meh. (pan bangs) Boom. (quick music) (wax paper crinkles) That took a lot longer than I’d hoped. Layer number one, cookie
dough, refrigerated. Easy peasy from the store. (plastic crinkles)
Alright. I’m gonna… I think this is a good one to start with because it’s quite butch and it’s gonna hold things in place. Alright, so that’s 36 really. So that’s 18, it’s halfway. (knife bangs)
Ah yeah! Section number two is the same thing but an M&M cookie dough. They don’t sell that in the supermarket so I’ve got some M&M’s. This was a full bag last night. Shh. Layer three is our pack of ready-made chocolate fudge brownie mix with half of the water added. (upbeat music) Needs to be really thick. That’s pretty thick. This is where the graham crackers come in and they sort of act as a thing that’s gonna hold it together and lots of other fits that
you’ll see in a minute. But they are actually quite
high if I do it like that. So I’m gonna take a risk
here and just snap them, oh, down the line and just make it
as a bit of a border like so. This is so fiddly. This is the s’more now anyhow. The next bit is chocolate. Ah, go on, yes. I don’t know about you,
but I would be quite happy with a quartro-dessert
rather than an octo. It gets a little tricky from now on. This is a sheet of
ready-made shortcrust pastry like pie casing. We’re getting another sheet apparently and we lay that on top. I’m gonna give it a bit of a roll to merge it as one thick old sheet. Just getting it in at first and then we can sort of trim
off the excess and line it up. (happy music) Ah, that’s pretty neat. Hey, that’s pretty darn
good, you gotta admit, huh? It’s like play dough. (grunts) Apple pie filling, ready-made. (laughs) Look at that. Alright, it’s time for
the pumpkin pie filling. (happy music) (laughs) Amazing. What’s going on, boy? (laughs) I’m sensing that this bit right
there is the banana bread. Graham cracker in there and we’ve created our
sort of final pocket. I’ve remembered that I’ve
got some banana chips and I’m gonna stick those on as well. I might regret this, they could burn. But I think it looks pretty cool. That banana bread batter
is trying to break through. But when we put the cheesecake in there, it should sort of push everything away. And then we’ll be done. (happy music) I forgot the sugar, sorry. (laughs) It’s not every day
you make eight desserts. (happy music) Boom! The brownie looks like it’s
almost cooked. (laughs) It’s quite fine. To be honest, I can’t believe we’ve made it to this step as it is. Whatever it turns out right now, I think that is a really cool thing. (laughs) Amazing. So we now need to get the oven hot. (oven beeps)
Preheat the oven to 130 C fan, 150 C normally. That’s actually quite a low temperature and it goes in the oven for an hour. For some of those things,
it’s gonna need an hour. And some others, it’s
a little bit worrying. So what I might do is put tinfoil on top whilst it goes in there. That gives me an hour to tidy up because I’ve made a hell of a mess. So it’s been 45 minutes. The smell is insane. Now sadly, there has been some movement. The cookie dough has just
taken over quite a lot of it. But you’ll see that in a minute. And it’s still not fully done. The pumpkin pie needs to set a little bit. But I think, I think
it’s gonna be alright. (laughs) So the pie is done. That took the last, actually, to firm up. And this pastry, although
it’s not browned, it is actually cooked and solid all good. The apple pie. The cheesecake, ah, has
got a little squished because of this thing. (laughs) It was like, this is my space. That’s okay. Banana bread has mingled with the brownie which has mingled with the cookie dough. Why couldn’t you have done that? Because this thing has
just squished the s’more. But it’s all good. I mean I hope you agree, it’s definitely not
something you see every day. So I’m gonna let it cool down. The aim, ideally, if we can,
is to lift it all out in one. I don’t know if that’s gonna happen. It’s been an hour. Oh! (laughs) (triumphant music) Yes! Look, I love how it’s all
sort of bonded together on the sides. It is actually a thing
of real beauty, isn’t it? I could cut the whole thing up but the things that interest
me are the sort of sections where they merge so I’m
gonna try and get those out. Ah, (laughs) yes! I’ve taken some pieces out. This would be amazing
for a birthday party. I’m just gonna have one, okay? And that is this section, the cheesecake, apple pie,
pumpkin pie, and the banana bread with the actual banana
piece still in tact. Pretty cool, huh? That is bloomin’ stonkin’! Wow! So there we go, eight desserts in one pan. It literally did work. It has blown my mind. Apart from that M&M cookie
dough going (grunts) I want this pan, that
worked out almost perfectly. Remember this recipe
originates from Tasty. I just put my own spin on it with my own versions of the
batters and things like that. I actually think you should give it a go. If you fancy setting me a challenge on the MVK Tries playlist, do
check out the rest of them, and have a Barrathon and
of course let me know. Get in touch on social
media, wherever you want at My Virgin Kitchen and
maybe I’ll take it up. Alright, see you next time. ♪ There’s a place in your house
where it’s cool to chill ♪ ♪ Get some me time or even cook a meal ♪ ♪ It’s your kitchen, mo fo,
ain’t no time to slack ♪ ♪ So just grab yourself a… ♪