This is one of my favorite places man. [ROBERTA’S, BROOKLYN, NEW YORK] [ACTION BRONSON, RAPPER/CHEF] This block right here was the scene of a legendary block party. Shut the fucking block down. Open your mouth! The whole street, cops all over the place. Like, 15,000 people on this block. Just came back from the Eminem, Rapture 2014 Tour. New Zealand, Australia, South Africa; been around the world in two months. Let me get a piece of that orange, yo. Wait, you have another one? Is it a baby one? It’s a baby one. Thank you. Now we’re about to go take care of business with this food, I’m hungry as a motherfucker. [FUCK
THAT’S DELICIOUS] I started this tour in New York. January 10th and 11th, I did two shows. From there, made my way, all the way across America. To Hawaii, from Hawaii to New Zealand. From New Zealand to Australia. From Australia, some motherfuckin how, to South Africa. From South Africa, home. Fucking jumping off boats in New Zealand. It was just a non-stop scene man. My bro, [AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND] his boys have a nice like sailboat yacht. It’s dope, kitchen, everything. Bring us on the boat drinking, champagne, great music playing. Fucking, diving off the top, without a splash. Perfect, it was like the perfect… There couldn’t have been a better dive than what I’ve done. It is the standard for the entire generation, this generation, that dive… summed it all up. Let’s get it… I’m literally 320 pounds, none of you motherfuckers athletic more than me. You hear me? Nobody. I got sick, not gonna lie. I tried to sit down and like eat, but I couldn’t. I was fucking sick, I was just rocking. And my man, Chef Meyer from Depot, he’s on the fucking boat making crispy pork belly, filet, fucking bone in rib steaks and shit. Potato salad, all kinds of accouterments. Like, yo dog… are you kidding me? I’m fucking over here barfing, I literally had to barf… and he’s over here, showing me up, this motherfucker. Fuck he think he is? All the way from motherfucking Flushing, Queens, New York City, [SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA] in the building. I had people, however many there were there, screaming for me like… And those who didn’t know who I was, knew who I was when I was done, I’ll tell you that much. Thank you darling. Remember!… motherfucking Bronson! Flushing, Queens, New York City, Bitch! Jumping in the crowd. Everywhere, 50,000 people, 400 people, 1,000, doesn’t matter. When you jump in the crowd they feel your presence, they feel you, you know. Alright. That’s nice. Some lemon essence. But, I gotta add a little… some spice. Chefs hate when you fuck with their food. I don’t give a fuck. [CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA] Cape Town man, oh man. Cape Town probably is one of the most incredible places I’ve ever been. Mzoli’s we were looking for places to go, some you know, not some touristy shit. [MZOLI’S, IT ALL COMES TOGETHER WITH A CASTLE] Be with the real people you know. Went to this place called, Mzoli’s, which is a incredible barbecue you know, open fire pit place. You go to one spot, you pick whatever you want, blade steaks, ribs, whatever, ham steaks, and then they have this little beef African sausages, pause… So we got the blade steaks and the sausages. They give you a plate of pap, which is just hominy, you know it’s like grits. But it’s like really consolidated, they use it, they eat it with their hands and stuff like that. Take a little pap, take a little bit of this… it’s almost like an Israeli salad. But a little bit spicy, and sweeter. Getting back to the motherfucking meat, you take the meats… They give it to you, you bring it back into this place where a man is standing in front of en entire, humongous pit with fire, coal, whatever, wood… throws the fucking meat right on it. I couldn’t wait to come over here, I heard so much about this place, man. -Ok, alright.
-I hear you’re the guy to see, right? -You’re the guy that’s gonna take of all this.
-Yeah. Ten minutes later, a platter like this… Everyone’s drinking beers. And we’re all, one , just going in; it was amazing. Incredible Let’s get out of here. What! Oh shit, I sense some crazy shit. Fuck outta here. Think we might head to Queens, go to Eddie’s Sweet Shop. [EDDIES SWEET SHOP] [OUR OWN ICE CREAM] Bottom line is, we could be anywhere on this fucking earth, [EDDIE’S SWEET SHOP, QUEENS, NEW YORK] but I’m here, Metropolitan… Queens, New York, Forest Hills, Eddie’s Sweet Shop. I’m an addict for malted milkshakes. As you could tell. Bottom line is, I’m about to go in there, fucking go in. Just had a crazy day. I’m just reliving everything that’s been going on in my life for the past two months, and I just need a fucking milkshake, so let’s go. I’m getting a black and white, vanilla and chocolate, malted milkshake. I’m addicted to malt. I’m old, I’m getting old; there’s white in my beard. Wrinkles on my nuts, like it’s, they’re not smooth anymore. I come here to feel like a child again. Oh, this is what I was waiting for all day. It’s fucking sad that this is what I’m waiting for all day. Fuck, that’s delicious. In junior high school I came here for the first time, and it just, you know, changed my life. I’d never seen something like this before. I was just intrigued automatically. As a kid, you know, all the candies that you want in the world… at your finger tips, all this ice cream. There’s a thing of fudge that I could literally dive into, I could do a cannon ball into the fudge. [HOT FUDGE] I could do an elbow drop into the fucking, into the whipped cream. Look at that whipped cream, open that door. You see what I’m saying? Dive right in that bitch. At the end of the day everything has been tremendous. I’m happy to be home. It’s like you go all over these goddamn places and you just can’t wait to get home, and once you’re home, you realize why you missed it so much. Cause it’s 20 degrees, I just had an incredible malted milkshake. A banana split. We’re out here going crazy. Can I get a picture! Come on. Can you take a picture of us? Oh yeah, can you please. -Come on take a picture.
-Action Bronson! -Wait hold on.
-Make sure you’re good. Hold on, how’s my hair? -Can I get one of just you?
-Yeah just pose. Perfect. -I wanna get one!
-Hold on, you need one too. Hold on. -Group hug, come here.
-Thank you so much. -You good?
– Screen shot this! She’s crying! OK, screen shot everybody. I’m crying. I’m gonna crash! Oh, no, no get off the phone! [MUNCHIES]