hi guys its alona here welcome to the
reading project in today’s book we will explore the cycle of water are you guys
ready let’s start the biggest puddle in the world by Marc Lee and Natalie
Deon. Charlie and I were staying with granny B and my grandfather Big T for
six whole days. the first day we explored all the rooms in the big old house. then
it started to rain so the second day we stayed inside and explored a few more
places but it’s kept raining. the third day we played dress-up and the rain
didn’t stop Charlie and I wanted to go outside but there was too much rain big
fat drops of it splattered on the ground water gushed out of a gutter spout. where
does the rain come from I asked my grandfather I’ll show you when the storm
passes he said but first we’ll have to find the biggest puddle in the world the
biggest puddle in the world how big would that be the next morning patches
of sunlight appeared on the kitchen floor big T’s outside with keeper granny
b said after breakfast you can go exploring
Charlie and I found big t chopping wood we want to find the biggest puddle in
the world I said big T put down his axe then let’s
go look for it the wet earth and the shiny grass smelled like spring during
the rain a clump of mushrooms had popped up on a fallen log there is a puddle I
said and keeper jumped in it it’s not a very big puddle Charlie said I guess
we’ll have to keep searching big T said wild flowers had to opened after the rain
bees crawled inside them like little balls of buzz keeper found a puddle
beneath the willow tree and Charlie and I jumped in it together that was still a
small puddle I said we need to find one bigger than that our grandfather smiled
follow the water Charlie and I found a trickle coming
from the puddle and that’s combined with other trickles and fed into a stream we
follow the stream and it’s emptied into a pond water Striders glided across the
surface in the shallows tadpoles emerged from filming white eggs the pond is like
a big puddle that’s right a lot of small puddles make a bigger one big T scooped
up some water with his hand and dripped it onto a flat rock then he pulled out a
pencil and a piece of paper and asked me to draw a paddle map
when I was done with my mop I looked at the flat rock the water had disappeared
where did it go I asked look up and you’ll see the water
in the air becomes the cloud in the sky this little pond makes all those big
clouds it’s water from ponds and rivers and the biggest puddle in the world I
jumped up let’s go find it on the other side of the pond we found
the river we followed it through thorn bushes and down a muddy hill to a beach
that’s faced the ocean the biggest puddle in the wall the cold wind smelled
like slippery seaweed waves rolled in with a rushing rushing sound Charlie
touched my arm you’re eight he shouted and ran along the edge of the surf
kicking up spray back at the house we took off our wet clothes and ate dinner
at the big table granny be served blackberry pie with ice
cream for dessert .that night a new storm arrived raindrops rattled on the roof
and trickled down the window pans and I was happy because the rain and the
puddles and the pond and the ocean and Charlie and keeper and my grandparents
were all connected to me in a wonderful way Charlie I whispered do you hear the
rain but he was already dreaming. THE END thanks for watching if you like our
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