Every Thanksgiving we run a 5k together,
and one of our traditions is that my husband and I come in last in the family
every single year. On Thanksgiving morning all of my family wakes up and we make coffee, some Mexican sweet bread and other breakfast items, and we all sit down and watch the Thanksgiving parade. My favorite thing that we do as a family is we always watch a new Bollywood movie together. My favorite part about Thanksgiving is giving thanks, and going around the table
and everyone saying what they’re thankful for. I did a leadership questionnaire recently that tells you what your values are in leadership, and
my very top value was gratitude. So Thanksgiving is pretty much my holiday. Instead of eating turkey, we have country ham that my uncle’s mom cures out in a farm in rural Tennessee. It is just favorite thing in the entire world. The thing I like most about Thanksgiving is coming with my family and friends, and just the holiday itself. It’s like my favorite holiday of the year. Last year Jane and I had our Thanksgiving here together, so we didn’t go home and she
taught me how to carve a turkey. It was a lot of fun. She carved it the opposite way. Horizontally. My favorite part of Thanksgiving, besides seeing my family, is going to the Iron Bowl and watching
Auburn get beat. Roll Tide! My grandparents had a pecan tree in the backyard. Every year they’d gather up the pecans, and my grandmother would make pecan pie for dessert Thanksgiving, and that was always a really special memory. One of the traditions that we do every year is we sit down and watch the Thanksgiving Day
parade, and we make butter, which is a lot of fun. A little different. I’m looking forward to time off over the Thanksgiving break. I’m going to be traveling to Mexico! Every year my dad sends out this Google
spreadsheet to our entire family. Everyone has a different column, and you have to RSVP for all the specific food items that you intend to eat, which are
color-coordinated by part of the meal. My favorite part about Thanksgiving is
watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade. I performed in it once as a kid, and it’s
kind of cool to look back and see how the people do it every single year. When I was a little kid we would sneak into our dining room, and grab pitted olives off of the table before the meal, and put them on our fingers and sort of eat them
off one by one. Our kids now do the exact same thing. My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is eating, obviously, and watching reruns of “Keeping
Up With the Kardashians” with my family. So my favorite Thanksgiving tradition is
to celebrate it on the second Monday in October, because I’m Canadian and so
that’s what we do.