– Are you sure about this Taylor? – Oh yeah! – [Parker] Okay, you can open the box. – This is how you open it.
(heavy thudding) – Uh, that was aggressive. – You’re welcome. – [Dad] Ooh, we have a strong one here. (camera clicks) Gryffindor! – Yay, I’m brave! In today’s video, I
celebrate my 11th birthday. But before we get started,
give us a big thumbs up and subscribe to our channel! (heartbeat thudding) (door handle clicks) (eerie music)
♪ Happy birthday ♪ – I’m already ready! Happy Birthday to me! Presents, here I come! (upbeat music) Where are my presents? Open now? (paper rips) When you get home from school, you will have one minute to
find all your hidden presents. You get to keep what you find. Hint, there are, There are six. Good luck. The hunt is on, after school. I’ll be back in six hours. (door slams) – I better get to work! (door slams) – Alright guys! I got Taylor’s presents
all gathered and wrapped. And now it is time to hide
them everywhere in this house! All right guys, I got all
of Taylor’s presents hid. And guess what? She’s here!
– Where are my presents? – [Mom] Remember, there’s six of ’em! – I’m gonna go this way! Dad? – Yeah? – [Taylor] I only have one minute. – I know, I’m trying
to get out of your way. – [Taylor] Okay. I found this one present! – She found one present! Hurry, follow me! – Where should I look now? I know! Front closet! (footsteps thudding) – [Mom] Parker’s helping! – [Taylor And Parker] Whoa! – This is a heavy. – I bet I know what’s in it. – There has to be one in the kitchen! – Maybe, maybe not. – [Parker] What you doing? – [Taylor] Check in here. – Follow me Taylor, let’s look Check in here! – Okay. Wow, there’s a present in here. Let’s get it out. – Told you. – I haven’t checked upstairs yet. How much left do I have, dad? – Only 30 seconds left! – You’re stealing her presents too? She really is a present thief. – I have three more to go!
– Come on! – Do, do, do, do, do (Taylor gasps) Whoa! I can’t carry this one down. Oh my gosh! This is so heavy. Parker, you need to help me. Quick, I only have 30 seconds. – 20 more seconds. – Go quick. Two more! My room. Whoa, I think I’m right. Wow this is huge! – It’s the biggest present ever. – But this is so light,
it kinda feels empty. – Maybe it is empty. – It better not be. – Taylor, hurry you have 10 more seconds! – You can do it Taylor! (Taylor panting) – [Jordyn] I found it. – [Parker] It looks
like Jordyn’s found it. – It’s up. – [Parker] It looks like someone found it. – Found my last present! – Hurry, Taylor! Four, three– – Daddy, stop! – You barely made it. – Okay guys I can’t wait any longer. I’m opening my presents. So sit down, relax guys
and enjoy the show. – Open it! Open it! Open it! – Guys I’m really doing
it, I’m really doing it! I’m gonna be opening the
biggest present first! – Dun, dun, dun. – Are you sure about this, Taylor? – Oh yeah. – [Mom] Then do it! – Right now? – [Mom] Yes! (paper tearing) – [Girl] A box. – It’s a box! – [Parker] Okay, you can open the box. – This is how you open it.
(heavy thudding) – Uh, that was aggressive. – You’re welcome. – Uh, it’s a Harry Potter Sorting Hat! I have my very own Sorting Hat. – [Dad] Ooh, we have a strong one here. Gryffindor! – Yay, I’m brave! Guys I think this is empty
because it feels so light. Hopefully there’s something in it! – Open it, open it! (paper tearing) – And it’s another box. What’s inside? – What is it? – It’s a (gasps). – Owl! – She got a pet owl. – I got my very own Hedwig! I’ll call you Hedwig Junior. Alright guys, I’m gonna make a guess. I think it’s shoes! – [Parker] Box! – Nevermind it’s a box. – [Mom] Blake, is it your birthday too? – Alright guys, lets see if I’m right. Shoes! – [All] No, it’s a Harry Potter’s blanket! – It’s just what I wanted. Get out, get out. It’s so soft. It says Gryffindor. Whoa it’s huge. It’s so warm. Present number four, I think it’s, (box rattles) Lego!
– It’s legos. – I gotta open it. – She was gonna say clothes guys. – She is wrong. (paper tearing) (Taylor gasps) – Lego! – Orlando, Miami. – Lego!
– Another– – It’s the train one.
– It’s the train one! – This is the one I wanted too. I’ve also wanted this train. I’m gonna build it immediately. This is the one I saw at the store. – I’m so tired. – [Mom] Blake, did you
just open her present? (mom gasps)
(child giggles) Oh no, run away! If I can’t see you, you can’t see me. Did you do that? – Thank you Blake for getting it started. – Open the present! – This is definitely shoes. Watch out, Parker. (paper tearing) A box. – A box! Can I smash it? (Taylor gasps)
Clothes. – Pajamas and shoes! I was right about the shoes! I got some pants, some– – Shorts.
– More pants. – A shirt that says– – Happy birthday! – Party like it’s my birthday. A skirt. – Cute. – And a shirt. And shoes! Okay, so last gift, who knows what it is? – A hoverboard! – A hoverboard. – A princess. – I hope it’s a hoverboard. – Open it! (paper tearing) – Uh.
– Knew it! Knew it! – I got a hoverboard! Best birthday ever! – [Mom] Oh are you the birthday girl too? I love it. – Thank you everybody. – Alright guys so she has barely finished opening her presents, and this is what our
kitchen table looks like. She hasn’t wasted any time
but guess what, Taylor? – What?
– It’s birthday dinner time. What do you choose? – Orange Chicken at Panda Express. I’ve been waiting for this the whole day. – Some of the kids do
not like Panda Express, so guess what? Dad was super, super duper
nice and he got them– – Pizza. – We’re having a picnic at the park. – Alright guys, Taylor found her presents, she opened her presents, and
she had her favorite dinner. What’s next? – It’s desert time! And I pick ice cream and brownies. (children chattering excitedly) – I think I’m more excited
than the girls are. Alright, desert has been dished up. The traditional candle
is gonna get placed. (uptempo music) ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ Happy birthday to you. ♪ ♪ Me ♪ ♪ Happy birthday dear Taylor ♪ ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ Me ♪ – Make a wish.
– Make a wish. – Hurry the ice cream’s melting. – Now time to enjoy. – Once again Taylor, thank you for picking an awesome dessert, and thank you for being born. – Time to say some nice things. – I love how Taylor’s so kind and whenever I’m sad she stands up for me. – I love Taylor too. My best friend. – Everyone’s Parker’s best friend. – Yep. – Taylor is funny and
she’s my best friend. And she is one of the best
Lego builders in the family. – Voila! – Taylor is super determined
and very ambitious. – Taylor, your birthday was awesome. – Guys, time out, look what I just made. (upbeat music) – Taylor, you’re so smart
and really good in school. – Taylor is so smart. She’s always making the funniest jokes, and she is the best
backscratcher in the whole world. – Thanks for watching today’s video. Subscribe to our channel, comment below give us a big thumbs up. I’ll see you guys tomorrow. Bye! I’ll call you Hedwig Junior. (gentle music)