hey do you know what I struggled with
most when I started the ketogenic diet having a sweet tooth and not being able
to eat sugar what I found is that you can still enjoy sweet treats on keto today you’ll learn the best and worst keto friendly sweeteners hues in your recipe and make sure you stick around to the end then I’ll give you 12 free recipes like these mouth-watering peanut butter cookies that are low carb and keto friendly hey there my name is Elisa head chef at
warriormade.com where our mission is to bring you simple and delicious
recipes to help you achieve your weight loss goals at warrior made we’re all
about simplicity we provide information and tips that will help you make
healthier choices when it comes to food and nutrition a personal passion of mine
whether you’re just starting the ketogenic diet or you’ve been doing this
for years I’m here to share with you what I’ve learned along the way on my
own journey to meet my health and lifestyle goals now since you’re
watching this video I’m pretty sure you already know about the health benefits
of following a low-carb ketogenic diet most of the time, right? but just to make
sure we’re all on the same page the goal of the ketogenic diet is to turn your
body’s metabolism from sugar burning mode to fat-burning mode which will make
it easier for you to lose weight and all this is great probably the hardest part
about following the ketogenic or low-carb diet is the fact that you
believe you have to say goodbye to delicious carbs and sweets, am I right?
well today I have good news for you first if you know the right sweeteners
to use you can make delicious foods that are low carb and keto friendly which is
why in the first part of this video I’ll be sharing with you the best and worst
keto friendly sweeteners to use and I’ll even share with you one of my favorite
peanut butter cookie recipes that tastes just like the real thing
finally in order to make sure you’re taken care of at the end of this video
I’ll share with you a free recipe guide with 11 more keto desserts this way you
can have a total of 12 keto friendly dessert recipes ready to go any time you
have a craving so make sure you stick around to the end to find out how you
can get that for free, alright, now that you know what to expect
let’s dive in to the best and worst keto friendly sweeteners the worst keto
sweeteners, okay, I figured I’d start with what I feel are the worst sweeteners out
there but first I just want to make sure we’re on the same page about refined
sugar whether you’re doing the keto diet or not we all know that refined sugars
are bad for us science has told us that they can
inflame our tissues and inflammation can trigger a cascade of health problems
from anxiety to cancer, the good news is there are tons of alternatives out there
but how do you know which ones to use I promise to highlight a few of our
favorite keto sweetener options but right now let’s talk about which ones to
avoid you see not all sweeteners are created equal there are some sweeteners
we don’t recommend using even though they claim to be keto friendly, one
sweetener that is very controversial is xylitol xylitol is a popular sugar
alcohol found in common products you may use every day like gum, toothpastes, and
dietary supplements now while some sugar alcohols can be helpful on the keto diet
xylitol can increase your glucose levels which can kick you out of ketosis next
is sucralose sucralose is another sweetener that you might not be aware of, now I’m sure you’ve seen these products in the grocery store, right? a lot of
people think that just because a food or product has no calories or is sugar free
it’s healthy, unfortunately this isn’t the case, sweeteners like sucralose are
artificially made in a lab and bring a ton of side effects with them some
studies even show that it can cause leukemia in rats, I’ll have a link at the
end of the video where you can check out some of these studies for yourself, ok, so
just to recap refined sugar is a definite no on the keto diet and
xylitol and sucralose we advise to stay clear of the best keto sweeteners
alright now that you know what sweeteners to avoid let’s dive into the
best one here at warrior made we always talk about using fresh natural
high-quality ingredients making Stevia a great choice to highlight Stevia is a
natural sweetener that is extracted from a plant one reason we use Stevia in our
kitchen is because it’s natural there are no added chemicals and it comes in multiple forms another thing to note about baking with Stevia is that it has
a much sweeter taste than refined table sugar so it’s important to change your
baking ratios accordingly ok so if you’ve been in the keto world
at all you may have heard the Erythritol, now despite its funny name
it’s actually a really common ingredient in keto baking, Erythritol is a sugar
alcohol and you may be thinking I thought I can’t have sugar or alcohol on
the keto diet don’t worry despite the name sugar alcohols are simply sugars
that come from parts of plants like the fruit and berries Erythritol is great
because it doesn’t knock you out of ketosis and it can be paired with a
sweetener like stevia to create a taste similar to table sugar one thing to know
about Erythritol is that when you eat it it does have a cooling effect on the tongue and in case you can’t find it at your local grocery store you can easily
buy it online, now, Swerve is an Erythritol based product that we love
using here in the warrior made kitchen as a matter of fact Swerve is used in
the chocolate mason jar ice cream recipe that you’ll get at the end of this video
alright I know your taste buds are probably excited at this point about all
the keto friendly treats you’re going to make but before we set you up with some
recipes let me tell you about one last winner Monk fruit, Monk fruit is also
natural and made from a plant not only is it sweet but it also contains a
compound proven to fight tumor growth one brand that we like using is Lakanto
which is a combo of Monk fruit and Erythritol in fact the peanut butter
cookies I’ve been telling you about call for Monk fruit sweetener
okay now that you know the best and worst keto sweeteners it’s time to put
the best ones to use these keto friendly peanut butter cookies took me only 20 minutes to make and have just six ingredients these cookies are so simple
to make and they’ve become one of my go-to recipes when my kids are asking
for something sweet alright so if you want this recipe and 11 others all you
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