an interesting one is something which I
called the suit pudding it’s an investment bank that I was working
for we had actually designed and built a new building and we had a staff
restaurant so there was a blockage in the pipe and it was solid thick fat that
was built up in this part not not very pleasant so when they went to sort of
charm push this out to clear it further down the chain which was in one of the
basement areas a join in the pipe just came away ever so slightly a couple of
drips of water came out of that and sods law says that there’s a power breaker
below that that’s not fully protected it dripped on there caused some Sparks and
some smoke in that area down in the basement we had a data centre the air
conditioning from the data centre pulled in the smoke into the room caused all
the alarms to go off in the building which meant everybody evacuated and the
gas protection system within the computer room all came out as it was
supposed to do and it cost 30,000 pounds just to pre-fill the gas well now can we
write a plan about that absolutely not