(My House by Flo Rida playing) (male announcer) The Templetons were making plans for their newest addition. (Tim laughing) (whip) What the? Tim! Meet your new (slow motion) brother. But this baby–(slaps mother’s hand) –has other plans. We babies are having a crisis. Babies aren’t getting as much love as we used to. Behold our mortal enemy. Puppies. (all) Aww. No! That’s exactly the problem! -Have you learned anything? -A. B. C. D. No, what have you learned about puppies? (Jimbo giggles) Puppies! No, Jimbo! Puppies are evil! Staci, read back the notes. I can’t read. (blink) What’s it say? (rattling) (rattling stops) (triplet 1) Boss! (triplets) Parents! Oh, it’s like they’re having their own little meeting. (babies exclaiming playfully) Who wants dessert? (pop) This is so humiliating. You got the right baby this job. I know how important this mission is to the company. Mission? You can talk! Aah! Poop duty! AAH! (toy gun firing) I gotta deal with the K-I-D. Who are you? I’m on a mission. There’s not enough love to go around. (puppy barks, baby cries) My job is to find out why. Now give me a double Espresso and see if there’s someplace around here with decent sushi. I’d kill for a spicy tuna roll right about now. (money rustling) Mom! Dad! The baby can talk! (toy vehicles rev, toy megaphone clicks) This is war. (toy gun fires) (Jimbo) Yah! (plungers stick to Jimbo’s chest and stomach) (explosion) (laughs) Oh, yeah! (Tim grunts) Let go, you little– Look, the kids are finally getting along. That’s nice. (cups clink) If I don’t succeed with this mission, I will live here forever with you! OK, I will help you. But just to get rid of you. Deal. (singsong voice) Here comes the choo-choo train. No. No! They’re watching. Choo-choo. (Boss Baby squeaks nervously) OK? (spits) Choo-choo on that. (squish, groans) How do we get pass the guard? I’ve never been so humiliated in my life! (dog sniffing) (groans) (patting, slap) (spanking, fart) AAH! (tires screech) (singsong voice) I don’t wear nautical! You’re putting this thing on! What have you done to me? (thud) Oof! What’s all the racket? Isn’t he adorable? Oh! I’ve got one for you, too! What?! (snickers) (whispers) Bummer. (camaera shutter clicks) (male announcer) Dreamworks: The Boss Baby. Put that cookie down! Cookies are for closers.