(rooster crows)
(lion roars) – Welcome to Good Mythical Morning. – 10 word story.
– More. More.
– Why don’t you start this one, Link? You fried your brain with that laser. – I might have. – Yeah yeah, start that story. – I. – Have. – I. – Have? – I. – Have. – I. – Have.
– I. – Am. – Have. – I had I have I have I
had I am have. (chuckles) – Who knew there was a
Technological Museum? – (laughs) Yeah. – Speaking of Technological Museums, who is Adriana Lima, is she–
– Oh. Can we bring up, no. – Can we bring up what?
– I don’t know who she is. – She likes this, I like this. Come on in here, Christine. Come on. – Adriana Lima is a
Victoria’s Secret supermodel. There she is, that’s a– – Oh I know her.
– Yeah. – I know her by what she looks like. – These are very weird–
– Bad photos of her. – She’s actually relatively photogenic. – Yeah she’s a beautiful lady. – So this is, I know what this is. – Yeah it’s a brain sensing
headband that you use for meditation–
– Yeah. – That uses EEG to measure
your brain activity. – And we’re gonna try it?
– And we’re gonna try it out today.
– You’re gonna be our Adriana Lima. – I’m gonna be your zen master. – You’re gonna be our zen master. – Yes, mm-hmm.
– Okay even better and here’s how I know about this because my wife bought me
one of these for Christmas, which means I’ve used it three times– (Christine chuckles)
Since then. – Oh but you have used it.
– And that’s it. But yeah.
– You’ve got some experience. – Yeah, I have, I got excited
and I was gonna use it multiple times but for
all intents and purposes I have not used it. I’m sorry, Christy. And Mrs. Lima. I’m sorry to everybody.
– Resolution. – Try again.
– Resolution. – Oh I thought you said
what’s the solution. – Okay so why don’t, Link, you go first since you’ve got a little experience. – Have you used this? – I have used it so the
way it works is that you put this on your head
and then there’s sensors on the front and then behind your ears so you may have to take
your glasses off for this. – Gladly. – And then there’ll be like
sounds that will tell you how well you’re meditating. So if you hear birds, you’re
doing like really good. If there’s like a storm
happening, you’re doing bad, so you wanna like try to ease– (chuckles) Yeah, just gonna fry
your brain today completely. – Already done that. – So you’re (chuckles)
not gonna fry your brain. You’re gonna calm your mind
and we’re gonna get going but we have to calibrate
it first so you ready? – Uh. – Nod once for yes. – Okay I’m gonna try.
– Is it on? – I’m really gonna try.
– It’s connected. It’s connected.
– It’s connected. And so you guys are gonna compete though ’cause you get points. – But we’re gonna let
him go completely so– – It’s kinda against the spirit of– – Of meditating.
– Meditation. – No I like points.
– The whole idea of measuring whether
you’re doing good or bad in meditation is kinda against the spirit of meditation but proceed. – It’s gonna calibrate. – I don’t really believe
anything’s happening. – I think it’s– – I’m the skeptic here. (device chimes) – Ooh. – [Woman] For this calibration, find a comfortable position
and close your eyes. Take a deep breath. – Am I supposed to be
able to hear her voice? – Yeah. Take it. – [Woman] Muse is now listening to your brain signals. Relax and let your mind flow naturally. Let any thoughts– – Why are you breathing so hard? – [Woman] Feelings or
sensations simply pass without any kind of judgment. – Don’t judge your thoughts, Link. I’m not judging you. Don’t judge yourself. – Just let go of what he’s saying. – I mean you look–
– Pretend– – Like a Star Trek reject. – Pretend it’s of the– – Shut up. (device chimes) That was just a baseline. – Yeah. – You look like LeVar Burton showed up and didn’t know how to
put on his costume right. (chuckles) – Place your attention on your breath. – It’s like LeVar’s first day. No you lower it over your eyes. – You’re doing good. He’s doing– – What was the name of that character? LeVar when he had the thing? – Geordi.
– Shh. – Geordi, wow.
– Ignore him. You’re in the forest alone. – Or birds, birds, birds. That means you’re doing great. (birds chirping) Birdies showed up.
– What? – Do you see LeVar Burton? Oh there’s LeVar, there he is. (chuckles) – Stop. Take me back to the birdies! – LeVar was born in Germany? – I didn’t know that. (chuckles) – Yeah, Landstuhl. His dad was in the army it looks like. – Oh, he still has birds, he’s
really good at meditating. – At the age of 13, he
entered a Catholic seminary to study for the priesthood. – I went at 14 as a Catholic school. – Oh you should talk to LeVar. – He’s doing so good. I got like one bird when I tried it. – Really?
– Yes. I’m gonna fail this.
– There’s so many birds. – There are. – It’s almost like Bird Box. – Almost. – His eyes are closed and can hear birds. LeVar Burton almost got
the lead in Bird Box and then they gave it to Sandra Bullock. He said, “I’ll take the
part if you let me wear “my old thing from Star
Trek the whole time.” – Were his eyes open during calibration? ‘Cause it affects the baseline. I looked at how to cheat for– – Oh you think he’s cheating. – If his eyes were open while calibration. – I understand what you’re saying. – He’s smiling. – I understand. – I’m smiling like the Buddha. – I’m impressed. – He had a recurring role on
a CBS series called Christy which is Link’s wife’s name. – Ooh.
