Sawaddee Ka! Welcome to Hot Thai Kitchen!
We are back at THAIFEX the biggest food trade show in Asia now this is
where people in the food industry from all over the world come to check out the
coolest and newest food innovation especially from Thailand now last year I
put up a video of the highlights from 2017 and if you haven’t seen that video
make sure you check that out and you guys loved the video so much we decided
to come back for more so I got my badge ready I got my bags to collect all the
samples let’s go check it out Since this is my second year here I kind of know how to navigate this massive place now there are two sides of the building and
we’re gonna go to the fruits and vegetables section because they always
have cool stuff there So this is the food court where you can have lunch but if all goes according to plan I will be so full of samples that I will not need
to have any lunch so let’s see how I do security here is pretty intense and we are in wow it’s just as big as I remember it to be so I don’t really have
much of a strategy here I’m just gonna just walk around and see what’s up here’s a young coconut that will last in your fridge for six months six months
that’s nuts because they vacuum packed the whole thing and apparently there’s
all the supplies that you need to drink this right in this bag which is not as
easy to open as it seems oh hello oh Oh look how cute this is! it comes with a straw and a little thing to poke it with I’m gonna need scissors so the reason why is so
hard to open is because you weren’t supposed to open it you can poke this
right through the bag that’s what they give this thing for there’s a hole here
somewhere I’m in! It actually tastes a little
bit like roasted coconut water which is something that we do and I asked them
it’s because they have to heat treat this in order for it to last long that’s
why it’s got a little bit of a roasted cooked flavor which is not a bad thing
actually so there is a Thai dessert that is durian and sticky rice and I have a
recipe for it and it’s coconut sticky rice with a durian coconut syrup poured
on top so what these guys have made is that syrup and the durian meat ready to
pour so all you have to do is buy the sticky rice which is much more available
and you can buy sticky rice any time but the durian stuff that’s a little harder
to find so this kind of makes it easy so let’s see and it’s got less sugar and 50
calories oh wow it’s definitely got a great
durian flavor not too pungent and not that sweet like I’m surprised how not
sweet this is so I can feel a little better about eating durian and sticky
rice which will run you’re like five hundred calories in one bowl! this is
what I have been waiting for for years I’ve seen it like a viral video of this
going around Facebook and now I am about to taste it. This
is black soy sauce soft-serve by healthy boy brand which is a brand of
soy sauce that I already use you guys know that I’m kind of nervous tasting
this this is gonna be weird oh it’s really tasty it’s the soy sauce doesn’t
really hit you until you swallow, it’s sweet it’s definitely dessert, but it’s
got like a lingering molassesy flavour I like that and then this one is tao jiew
which is a Thai miso basically so it’s Thai miso ice cream, so this guy like
you’ve seen me use this in my videos that is distinctly salty and definitely
taste like tao jiew, is it weird? it’s a little weird but I can I can get
used to it so it’s like salted caramel but more savory if you can imagine that
hmm they also have black soy sauce syrup that you can pour on top if I’m pouring
it on top of my miso ice-cream that came out a little fast
I was very skeptical let’s just put it that way yeah now that tastes distinctly
like black soy sauce and it surprisingly works in a sweet application
I found the Thai version of Reese’s peanut butter cups because it’s the
right shape but it is mango and sticky rice so freeze-dried sticky rice coconut
on the outside and mango on the inside it’s got a bit of a styrofoamy texture
at first because it’s dry but as it’s sort of dissolved you get a hit of mango
and sticky rice it’s almost a little freaky how close to mango and sticky rice
that taste so you guys may remember in one of my videos I brought this coconut
milk all the way from Thailand to use in Canada because one I really love the
flavor it’s so close to fresh coconut milk but best of all this resealable
things like I mean come on like how many times you gotta like find a separate container for your coconut milk right? and I just spoke to them and I asked him
why does it taste better and they said that they’ve grow their coconut they
crack it and they they juice everything all in one go as opposed to receiving
coconuts from another farm that might take hours and hours so it’s a very
quick process and the whole heating process to sterilize it only takes a
