Cooking with Bosch Thai Red Ruby Dessert Part 1 – Red Ruby Peel and cut 20 Water Chestnuts into 1cm Cubes Peel and cut 300g of Beetroot into smaller pieces Add Beetroot into a VitaBoost High Performance Blender Blend till smooth Strain to obtain Beetroot Juice Place Water Chestnut Cubes into Beetroot Juice Soak for 60 Minutes Strain off Excess Juice Add the Water Chestnut Cubes to 220g of Tapioca Flour Coat Water Chestnut Cubes with Flour evenly Shake off Excess Flour In a Large Pot, boil 2L of Water Add in the Red Rubies Cook for 3 to 4 Minutes Remove the Cooked Red Rubies And place them into an Ice Bath Part 2 – Toppings Tie 40g of Pandan Leaves into 2 knots of 20g each Add 300g of Sugar to 400ml of Boiling Water Stir to dissolve the Sugar Pour Sugar Syrup into a bowl and set aside to cool Soak 20g of Pandan Leaves in Cooled Sugar Syrup In a Small Pot, add 350ml of Coconut Cream 20g of Pandan Leaves 1 Teaspoon of Fine Salt Dissolve the Salt and set aside Add 1.2kg of Ice Cubes into the VitaBoost High Performance Blender Blend until Ice is crushed To serve, layer Red Rubies Sugar Syrup Coconut Cream Blended Ice Red Ruby – Serves 4 Toppings – Serves 4