Hi. I’m Jordan DeFrank from FamilyFun. Here
to show you how to make Marshmallow Pilgrim Hat Treats.
For this recipe you’ll need chocolate stripe short bread cookies,
a 12-ounce packages of chocolate chips, marshmallows, skewers,
white fruit chew, and yellow decorators frosting. You can find the complete
recipe at FamilyFunMag.com. Set the chocolate stripe cookies stripes down
on a wax paper covered trays, spacing them well apart.
Melt the chocolate chips in a microwave or double broiler. One
at a time, stick a skewer into a marshmallow. Dip
the marshmallow into the melted chocolate and promptly center
a top of cookie. Set the hats in the refrigerator until
the chocolate sets. Using scissors, cut a quarter inch strip
of white fruit chew and wrap it around the hat. Pipe
a yellow decorators frosting buckle on the front
of each hat. Crunchy and sweet, these Marshmallow Pilgrim
Hat Treats are a great way to cap a Thanksgiving classroom