Welcome to How To Cook That, I’m Ann Reardon
and today we’re making the world’s most expensive ice cream sundae! It is in the Guiness Book of World Records
and it sells for $1000 at Serendipity 3 in New York. To make this super rich ice cream you’ll need
cream and then creme fraiche which is very high in butter fat so it will make it really
super creamy. Sugar, egg yolks and Tahitian vanilla beans
and I’ll put all the recipe quantities on the HowToCookThat.net website for you and
I’ll link to that below. Pour the cream into the saucepan, then add
the creme fraiche. Now usually you’d add milk here but because
we are making it so rich we’ve got cream and cream. And then cut the vanilla beans down the centre
and scape out the seeds by running a knife along the middle. Put the seeds and the pods into the cream
and heat it until the cream just starts to boil. Then you want to turn that off and leave it
for about 10 minutes for that vanilla to really infuse into the cream. Tip the sugar into the egg yolks and whisk
those together. Then bring your cream back up to the boil. Then while you whisk, pour the hot cream into
the egg yolks and keep whisking the whole time as you do that. Then return all of that to the pan and now
you want to heat it until it just starts to thicken slightly. This won’t take long. To test it just run your finger along the
back of a spoon and if the line stays there it’s ready. Immediately take it off the heat and pour
it through a sieve to get rid of the vanilla pods and then leave that to cool in the fridge. To make the chocolate sauce we’re using cream
and chocolate but not just any chocolate, this is Amedei Chuao the world’s rarest chocolate. Heat up your cream and then pour it over the
chocolate and leave it for a moment so that it can melt. Then stir it through, keep on stirring until
it comes together into a rich, smooth ganache. Now that our ice cream base is chilled, tip
it into an ice cream machine and churn it for about 20 minutes or until it’s fluffy
and creamy. Pour that into an airtight container, yum! And then we want to freeze it for at least
an hour more to let it firm up. This dessert is topped with a sugar flower
which they say takes 8 hours to make. You can buy cutters and veiners to make these
flowers quite quickly or most cake decorating stores sell them pre-made ready for wedding
cakes. So then you can just spray those gold food
colouring and that comes in a spray can or you can get just the gold luster dust and
mix it with vodka and paint that on. Everything else in this dessert is purchased,
it’s not made at the restaurant, so let’s assemble one for a good friend of ours and
we’ll look at how much it actually costs afterwards. Okay so we’ve got Tim here today, he has no
idea why he’s here. No idea. Tim, what you’re actually about to partake
in is the world’s most expensive dessert that retails for $1000 in America. So we thought who could we give this dessert
to and I decided Tim … one, because he’s just started a YouTube channel which I’ll
link to below … and two, because he does a lot of artwork with gold leaf so I thought
he’d actually appreciate the amount of gold that goes into this dessert. I love gold! So, to start with Tim, what we’re going to
have is some gold leaf in our crystal goblet. Nice. Now this is edible gold, this is different
to what you work with because what you work with, doesn’t matter if it’s not 100% pure. But because you’re going to eat it, it can’t
have any heavy metal in it at all. That’s right. Because then you would get rather unwell whcih
is not the purpose of today. Give you heavy metal poisoning. No thanks. That’s 24-carat gold leaf there. Then here we have some vanilla ice cream,
which this is no normal vanilla ice cream as you would expect. It has been made with heaps of extra cream
and really high-fat cream so it’s going to be the most creamy ice cream you’ve ever had. And it’s got Tahitian vanilla bean in there. Tahitian? To top that we’re going to put some Madagascar
vanilla bean on top, so we’re going to scrape the seeds out of that and put that on top
so you get that really intense vanilla flavour through your ice cream sundae. Wow! And now I don’t know if that’s enough gold,
what do you think? The more gold the better, that’s what i think. So we’re going to put some gold on top of
each one of these ice cream scoops. Wow. That’s one. This is incredible. That’s two. And one more, why not? That’s three. Do you reckon you’re going to be able to eat
all this? I tell you what, I’ll give it a good shot
Ann, I’ll do my best. So we’ll put these into here, there’s one. And then on top of there, we’re going to put
some dark chocolate sauce. Now this is made with the rarest chocolate
in the world which is Amedei Chuao which is made from cocoa beans grown on an island just
off the coast of Venezuala. And they only make a certain amount each year
so not much is made and that’s why it’s the rarest. So I can boast about eating this? You can. There we go, a generous amount of that one
there. Let’s add the rest of our gold encrusted ice
cream on top of here. That’s one, two. Never did you think you’d be eating gold. Now we have some candied fruit from Paris. This is mango. I love Paris. Here we have some sugar-coated almonds that
are then dipped in edible gold as well, this is a very gold dessert. Ok let’s just put a few more on the plate
for you for afterwards because you might still be hungry. Yeah. We’ll pop some chocolate truffles there too. This is the world’s most expensive chocolate. I feel so overwhelmed, this is good. It’s like ‘rich’ … get it? It is, it’s very rich, a very rich dessert. So we’ll put three squares of that on top
for you, this one in here. And then we have a sugar flower that is also
coated in gold. Are you serious? Is that edible? Oh of course it is! Of course, everything is edible, it’s a dessert. There we go. And there you have a 24-caret gold spoon to
eat it with. 24-carat spoon, oh my gosh this is unbelievable! Now there’s one thing missing. Yeah, what’s that? Some dessert caviar that has no salt. And we tried to get it from America but they
won’t ship it to us because it’s caviar and it had to be refrigerated. And we tried to make our own version and I
tasted it and it’s disgusting so I’m not putting it on top. This is pure! Dig into that. Absolute gold! Well here we go, I want to get a little bit
of everything. So, so good, I’ll hold the base here. Now gold has no flavour but it does have a
bit of a texture. Hmmm, oh my gosh! That’s got to be the creamiest ice cream I’ve
ever had, it’s definitely going to get stuck in my mustache which is always a problem. You might get a gold coated mustache. I’ve got to get some of this stuff from Paris
going on … get in there … Now the question is Tim, would you pay $1000
for a dessert. If it was made by Ann Reardon I’d pay! I mean, I don’t have the money … if I had
the money and it was made by Ann Reardon then I’d definitely pay. This is unbelievable, this is easily the coolest,
obviously the most expensive and definitely the most delicious gold thing I’ve ever tasted
in my life. Ann, you’re a master, an absolute master. I love gold! So how much does this Golden Opulence dessert
actually cost to make? Well the ice cream works out at about $1.75
per scoop and we have 3 scoops. Then we scraped a Madagacan vanilla bean and
added the seeds on top of each scoop and that is another $2.10. Next we added 2 sheets of gold leaf to the
goblet and they cost $2.50 each. And then we put another sheet of gold leaf
on top of each scoop of ice cream. Our chocolate sauce using Amedei Chuao works
out at $4 per spoonful and we added 2 spoons of that. And then add the candied fruit from Paris
and some sugar coated almonds that have been dipped in gold and then some squares of the
amedei chuao porcelana, the world’s most expensive chocolate. Now we want to top that with the sugar flower
which has been sprayed with edible gold colour and a couple of chocolate truffles to the
plate and a few more almonds and then of course, half a little tub of caviar and that’s the
thing we couldn’t get shipped to Australia. But it would have cost us another $7. So that brings the total cost to nearly $57. So it’s definitely a very special occasion
dessert! At Serendipity I must say you also do get
to keep the goblet as well and you can buy those exact ones that they use for $230 so
that ups the price now to $287 for cost-price. So they’re still making a pretty good profit
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