(lively xylophone music) (upbeat music) – [Narrator] The Bumble Nums. Today the Bumble Nums are going to make Groovy Movie Popcorn. But what’s the secret ingredient? Four popcorn cobs. The Bumble Nums are excited to watch their favorite movie tonight. Police Pals II. But they need a snack to
eat while they watch it. They need four popcorn cobs to make fresh groovy movie popcorn. Are you ready, Humble? – Yum. – [Narrator] How about you, Grumble? – Yum. – [Narrator] And are you ready, Stumble? – Yum. – [Narrator] Now remember,
we need four popcorn cobs for our groovy movie popcorn. Go get them, Bumble Nums. – Yum. – [Bumble Nums] Yum. – [Narrator] One. (popping) – Yum. – [Narrator] Whoa, what happened, Humble? (popping)
– Yum. – [Narrator] It happened again. Uh oh, Bumble Nums. The hot sun must be popping
your corn when you peel it. (playful music) (popping)
– Yum. Yum. Yum. – [Narrator] Stop peeling those
popcorn cobs, Bumble Nums. The popcorn’s not going
to be warm and fresh if it pops now. It’ll be cold and stale. – [Bumble Nums] Yum? – [Narrator] Maybe you
should wait until sundown to pick the corn. – [Bumble Nums] Yum. (lively music) – [Narrator] Guess what, Bumble Nums? The hot sun has set. Time to pick your popcorn cobs for your groovy movie popcorn. Better hurry, it’s almost movie time. (upbeat music) One. Good, the corn’s not popping. Keep picking, Bumble Nums. Two. Three. Just one more popcorn cob. You can do it. Four. You got ’em, Bumble Nums. Let’s get these popcorn
cobs back to the kitchen. The movie’s about to start. (upbeat music) Hot stepping, Bumble Nums. Do you have the four popcorn cobs? (lively music) Amazing. Now that we have the secret ingredient to make our groovy movie popcorn, it’s time for the cooking countdown. (upbeat music) 10. Nine. Eight. Seven. Six. Five. Four. Three. Two. One. Bumble Nums, you’ve done it again and just in time. The movie’s about to start. (lively music)
(whirring) – Chief, you can’t possibly ask me to be police pals with this guy. He’s too much of a wildcard. – Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho. – Fine, I may have to
be police pals with him but I don’t have to like it. (mumbling) – [Narrator] How does
your groovy movie popcorn taste, Bumble Nums? – [Bumble Nums] Shh. – So, the chief says
we’re police pals now. But I’m still watching you. (crunching) (upbeat music) – [Kid] Whoa.