– [Narrator] A little bakery
in North Texas is beloved for its black forest
cake, but this isn’t the chocolate-cherry layer cake
you’re probably thinking of. An angelically light affair of crisp, airy almond meringues
layered with whipped cream and a shower of chocolate shavings. Swiss Pastry Shop in Fort
Worth has been serving it’s own take on black forest cake
for more than 40 years. The bakery actually refers
to it as an un-cake, and after tasting it,
it’s not hard to see why. The heavenly combination
of crunchy meringue and fluffy whipped cream
means it’s super light and not too sweet. And as a bonus, it’s also gluten free. It’s a recipe that owner
Hans Peter Muller’s father brought with him when he came to America from Switzerland in the ’60s. – We are Fort Worth’s tradition for their black forest cakes. We ran out of cakes one
holiday before Christmas and someone told us that
someone told us that we had absolutely ruined their holiday because they couldn’t get a cake. – [Announcer] Despite making
one of Fort Worth’s favorite cakes, Mulller’s real
passion is actually beef. Swiss Pastry Shop might
be the only bakery that’s also equipped with a smoker. In addition to gigantic
burgers, Muller also serves his own twist on the cheesesteak. A whole rib roast is
smoked over pecan wood, then sliced and covered with queso blanco and caramelized onions. – Dad’s dream was, in 1972
he opened his own bakery, which is the Swiss Pastry Shop. We fought a lot, I had
new-fangled ideas about new products; he just wanted
to sell his black forest cake. We got letter after letter
and e-mail after e-mail and Facebook posts all the
time telling us how much that cake means to everyone’s
family and how they just, they really can’t have
a holiday without it. (guitar music)