(happy, upbeat music) (electric music) – My name is Mark LeRusso. I’m the executive chef of
Costa DiMare at the Wynn Hotel and we’re here to judge a competition with different high
schools around Las Vegas. – I’m from Northwest
Career Technical Academy. I’m one of the culinary instructors there. For the students, they’ve
been working for about the past month and a half
getting prepared for this. This is a very important
program because of the nutritional aspect. I think students at the
high school level don’t always understand how much
sodium and cholesterol and things like that play
into their daily diet. – You know, American Heart Association is just one of those organizations
always at the forefront of educating and really
taking some action on this. – [Voiceover] This is our sixth team. They are from Carlin High School. They are from the Southeast
Career Technical Academy. – It was just so amazing to see the energy from these kids, these
high school students that really are doing this with a passion, so many of these students, who knows, maybe in the next couple
years could end up being some of these top chefs. – I’m actually right now in
a battle of losing weight so this was a really good thing for me because I’m trying to eat more healthy. – The kids seem like they’re working hard. They’re working well, a
lot of communication I see. So I’m excited to try some food. – So for the Savory Winner Level One is the grilled sea bass and cucumber. (cheering and clapping) Our next category is Savory Level Two. – Savory Level Two. So here’s what I’d like everybody to do. Let’s all participate, I
need you to help me with the drum roll please on your tables. The winner is… – The winner is for Savory Level Two is linguine with clams… (cheering and clapping drowns out speaker) So we’re gonna get
another drum roll going. – Another drum roll please. – So for the Level Two Desserts winner is Trip to the Tropics. (cheering and clapping) The next category is Best Team Overall. The winner is Trip to the Tropics again. (cheering and clapping) The top student that we chefs have decided is from Desert Pines High School’s Renee Sandy. (cheering and clapping)
(electric music) – I feel really proud. I couldn’t have done it without him, too. – Because it’s important for your heart. – So it really shows me how to cook better ’cause I’m always against my mom, fighting against the good
food and now it’s like, you know it’s not that bad. – This is an amazing program
and please keep it up. I mean this is an amazing
opportunity for all of us students, for parents, for
teachers, for everyone involved.