total of four seconds and that’s a very short time that’s why compared to can
the flavor in here is so much fresher I am waiting for the day that this becomes
available in Canada and it’ll be like my go-to coconut milk I have to say that I
am just so impressed by just the elaborateness of
of these booths I mean like there are booths with two floors, and like a patio
there’s a spinning yogurt on somebody’s roof there’s yeah it’s some serious
serious booths going on here so the people at this ginger candy booth
stopped me because they are fans of the show! But they also make award-winning
candied ginger they use young ginger only three weeks old so that means that
it doesn’t have a lot of fiber and it’s not too pungent and it’s a big piece
because they said this is the perfect crust to inside meat ratio so you got
like the crispy outside and soft inside Oh it really is tender and this one is
caramel like this is one use your brown sugar you know admittedly I am not a
candied ginger person because it’s usually too strong too spicy like it’s
too much this this I can have this is mild it’s not hurting me and it’s not
too sweet thank you so much if you like sparkling water and you like coconut
water well I have just the thing for you this is sparkling coconut water so they
just take young coconut water and then they carbonate it, that’s it this is the
natural flavour so no sugar added it’s so bizarre. It’s good, like I
have to say it’s really refreshing not too sweet but it’s just a really bizarre
experience cuz like all my life I’ve never had sparkling.. I’ve never had fizzy
coconut water but it’s so it’s refreshing so right here they are making
a traditional Thai dessert of tiny little imitation fruits that are made
from actually mung beans that they cook and stir with some sugar and coconut
milk and you can shape them into whatever you want so she is about to
make one that is… she’s making a mango one oh and it gets
a little mango cleavage and so now she’s dipping the whole thing in the food
coloring oh just one end of it oh look at that she’s making a gradient of green
so that has to dry first before they then dip it into clear agar agar jelly
solution so what you end up with at the end is very shiny glossy fruits like I
have here hmm they’re so good the outside is sort of
tight and then you bite through and it tears the inside is super creamy
coconutty and then they smoke it in aromatic candles so you get that with a
floral smokiness it’s a beautiful beautiful dessert definitely something
to check out if you come to Thailand tamarind soft-serve this is the first
time I’ve ever seen tamarind flavored ice cream I don’t
think I’ve ever had it oh it’s so good it’s tart and the
tamarind flavor isn’t there like it is in your face in a good way
now this is the same people who make the bananas tamarind sandwich which I talked
about in my Thai snacks video as being one of my favorite things, if you haven’t
seen that video check it out this is the same company this is kind of cool
they’ve got this display here and they have coconuts ranging from young to
mature to so mature it’s starting to sprout a new plant
there are literally beautiful ladies in nightgowns giving you food samples here
I’m a little underdressed so there’s a vending machine of young
coconut with a twist top built right into the coconut last year if you
remember I found a coconut with a pull tab this is even cooler because you can
reseal it oh my god this is like somebody heard my prayers oh it
comes with a straw gotta wait for the light oh there we go oh wow I
can smell it from here there we go oh wow it like goes in
super tight so it doesn’t spill I am telling you there is no coconut water as
delicious as one straight from the coconut now the only problem I have with
this is how do I get the meat out I still got to get my machete out to get
the meat this is really cool so behind me is a
what am I gonna call it a coconut tattoo machine? where they use a laser to engrave any name whatsoever on your coconut and I’ve asked them to put hot
Thai kitchen on the coconut so let’s see how it turns out. that is so good I just
have to say this has been the weirdest coincidence ever this lady right here
was my childhood friend from Hat Yai we haven’t seen each other for like
20 years? at least 20 years, not to date ourselves but here she is at Thaifex so random and she’s got a super interesting product deep fried
mangosteen, vacuum fried mangosteens, which is frying at a lower
temperature so the product retains sort of a better quality right? and you keep
the seeds in because apparently the seeds have the highest amount of
antioxidants Wow it’s delicious I am so surprised the
seed is not there like it’s entirely crispy if you’ve ever had mangosteen the
seeds are substantial, like it’s not something you can chew through. And we sell it on so you can search “cheva mangosteens” Ship
worldwide? Yeah. You can buy this on there you go!
