So once you’ve scraped all the dough
into your pan you’ll want to make sure it’s nice and the level so that it bakes
evenly just like this. Okay and then you’re going to put it in your oven and
take a much deserved break. Are we good? Ah, yeah. We can pick it up again
when it’s done baking. Perfect so how are you – – I’m just gonna run to the bathroom
real quick if that’s all right? Oh, yeah for sure
we’ve got like 30 minutes to kill, how better to kill though then in the
washroom… Finally! I’ve been waiting for like an
hour to get a snack. I asked if you needed anything before we started filming. I wasn’t hungry then. So how are things going with the Bible-thumper? Don’t call him that.
But it’s going good. He’s very talented and professional… What?
Okay yes and he’s super fucking hot all right! God he’s like a delicious milkshake in the
middle of the desert. I just want to drink him up! Okay I get the picture and I totally knew it. So what’s the problem here? I don’t know, I just wish we could hangout in like a non-professional setting, you know? Why don’t you just ask him to hangout? I could… but what if he says no? You’re just asking him to hang out, not accompany you
to your baptism. Shut up. I think they only do that on babies. Exactly. Oh my god! Can’t say that. Ugh fine! Yes. I’ll just ask him to chill. There’s nothing wrong with that. Just two colleagues hanging out a bit but after work. Or before work. Or the night
before work. Just the two of them. Alone.
Together. *Door opens* Okay, snap out of it! Okay. Your sex doll is coming back. Shoo. Get out of here! Sup bro. Hey Kate. Hey you. What’s up? Oh, nothing. I was just wondering would
you maybe want to hang out tomorrow night? We could watch a movie or eat some
of this banana bread? That sounds like fun. I’d love to but – Oh great! I have Bible study tomorrow. What a coincidence
me too. You go to Bible study? I didn’t realize you were religious. Oh yeah, I’m like as religious as it gets. Jesus. Really? Yeah. No, my parents are
super hardcore into the whole grace, baptism, Bible study shibam. That’s great.
Hey, why don’t you come to my Bible study gathering thing? I thought you
wanted to watch a movie tomorrow? Right. Yes. Well see that would be before.
Sometimes I like to watch the movie version of the Bible to get different
interpretations to discuss. Okay interesting. Yeah I think I could stop by
the what time? Yeah you should definitely come it’ll be at 6:00 Cool. *Timer Going Off* Okay okay okay okay, you invited him to a
Bible study? How the hell did this happen? I don’t know! I asked him to hang out and then he
said he had Bible study and the next thing I know I’m inviting him to my
super religious group session tomorrow! Thank you God for letting me be part of
this amazing moment in history. So? Will you help me? Will I help you pull off this
elaborate scheme to make a guy like you? Hell yes I will! Let’s do it. Oh thank you! Okay, so here’s what I’m thinking. Okay. Hello? Are you in there? Kate if you don’t open the door in the next 5 seconds I’m coming in. What?! Oh my god what happened? I went to a little gathering at the University last night. Got a little out
of hand. Clearly. You’re still coming to the Bible study right? You have to! It’s just the two of us going!
Shh. Yes I’ll be there. I have time. Oh and I
invited my friend Sage to come too so they’ll be four of us. Great. What?
She’s a really nice person I met her at Aiden’s party. It’s not like I invited
some weirdo like my old roommate. Okay. Whatever at least would be another
person. *Door Bell* Damn that guy likes to come early. Well let’s hope that not the case if you
know what I mean. I’ll be out in five minutes. Oh my god! – Hey there. I am so sorry. It’s alright. No, no. – I didn’t even see you there. No worries, no worries. I figured I’ve been here enough times I’d just let myself in. Yeah, no that’s fine. Nice bible. I used to have one just like it. Oh thanks. Yes it’s not too bad. Okay. Do you want anything to drink?
No I’m okay for now Thanks.
This place looks really good. You go all up for these don’t you? Yeah well we want
to make it reflective of my commitment to God and stuff.
Oh hi Micah. Hi Kate, how are you? I’m doing really good thanks. To be honest I did a
lot of sining last night and I really need this. Well the wonderful thing about
God is his unyielding love Kate don’t worry you can always redeem yourself in His eyes.
Right. *Door Bell* Oh hi! I’m Sage, I don’t think we’ve met before.
Oh I think we may have. Sage! Thanks for coming!
Of course! Yeah! So where’s this hunk of Jesus love at? Hey Micah. This is Sage, Kate’s friend. She will also be joining us tonight. Pleased to meet you. Likewise. Okay. Well let’s get started um so I thought we could
talk about the Book of Jonah with the whale.
That’s one of my favorites. Like in Pinocchio? Oh no, not quite. Take it away Annie. Yes, thank you.
Umm okay. Well as you all know, there were these evil people in this place called
the Nineveh and God wanted to Jonah to go and show them God’s Way. – and God’s love –
Right. But Jonah didn’t want to go because he didn’t think that people
could be helped. So then he was on this ship and then he was overboard and then
God sent this whale I mean fish to save him. And he was in the belly of the fish
for three days and he prayed the whole time asking for God’s help and then God
did help him and Jonah ended up going to Nineveh and helped the people.
Wow that’s great, I hope you don’t mind if I interject. – Oh please do! It’s so
interesting – Yeah, of course. Well that was a great I’ll be a brief description but what does
this story teach us? Kate you might be able to learn from this.
What? – Is it forgiveness? Exactly. Forgiveness? Like for my sins?
Nice, Micah. – Kate! No, no it’s okay. This is all just conversation that’s what makes
Bible study so great! Jonah didn’t trust in God but at the end of the story we
learned that God’s will was right Jonah just needed to see it. What is this? Hey Aidan. How’s it going?
How is your day? Is that a new shirt it looks good! Why don’t I just, I, talk to you in the
kitchen for just a sec. Come on. Yeah. Kitchen, now. Come on. Please continue Micah I find this fascinating. Should we invite Aiden to join? Oh no no no no no no no. Definitely not. No, he’s not religious at all. He’s totally going to hell, I mean what? Oh, okay then. Okay, so even though Jonah didn’t trust in God, God still loved him
and lead him and that’s amazing and that teaches us that even if our first
instinct goes against what God planned that we can always get back on track if
we just trust in Him again. Okay I think that’s enough for today.
Micah thank you so much for your amazing insights. It’s over already? I love learning about
new religions so interesting and cool thank you both so much I’ll see you guys later. That was a great talk Annie. Oh no you were great Micah.
I have a confession I’m not really very religious actually
I’m not really religious at all but I see how committed you are to God and it’s
just so admirable. You’re just such a good person. I guess I just kind of want
to be more like you. Well I kind of figured that but I don’t judge. You don’t have to be religious
to be a good person you just have to be who you are.
If you want to learn anything more about Him then I’d be happy to help but I don’t think you’re a bad person if you don’t Awe you’re so wonderful! I’m sorry if things got a little awkward. That’s alright. It was still a great Bible study. I just, I feel kind of bad cause I was looking at your friend. Yeah, well she can be kind of nice to look at. Oh no, no, not that! She just, she
looks so much like my girlfriend I there must be some sort of relation or
something. Oh, I didn’t know you had a girlfriend. Yeah, Tabitha. She’s away on a mission right now. It’s been hard but I know she’s always with me. Okay well I should get to cleaning but
I’ll see you on Monday? Yeah, yeah for sure. Thanks for hosting, this is fun.
Things got a little crazy but I sense that’s not unusual around here. Oh, you have no idea. Well I’ll see you then. – Okay. Bye. Annie, what’s wrong?