(low key music) – I’ve always been interested in activism or tried to help wherever I could and I think that Allison
has done the same. There wasn’t one moment where we were like ooh should we do this? It was just like yes, we’re going. – We can, let’s do it yeah. We’re just wrapping up our winter menu and that had drinks like
This Pussy Grabs Back and Not My President. – So you know–
– Smash the Patriarchy. (laughs) – That one’s fun ’cause every time someone orders it, they feel it. – They order it, I’ll have a Smash, I want a Smash the Patriarchy! and I’m like yeah you do! You know it was a personal thing but also I think a collective thing. We are a very women centric business. You know owned by two women,
all of our managers are women, most of our staff are women and so that sort of feminist streak that we have we realize we just kind of want
to let it fly a little bit. – The first day that we did
the Winter of Women menu, we you know I was pushed out of here. I didn’t have any room to be in our shop. – Overwhelming response was positive. I remember we had so many people writing to us and stopping in to tell us that we thought what we
were doing was awesome, and then we had three white dudes write and tell us that like politics has no place in business and you lost, Trump won,
deal with it, whatever. And we were just like boy, bye. – Boy, bye. – Which was also the name
of a drink on the menu. (laughing) – We’ve reached out to
people in queer social work that we knew and asked them
sort of the ones that they think are the most important and
then we chose one that was local, small, so our donation
would mean something to them. And it’s helping queer homeless youth. – It’s a very worthy cause. – That’s very important, yeah. We don’t, we don’t
hesitate to put ourselves fully into the business
and our personalities and our ideas and politics and you know, how crazy sort of we both are. You know we push it to the limit which I think people really enjoy. – People want to support
businesses that kind of put their money where their mouth is and like stand behind what
they say they’re about. God how many haters do we have? – Haters? (laughing) – I don’t know if we need
to talk to the haters. – Who are our haters? – I don’t know who our haters are. – Who hates birthday cake? – Seriously.
– That’s wrong. That’s what I have to say to them. (laughing) – Boy, bye.
– Boy, bye. – Very nice.
– Very nice. Thank you. Bye-bye.