It doesn’t taste quite modern. It’s got kind of, like, a … a different kind of, like, aftertaste to it. Like, it’s not very sweet. It’s extra spicy. But, like, not hot spicy, you know what I’m saying. Yes, it’s got spices like a
pumpkin pie does, a modern one. Pumpkin Cream Delight. Charlie Chaplin’s Surprise. It’s, like, citrus-y. Yeah. I was not expecting that. It tastes like a vegetable smoothie with pumpkin pie hints that’s been baked. Carrot Lemon Dream. Sashimi, maybe? Pie. It’s, like, loaded with sugar. So my body’s like, I love it! Honey. Flour. I don’t know, it’s a little overwhelming honestly. But I’m not gonna stop eating it.