– Why would a cat be taking care of a dog? It should be a dog
examining a dog, you know. A dog knows a dog’s body best. What’s up, everyone? It’s Chas from Thrillist, and today we are deep in the
heart of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, to check out a neighborhood
Greek restaurant called Somethingreek. Now, we’re not here to have their gyros or any of your normal fare. We’re here to try out pastitsio, a towering pile of
meat, cheese, and pasta. What’s not to love? – My favorite thing about
cooking the pastitsio is probably the whole house
or the whole restaurant smells like that cheesiness pastitsio, you get a little bit of the cinnamon, you get a little bit of the nutmeg. It’s beautiful. I love it. I can’t get enough. The smell of the pastitsio brings me back to being in my grandmother’s house, being in my house. And I have three other
brothers and a sister, and we would just wait just for that to come out of the stove. My mother wouldn’t let us
touch it for a good hour because you do need to let it cool down, but we just couldn’t wait
to get our hands on it and just eat it. A lot of times we’d eat
it before my dad got home, and he’d be lucky if he
actually got a piece. I wanna tell you that I’ve
eaten pastitsio so many times in so many different households, just trying stuff and
seeing who’s doing what and what flavors they’re putting inside. My mom would make it as
a three-tier pastitsio. I wanted to say lasagna-style, but it’s definitely not lasagna. The truth is, I’ve been doing
it like this for so long, I don’t know any different. It’s been this way ever
since I can remember. – Wow, look at this thing. It is just a brick of
meat, cheese, and pasta. This is comfort food at its best. All right, let’s break into this. Get a nice mixture of it all. Make sure we get some
grease in there, too. What’s really jumping out
at me is this bechamel. It’s not like any one
I’ve ever had before. Normally I think of the type
that you get in mac & cheese. It’s a little runnier, almost more soupy. But this, it’s got like a
ricotta-like texture to it, and it’s part of the reason why this dish is so visually impactful here. It’s just a big brick of comfort, and it’s got this great form to it. Also, flavor-wise, it’s a little salty, and that’s from this Greek
cheese that they’re getting that I don’t want to butcher the name on — – Kefalograviera – It’s definitely the
secret to its success. Hold on, let me just get in here. I feel like a miner right now,
just trying to get some meat. But I mean look at that, it’s just meat. I kind of was thinking it was
going to be a little saucier, but I’m not complaining. What’s really tying this
whole dish together though is the pasta. I mean, you have
creaminess from the cheese, fattiness from the meat, but the pasta is able to
hold its own in there, too, and really ties the bite together. It’s total comfort food. Wow, I’m getting really stuffed, but I’m going to let
the crew pick at this. Please make sure to check
out another Thrillist video and like, comment, and subscribe below. Do you guys want some? – [Thom] You know I do!