– What? Did you know that? There’s the rain. The rain came. – You’re doing really good. Just stay true to the path, there you go. – We made a video one time that was the Reading Rainbow cover. At the end we said in memory
of LeVar Burton. (laughs) – Did you think that he died? – To make people think he was dead. – That’s mean, what about his family? – We didn’t say that. We changed our minds. – Oh really? – Well the idea was to make
people think LeVar was dead. – Deep breaths. Imagine a fire and walk towards it. – It’s hot. – (laughs) Walk away from the fire. Walk towards the water. – Oh boy, it’s getting real bad now. – Bring back the birds. – Talk about LeVar some more. – Okay, oh– – He was in a TV movie
Taken In Broad Daylight. – What’s he up to now? – The last thing’s 2012. – I think also– – This might be an old website. – This isn’t Wikipedia. You’re almost there. You’re doing good.
– What is LeVar up to now? (rain falling) – Okay that’s the sound
of, I feel like he beat me. – 20 seconds. – 20 seconds. Two minutes. (blows air) – LeVar Burton’s first job– – Hmm, what’d you have for breakfast. – A donut you made. (Rhett chuckles) – All right, 10 seconds, Link. – He’s doing so good. – Let’s get the birds
back here at the end. Nope, wrong direction. Head the other way. – Walk towards–
– Walk towards the birds. That’s pretty good. There was a lot of birds. A lot of birds in there. – Let’s get to the results. He got–
– Good job. – You were in calm or
neutral most of the time. You were only active for like two peaks. – He had 24 birds. I’ve tried this like three times, I’ve only gotten top seven birds. You’re a very zen person. You don’t maybe need to meditate. – Okay we’re gonna do
a shorter one for me. This kinda puts me at a
disadvantage but, okay. – How do you feel? Do you feel relaxed? – I feel like my emotions
are right at the surface. (Christine chuckles) No I feel pretty relaxed. Talk about LeVar all you want, that was kinda putting me in the zone. I’ve been practicing
nonstop since Christmas. – We’re gonna do a two minute version. I’m trying to get 12 birds. – Yeah, I mean, hmm, we’ll see. – I like this thing. – I like it too because
it kinda guides you back to when you need to be focused. And you breathe and you
kinda feel like Storm from X-Men, like you’re
controlling the elements. – Yeah what do you want me to do now? – You ready?
– Yeah. – Okay we’re gonna calibrate. – Close my eyes for that? – I’m gonna have to search for the device. Is it on? – Turn it on. – I think it’s on the
other side of his head. – He’s not very helpful, is he? – There we go, bada boom. – It needs to be on. – It needs to be on to
be sending the signals. It’s also, if you’ll listen closely, the accents in their
recordings are Canadian ’cause it’s a Canadian company. – Oh is that right?
– Yeah. So it’s like home, house. – We’re not getting any sound on this. – No you won’t get any
sound yet, it’s fine. Sounds later. Be still.
(device chimes) – [Woman] For this calibration,
find a comfortable position and close your eyes. Take a deep breath. – You’re doing great. – [Woman] Muse is now listening
to your brain signals. – It’s magic.
– Relax and let your mind flow naturally. Let any thoughts, feelings,
or sensations simply pass without any kind of judgment. – Don’t judge yourself. Me and LeVar. LinkVar. – There’s also a LeVar
version where if you start to lose focus, he just starts farting. Like LeVar farts.
– LeVar– – LeFarts.
– LeFarts. – LeFarts. – LeFarts, LinkVar Fart Burton. (device chimes) Okay, calibrating. Muse is sensing–
– Follow the instructions on the screen to continue. – Okay. – Oh yeah, that was it. – [Woman] Ready? Place your attention on your breath now. (rain falling) – So many rain water. – Boy that storm’s kicking up. Woo!
– Take some deep breaths. Focus on the weight of
your body on the chair. You’re doing… (blows air) Deeper breaths, in through your nose. One, two, three, four. Okay it’s leveling now. – Is that how Canadians count?
– Yes. (chuckles) Un, deux, trois, quatre. Are you somewhere peaceful? I feel like I’m talking to a dead person. Breath. – Sounds like a cow peeing on a flat rock. – Ignore him. Think of LeVar Burton. Picture LeVar. No birds so far. I don’t mean to put pressure
but you have one minute. – No birds.
– Not a bird. – Not a bird in sight. (Christine chuckles) Boy it’s getting quiet though. (bird chirps) One bird.
– One bird. – One lonesome bird
searching for LeVar Burton. – Picture yourself feeding the bird. – Woo, that bird better go to his house ’cause it is raining. – Picture yourself feeding the bird. Little bread crumbs. – That bird is getting wet. LeVar better bring in his pet bird. – Let those thoughts come
in and then wash them away. Wash away with Link. Wash.
– Says right here that LeVar Burton collects birds. – It’s not true but he could
be a collector of birds. – He feeds them his farts.
– Shh. You got a bird, that’s good. – They die frequently
’cause birds do not survive off of LeVar Burton’s farts. – You seem very… – Ooh.
(device chimes) (crew laughs) – How do you feel?
– Hey man. You weren’t wearing it right, dude. It’s down here.
– How do you feel? – So he did a shorter
session than me, right? – Yeah.
– I got one bird. – You definitely had only one bird. Why is it not telling us?
– Go back. – How many birds did I get? – You got 24 which is very impressive. I feel like you maybe meditate a lot? – I aspire to meditate a lot. I do think it’s great
to practice mindfulness. I highly recommend that for
just to reset your brain in waking life. – For some reason it’s not
showing the whole thing. Maybe if you go like this. No? I dropped down, you know– – I feel like you did have one bird. – How many recoveries ’cause
really you’re supposed to celebrate the recoveries. – We can’t see.
– Which leads to a bird. – It’s not showing me. It’s not showing me. – Save and now, if you go me– – Back to the session. Meditation, where did it go? – I think I just beat you handily. That’s all that really matters. – You kind of did. – Yeah. My brain is just kind of empty. I think–
(laughing) Rhett and Link stickers
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