alright so this is the next morning we are heading out for cooking lessons today as you can see the wetter it’s not on our side feeling a lot lot better today than yesterday no fever um first point on our tour will be the local market where we buy our groceries for our cooking lessons so i’m psyched for green curry and red curry we cook with eggplant and bitter eggplant for yellow curry we cook with potato it’s oyster sauce oyster sauce is the top secret ingredient for thai stir-fry our coconut milk from Germany next up ty farm cooking school quick disclaimer today’s episode will be only about cooking Thai cuisine and ingredients so if you’re not into any of those things you should head over to the next episode and trust me the next one will be just beautiful so let’s get open and close plug in and cook well done our farm is a family farm we farm for our kitchen we only grow the important herbs vegetables and some fruit we have organic farm we don’t use pesticide i will show you some herbs and vegetables we use for our cooking today so eggplant it grow everywhere they may come eat here finished eggplant here and go to other that is a coriander or panda so they don’t ruin all of it so many life is here so if you see spider or snake coming to you don’t have to worry today and bird bugs insect they are also hungry they need food like you we are also hungry eggplant we use this for red curry and green curry this one sweet this one is bitter bitter eggplant for green curry and red curry but yellow curry we cook with potato and this yeah thai basil we use for soup and curry thai garlic grow from garlic we use this for our Phat Thai chili or big chili can you guess which one the most spicy the red one yeah small but strong but let’s the sweet basil that we use for currys has purple colored like this is holy or thai basil this part bottom part we made of you for make curry paste and the middle same we use for soup tom jum soup or coconut milk soup and the leaf we use for make lemon grass tea mix with holy basil and some sugar we use this one in tom yum soup and coconut milk soup and for make curry paste we don’t peel the skin we use the skin we slice and put in the soup this cooking class is for everybody we even had some girls from New York who said they never cooked in their whole life before and that was their first time so i’m pretty sure everybody can do it and the cuisines are not so hard to cook so just give it a try and you’ll be definitely surprised about what you can achieve yourself let me give you guys some examples what we cooked I’m sorry I could not film all the things we’ve been cooking so I concentrated and cooking and not on filming but at least I managed to take some shots of it and here are some examples of the dishes we could at first we started with Tom Kha gai then we made a traditional phah thai after that we took a shot at the stir-fry and then we made a traditional red Thai curry the dessert was one of the best things I ever had we had coconut milk and bananas and trust me if you’ve never tried it you have to try it it’s really really good and you won’t regret it definitely oh and by theway this is how you make green food coloring you take your bananas your panda leaves and your coconut milk and the green food dye and you cook it till you think it’s done if you’re lucky you’ll end up with this so enjoy so this concludes our cooking session today I hope you enjoy what you’ve seen and if you have any questions about recipes or ingredients or anything don’t be shy post in the comments below and I’m hoping to see you guys next time