-Hi. I’m Ann Hallock from Family Fun and I’m
here to show you how to make these sweet turkey
cupcakes. For this recipe, you’ll need chocolate frosted
cupcakes, short bread cookies, candy corn pieces, white icing, mini
chocolate chips and red fruit chew. You can also get the complete
recipe at familyfunmag.com. Place a cookie head and
press in a row or two of candy corn tail feathers. To
make an eye at a small dot of white icing to
the head, then add a mini chocolate chip for a
pupil. For a beak, break the white tip from a
piece of candy corn and press it in place. You
connect the waddle by cutting a quarter inch strip of
fruit chew. Roll the piece to soften it and then
stick it in place over the beak. You can be sure these irresistible turkey treats will
be gobbled up as soon as they land on the desert table.