so I’ve crossed the street and I’m now in the “fine foods” section as opposed to
you know NOT fine food section so just a couple of days ago I went to visit a
rice noodle factory and it turns out that these guys use the noodles from
that factory that I visited this is a brand new product it is a pad thai
kit and what’s cool about it is that the sauce has the bean sprouts and the
tofu right in the sauce so you don’t have to do too much grocery shopping and
they’re actually gonna let me try to make this right here right now so let’s
see what it’s like so the noodles just need three minutes in boiling water and
then in the meantime I can put the sauce in this wok here woah oh look at that
definitely did not think I would get to cook at Thaifex! and then I just need
to keep stirring it until until all the sauce is absorbed…and
there’s like a bunch of people watching me now so live cooking over here
everybody! okay I make some space for the eggs break it up a little bit extra bean sprouts extra protein see I
wish this happens whenever I cook like I just stand and stir and there’s just
people throw your stuff in the pan for me alright I guess it’s done that looks
good it’s the perfect flavor balance from hot
time not too sweet not too salty if you didn’t tell me I wouldn’t think that it
comes from like a kit Wow maybe it’s the person who made it this is something I
did not expect to see so these guys make tuna fish sauce so fish sauce as you
might have seen in my fish sauce 101 video is made from anchovies but they’re
using tuna and apparently that gives you a very different flavor so I’ve just got
here rice with some of the tuna fish sauce on it so nothing you know it’s
it’s just straight-up rice with sauce hmm yeah it definitely tastes more like
soy sauce think soy sauce with a slight fishiness to it so maybe if you find
like regular fish sauce a little too strong but you like that animal product
umami this might be and the answer for you I am so excited about this so the
other day I just went to visit a coconut plantation and they showed me the inside
of a coconut has a coconut pearl or what these guys call coconut pearl it’s
basically the shoot of an old coconut so just like this right here so when a
coconut is old enough and it’s ready to sprout a new plant the inside will have
this big thing that looks like a giant white mushroom and they have turned that
thing into chips so we would eat.. we would eat that thing fresh,
like you can eat it fresh, people candy it but I have never seen it fried until
today Wow super crunchy I think you can hear that a little bit sweet it has a
slight coconut flavor it’s really good there’s no sugar it’s just salt that
that surprises me because that is distinctly sweet I would have thought
they added sugar but that’s natural sweetness which is super super tasty
this is my new favorite thing right here real crab? the whole crab? so I should
mention that at Thaifex there are booths from all sorts of different countries
not just Thailand and if you’ve ever been in Singapore you know that they are
well known for chilli crab, right? chilli crab and they have put it like the
entire crab in a box for you to microwave for eight minutes I went to
Singapore but I never got to eat any crab…Oh so you must buy my crab…where do you sell it? Singapore, China, Korea, Japan very convenient well thank you very much
so I’m in the Japan booth and they’ve got black garlic which happens from
fermentation process look at that it’s entirely black oh it’s super soft
it’s got an acidity to it Oh a little sweet almost a little salty
it feels like it’s been seasoned but it hasn’t it’s just garlic there’s a soft
garlicky flavor definitely like a spread on toast would be delicious this is
super interesting I’ve never seen like a kit for a Thai hotpot sold anywhere so I
have a recipe for a Thai hot pot on my website and you know in Thailand we put
a lot of herbs in our broth so this is the base and then you add water and then
off you go oh there’s a dipping sauce too right because in Thailand we have
hotpot we have the broth and then the dipping sauce for the meat so this is
the broth oh it’s good that is good I really I can
taste the herbs I can see a kaffir lime leaf floating in here and it’s got a
kick to it this is legit spicy I could not help but wonder what this cool
little ball is it’s a juice ball it’s made basically mostly fruit juice and a
little bit of fruit pulp that has been turned into a ball using what I’m
thinking is agar agar because she said seaweed extract so it’s vegan it’s not
gelatin here so I’m so interested in what this is gonna feel like in my mouth okay so that ball of food is basically
like a balloon the outside is a jelly and it breaks
and bursts juice in your mouth it’s not too sweet at all actually really good
that’s so fun like I could eat this all day the title
of this really caught my attention it says coconut cider vinegar and this is
what it is so bear with me a second when they make coconut oil they take coconut
milk they extract all the oil the fat out of it and what’s left is a liquid
that’s high in protein that’s got no fat in it that liquid they then take and
ferment into a vinegar and so this is the result of it which is super it’s a
brilliant idea because otherwise that liquid has no use right so now I’ve just
got a little bit here to taste it smells very much like apple cider vinegar it’s
very fruity oh that’s tasty it’s very fruity and it’s smooth like
it’s not that strong it’s reminiscent a little bit to rice vinegar in terms of
the strength of of tartness this company is actually very interesting so they
started out making extra virgin coconut oil they’ve been doing it for 14 years
now they started to realize that the process of making coconut oil result in
byproduct of the stuff that is not coconut oil so they wanted to do
something that is zero weight so they started turning that into other products
so now they have coconut cider vinegar they turned that into coconut yogurt and
now they also have coconut flour nectar and all that and it’s all organic and
even the packaging they use all glass so it’s a really really great sustainable
company that makes quite honestly a really tasty product and that is it
I am so thoroughly exhausted but also thoroughly impressed last year I came I
was absolutely wowed by what I saw this year I think I’m even more Wow there
were food combinations there so interesting ideas that I would never in
a million years think of so just goes to show you how fast food innovation is
moving so if you get a chance to be in Thailand this time of year end of May
early June check out – they do open up one day to the public and as always if
you want to get in touch with me I’m on Facebook Twitter or Instagram or you can
go to my website and I will see you next time Sawaddee Ka. I am the official mrs. queen of durian life goal completed. that is a freakishly long papaya this is super interesttrst…. it’s so interesting I can’t talk anymore