(upbeat instrumental music) – [Chef Phillip Dell] The
Teens Cook With Heart Next Generation Program was developed to instill
knowledge into teen chefs to help them become
visionaries in creating the healthiest menus they possibly can. It is designed to enhance
their current curriculum by providing access to workshops, increasing their knowledge, skills, and motivation
to create and utilize heart healthy food preparation and recipe creation during their culinary professional career. We break the workshops
down into two sections. The knowledge. Let’s dig a little deeper
into healthy cooking. Nine out of ten Americans
consume too much sodium. There are many different forms of sugar. But then we show them how
to create menus and recipes and make them healthier and show people that food
can taste just as good as the unhealthy version. We are helping young chefs become the next generation of healthy chefs. – My name is Tania Aguilar. I am a culinary arts student
at Rancho High School in Las Vegas Nevada. – [Chef Phillip] At the
conclusion of the program, the students have a competition in which they create amazing dishes. – [Chef Jeremy Jordan] Being
a part of the judging process was actually really exciting. – [Chef Alex Barnett] Being
a judge in the competition was amazing. – [Chef Jeremy] All the
students kind of scrambling. – [Chef Alex]
Trying to come up with a a heart healthy dish and you can see the excitement in their eyes. – [Chef Jeremy] They had
to use certain ingredients. They had to cook heart healthy. Each team did an awesome job. – [Chef Phillip] The
competition was designed to give the students the same pressures the same
pressures that they’ll have in the real industry. – [Chef Jeremy] I think
the generation before ours really wasn’t too concerned
with the way they ate. – [Man with suit coat] The
American Heart Association is really seeing the issue and they are actually
trying to tackle it head on. – [Chef Phillip] Education
is the key to beating the obesity epidemic in America. And where better to start
than the minds of young chefs. – [Tania] You know, you can
eat unhealthy and sleep all day or you can eat healthy and be active. I’ve learned so much. – [Chef Jeremy] I’m very thankful to be a part of this program. – [Chef Alex] I think
it’s really important what the Teens Cook With Heart competition and program is doing. – [Tania] I want to thank Teens
Cook With Heart for giving me this opportunity to move
on forward with my career. – [Chef Alex] I think
it’s a program that should be in every single school across America.