Today we’re gonna try some of the best desserts in Hong Kong. – I really like Chinese desserts ’cause it’s not always
so creamy and full on. You can have tons of it. – I know that I’m definitely
gonna like Little Bao. Deep fried bao with ice cream. I guarantee you, you will like that. – Okay, I think we’re here. Let’s go. – So I think one of the things you have to try in Hong Kong is tang yuan. – And they’re basically
glutinous rice balls in different types of syrup. This is sesame, zhi ma hu Which is just like double sesame. You’ve got the– – Ginger soup.
– Yeah. – Way prettier than yours. Yours looks like– – But less tasty. Alright, let’s dig in. Mmm. The sesame just flows in your mouth. – Oh, wow.
– You like it? Show me your teeth. Mmm. Black. – I really like this soup. It’s got the spicy of the ginger but it’s still quite sweet. – Oh my goodness, it’s massive. – It’s so pretty. This place specializes
in Japanese shaved ice called kakigori. – Mine is the sakura
’cause it’s sakura season. – This one is earl grey milk tea. It says that you gotta
eat it within 20 seconds. – ‘Cause it starts shrinking.
– It just starts melting. So I say dig in. Mmm, floral. – Let’s try yours. Yours is so different. Like I’m drinking earl grey. – I’m glad it’s impressed you. – So this place specializes in Japanese desserts with tons of matcha. – Yes, I can see that. – Mine is the mochi matcha soft cream. – I got a matcha affogato. – I’m ready, let’s dig in. Whoops! – That actually tastes like green tea. – I love mochi and it’s so soft and it goes with the
cold of the ice cream. It’s like such an amazing combo. – Okay. – Alright, let’s finish
this and onto the next one. – Cheers. – So we’re at Atum. They basically do a new trend
of molecular gastronomy. So they paint the dessert
right in front of you. It’s pretty cool. Wow, it looks amazing. – Yeah, this looks so good. It’s like a fruit salad. Obviously, it’s really pretty and it’s pretty impressive
to watch him make it. I think it tastes better than it looks. Alright, so this is one of my favorites. May Chow who’s the chef here at Little Bao is kind of an institution in Hong Kong and these dessert baos are unreal. – They look amazing. – So I’ve got the original flavor which is green tea with condensed milk. – I’ve got the salted caramel. – Cool, shall we taste? – Mmm! – It is like a donut, right? – Whoa. – The top’s really crispy. It’s pretty much a donut
ice cream sandwich. Alright, let’s finish these off. Okay, so we had a lot
of sweet stuff today. – So much. – Any favorites? – Well, I really liked Atum, I mean how they paint the dessert
right in front of you. That’s amazing. But if I were to pick a favorite, I gotta say the tang yuan, the glutinous sweet rice dumplings. You can never go wrong with them. They’re so homey for me. – For me, I was kind of impressed by kakigori at Shari Shari. But if I had to pick one ultimate, it’s still the dessert bao at Little Bao. For me it’s the best. Let’s go get some more of these though.