Hey Everybody! Today we’re at Honeymoon Dessert
嗨大家好!今天我们在满记甜品 which is a Hong Kong style dessert place all over China.
是一个港式的连锁甜品店 I love dessert.
我超爱甜点 And we’re going to have to pick off of this humongous menu…
然后我们要从这个超长的菜单中选一些 some things that we can try and show you guys what is the best to get here.
这个甜品店的镇店之宝 There’s so much stuff.
有好多种类. It’s the A4 Challenge.
A4腰挑战 Is this the same thing or is it different?
他们是一样的还是不一样的? “It’s different.”
不一样 Okay.
好的 These the four desserts we’ve ordered from Honeymoon Dessert.
我们点了4个招牌甜点 The first one is a sweet almond soup with Tangyuan filled with peanuts and sesame.
第一个是杏仁汤圆,汤圆里面是花生和芝麻 This is a pancake filled with whipped cream and banana.
这个是香蕉班戟 This is shaved ice, coconut shaved ice, with sticky rice balls and mango.
这个是白雪芒果糯米 And the final thing we have is this mango soup with small tapioca balls and pomelo.
最后一个是杨枝甘露 Let’s give them a try.
我们来试试吧 We’re going to go with the ice one first
我们先来吃这个白雪冰 Because it’s just melting. We’ve gotta get it before it melts all the way.
因为它开始融化了,我们快点吃吧 *Cue the sexy music*
性感的音乐 Mmmmmm. Wow really good!
嗯,很好吃! Let’s get some mango.
来尝一下这个芒果 Oh man. The mango is really sweet.
哦天呐,芒果好甜喔! And then, the coconut milk (I meant shaved ice) is really creamy.
然后这个白雪也很浓郁 Oh delicious!
超级好吃! Now we’re going to do the Mango with Tapioca Balls and Pomelo.
然后我们要来吃这个杨枝甘露 *Sexy Music plays again*
又一次性感的音乐 This is really fruity! The Tapioca Balls are a little chewy.
果香味很浓,西米露吃起来很Q And the mango and the pomelo are really fresh and tropical.
芒果和柚子很新鲜保有水分 Feels like I’m on Vacation
吃的让我感觉我在度假哦! Alright, which one next?
下一个吃什么呢 This one? Alright.
这个吗来吧 *The sexy music is back*
性感音乐又来了 … I don’t like it! Haha.
我不喜欢这个 It just tastes like Almond Milk.
这个就是杏仁奶的感觉 Eh, whatever.
额随便 Alright, last one!
最后一个 Can I use my hands? Yeah, whatever. I’m using my hands.
我可以用我的手持吧?应该可以哈哈 The banana cream pancake is basically like a banana Twinkie.
这个是香蕉班戟,其实就是香蕉奶油蛋糕的感觉 *The sexiness is so intense*
性感音乐 Bottoms up!
干杯 (Slow Motion. We can take our time Baby)
慢动作回放 It’s a banana split, in a wrap.
吃起来感觉是一个卷饼里面包了香蕉 It’s really good!
还挺好吃的 Really mushy.
一点点稠稠的 Honeymoon has a CRAZY amount of desserts that you can come try.
满记甜品有很多很多好吃的甜点 We only did 4, but you could literally come here every day for a year
我们只尝试了4个,但是你可以天天来吃够 and probably get something different every single time.
每次选不一样的 There’s a lot to come here and try. There’s a lot of fruit.
有很多不同类型的甜品,比如水果的 There’s a lot of shaved ice and a lot of tapioca ball stuff.
冰沙的,还有汤圆类的 Come here and try something different. It’s awesome!
来这边试试不同口味的甜点吧 *MAXIMUM SEXINESS*